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It’s WipItUp time again.

And I’ve got another snippet from Knight in Shining Jaguar. Meet the hot-as-hell and dominant jaguar shifter, Killian Bello


Killian watched Bridja and Frynna walk in their direction. Both females were busy talking to one another and hadn’t noticed him. They would have walked on by, most likely, but Frynna must have felt his gaze because she turned in his direction, those beautiful green eyes staring straight at him. Her breath caught and her heart beat sped up a little. Yes, little wolf. Time for some fun.

“Good afternoon, little wolf,” he said in the deep timber he reserved for play.

She gulped. “H-hello.”

“Hello, Sir,” Bridja said with her irrepressible smile. “Hi, Michael.” Frynna startled and looked over as though she was surprised to find Michael there. That was a good sign. She was focused entirely on him.

“Michael told me the four of you were going to play upstairs, but I thought Frynna might enjoy learning about the club.” He kept his eyes on her and Frynna turned a delightful shade of pink. He could imagine her buttocks turning the same color.

“That’s a fantastic idea,” Bridja said. “She’s been asking questions. Killian’s a great Dom to start with,” she said to Frynna.

Killian was surprised at how quickly his inner feline rose within him. She is for no other Dom, his jaguar stated firmly. She will begin and stay with us.

That seemed a bit presumptuous as Killian was a trainer and played with all sorts of subs. Once she learned the basics, she could go with any Dom.

No, she cannot, his jaguar said with a snarl. He flashed an image into Killian’s mind and Frynna’s scent enveloped him at the same moment. It was so startling he had a momentary lapse of ability to do anything but stare at the mental image. Mate? She was his mate?

“—he’ll make it really good,” Bridja ended with a soft laugh. “Go on. I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds.” She made shooing gestures toward Frynna. “Go on. I know you want to.”

Frynna’s cheeks were so red he had the feeling if he put his hand up, he would feel the heat.

“She’s correct,” he said. “I know what I’m doing and will be able to help you learn about the club and what you would like to try.”

And no other Dom dare touch her, his jaguar stated firmly, his tail whooshing back and forth.

“Well, okay,” Frynna said in a quiet voice. “Perhaps I should try it once.”

Killian smirked. Once with him and she’d never have enough. He’d make sure of it.


 Book Cover: Knight in Shining Jaguar
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Knight in Shining Jaguar

Frynna Geuyn runs away from the Nebraska Wolf Pack to get away from her controlling father and the arranged mating he has planned for her. The Okanogan Pack seems a good place to make a home. She never dreams of finding her soulmate. Let alone with a strong Dom who is also a jaguar shifter.

Killian Bello finds strength in his wolf mate that she doesn’t see and encourages her to find the powerful she-wolf inside. Between the passion that is explosive between them and her daily training in feline martial arts, she finds happiness she never knew existed.

When Killian is called to help out the Pack, she thinks she’s safe. Until she’s kidnapped and finds herself on the way to the mating she skipped out on. Now she must rely on what Killian taught her to keep herself protected, hoping he gets to her in time. Or she will find herself mated to an alpha even worse than her father.

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