What had he done? #WipItUp #inspirational #romance #lgbt

It’s WipItUp time again.

Light in the Dark Night came out officially last Thursday. This is the last snippet from it before I start teasing you with excerpts from On the Edge of Fear, the 3rd novel in the Elan Isle series, next week.

In this snippet, Jonathon threw a New Year’s Eve party at the shelter for his kids. Brecker showed up to help. As much as Jonathon doesn’t want to scare Brecker off due to how he feels about him, sometimes things happen.


The closer it got to midnight, the more antsy Jonathon felt. He was glad the kids danced to the fast music and he and Brecker could remove themselves from the melee. At midnight, a few of those kids would kiss. And if they were in there, it would be expected. There was no way he was putting that kind of pressure on Brecker.

Brecker appeared completely relaxed which was so opposite to the way Jonathon felt that it almost wasn’t fair. He felt all of a gawky fifteen-year-old-boy who just wanted the guy he was attracted to, to be attracted back. When he noted the clock said five minutes ‘til, he stood up. “Excuse me for a moment. Be right back.”

It was a chicken thing to do, but he went into his bedroom and stood there. He would wait until midnight came and went and then he would go back out. Brecker would never notice he was gone.

“Party hats.” Rolf’s loud voice floated to him and he chuckled. Rolf purchased those cheap, pointy hats for the kids as well as little horns they could blow. Perhaps he should have grabbed one. If he was blowing a horn, he wouldn’t be worried he would kiss a certain someone.

“Ten….” The shout rang through the house.

“Nine… eight… seven….”



Jonathon turned around, shocked to find Brecker standing just a foot away. He didn’t know what to do, how to ask Brecker to leave before he did something utterly stupid.


“Jonathon,” Brecker said on a breath.

“One! Happy New Year!” The cry filled the house, but Jonathon couldn’t think. He wasn’t even sure how it happened. One moment he was looking into those beautiful green eyes and in the next he was in Brecker’s arms and they were kissing. And those lips were just as soft as they looked. Strong hands held him close and he didn’t want to stop.

Unfortunately they both needed to breathe and they pulled back, ragged breaths filling the air. He looked into Brecker’s eyes, trying to find out how he felt about the whole thing. Brecker’s eyes were closed. “Brecker?” he whispered, almost afraid to break the spell.

Brecker’s eyes flashed open. “Happy New Year, Jonathon,” he murmured, kissed him lightly, and then left.

Jonathon’s heart crashed and he stumbled over to his bed and sat down. He’d just kissed Court Brecker. And he left. What had he done? He put his face in his hands, worried he’d just ruined everything.


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