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Happy WipItUp Wednesday!

I’m excited to give you the first sneak peek at Knight in Shining Jaguar, which is currently on early release (on sale for $2.99), and part of the Wylde KingDom Paranormal BDSM Romance series. See how these wolves and felines align with their inner animals.

Next week, I’ll introduce you to Killian. This week, meet Frynna:


Frynna Geuyn forced herself to breathe, even though the stale air in the airplane made her and her wolf sick. Obviously, wolf shifters should not fly.

I told you that to begin with, her wolf said in a peevish tone while feeling a little green.

Ignoring the comment, Frynna closed her eyes and imagined how things would be when they landed. Free. Finally free. A native of the Nebraska Pack, she thought all packs were like hers until her best friend, Bridja, moved to Washington State to live with her grandfather. As it turned out, not all wolf packs were created equal. Whereas her father, the alpha of the Nebraska Pack, was a tyrant and autocratic ruler who made the lives of his wolves hell, the alpha of the Okanogan Pack had opened the Pack to Pride and, from everything Bridja said, “made life abso-fucking-lutely fantastic.”

Frynna’s father would have washed her mouth out with soap for using such language, but Bridja’s language had become a lot more colorful since she’d moved. She’d also become happier. That’s what Frynna wanted. To be happy.

And to not fulfill the horrible arranged mating her father set up for her with the ancient alpha of the Alaska Pack. There was no way she was going to Alaska. She’d freeze. Besides, the alpha was over two hundred years old. She was twenty-seven. Eww.

Her wolf nodded in total agreement. He’s saggy too, she added with a glint in her eyes. I noticed he doesn’t stay in his sheath anymore.

Frynna snickered in response and put a hand over her mouth to smother it. Her father had raised his daughters—all twelve of them—to be quiet, unassuming, clean of thought and deed wolves. It was a good thing he couldn’t see inside her head as her wolf had a dirty mind all the time.

I bet he can’t tie anymore. Imagine the embarrassment if he kept falling out.

Shush, Frynna thought, giggling madly.

Or maybe he can‘t get it up at all. No pups for his bitch.

Frynna lost her fight and laughed heartily the rest of the flight, her occasional snort annoying the hell out of the guy seated next to her. Then again, if he knew he was seated next to a wolf shifter, her snorts would be the least of his worries.


Book Cover: Knight in Shining Jaguar
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Knight in Shining Jaguar

Frynna Geuyn runs away from the Nebraska Wolf Pack to get away from her controlling father and the arranged mating he has planned for her. The Okanogan Pack seems a good place to make a home. She never dreams of finding her soulmate. Let alone with a strong Dom who is also a jaguar shifter.

Killian Bello finds strength in his wolf mate that she doesn’t see and encourages her to find the powerful she-wolf inside. Between the passion that is explosive between them and her daily training in feline martial arts, she finds happiness she never knew existed.

When Killian is called to help out the Pack, she thinks she’s safe. Until she’s kidnapped and finds herself on the way to the mating she skipped out on. Now she must rely on what Killian taught her to keep herself protected, hoping he gets to her in time. Or she will find herself mated to an alpha even worse than her father.

Check out the other wonderful WIPs this week -who knows, maybe there will be some whips as well 😉

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