A vote for and against auto updating an ebook

Unlike in the past, authors and publishers of ebooks have a unique proposition: Change the cover on an ebook (and update content) or put out a brand new edition.

I can see the pluses and minuses for both.

On the plus side, you keep all the reviews and your readers don’t need to buy a new edition.

HOWEVER – what if the reader likes the cover on the first book? I just had a book update on my kindle app and I loved the original cover – hate the new one. But unfortunately that’s the one I’m now stuck with. A trilogy I love is now being continued and the author had new covers made for each book – which means they will be updating to my kindle app soon. I recognize those books by cover – if I’m flipping through fast, I know what I’m looking for. Suddenly it’s a lot more difficult. From white covers to black ones. ugh.

Is there a solution? In today’s Amazon-centered world, the only solution that makes sense to me is to not put my books up on Amazon or buy from Amazon (I always check at other retailers – publisher, Smashwords, etc before I ever buy there anyway) but that’s not possible when the majority of readers authors are on their publishing platform.

What do you think?

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