Let the leather fly #SatSpanks #PNR #BDSM

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

Hope you’re having a fantastic day! After all, it’s the first Saturday in June.

This week I’m giving you a snippet from Knight in Shining Jaguar, a Wylde KingDom novel, that is currently on early release. Meet Killian Bello.


Killian barely breathed as he kept his eye on the wolf in front of him. Krysset trembled, the marks on her back showing nicely under the overhead lights. He’d been trained under Blaise with the single tail and was quite proficient in it. It was why Krysset had asked him to whip her. He always felt somewhat unsettled in whipping someone. It was that dichotomy of being a gentleman Dom. Never hit a woman. But oh, by the way, whip, spank, and flog a woman for pleasure.

He pulled back and let the leather fly.


Book Cover: Knight in Shining Jaguar
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Knight in Shining Jaguar

Frynna Geuyn runs away from the Nebraska Wolf Pack to get away from her controlling father and the arranged mating he has planned for her. The Okanogan Pack seems a good place to make a home. She never dreams of finding her soulmate. Let alone with a strong Dom who is also a jaguar shifter.

Killian Bello finds strength in his wolf mate that she doesn’t see and encourages her to find the powerful she-wolf inside. Between the passion that is explosive between them and her daily training in feline martial arts, she finds happiness she never knew existed.

When Killian is called to help out the Pack, she thinks she’s safe. Until she’s kidnapped and finds herself on the way to the mating she skipped out on. Now she must rely on what Killian taught her to keep herself protected, hoping he gets to her in time. Or she will find herself mated to an alpha even worse than her father.

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