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Let’s Wip It Up!

Next week, my newest Elan Isle novel comes out, so I’m giving you another taste of it today.


James was a morning person. As he’d spent much of his adult life in the scene, Alec was more of a night owl. The morning after they’d had sex, he’d assumed James was up early because of work. But it was a Sunday and James was singing downstairs. Why was he singing? With a groan, he turned over and mashed his face into the pillow. The delicious scent that was James filled his nose and he inhaled. Sexy, sober man was downstairs. Why wasn’t he in bed where Alec could ravish him?

The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs filled his ears and Alec managed to turn over just as James came through the door carrying a tray filled with wonderful aromas. He smiled shyly when he saw Alec was awake. “Good morning. If I remember correctly, you and mornings don’t mix.”

“You could say that,” Alec grumbled as he pulled himself up.

James set the tray on his lap and sat down next to him. “Coffee and Belgian waffles with marionberry topping. Slate brought the makings for that an hour ago.” He ran his fingers through his hair which was still slightly damp from a shower. “Good thing, too. I can’t cook worth beans unless it comes from a box.”

The coffee called to him and Alec took a nice long drink of the pungent brew. It was his morning roast and almost immediately he felt a little more invigorated. He loved the aroma. And the warm scent of man coming from beside him. There were two plates covered in large puffy waffles and marionberries, but he cut off a piece and held it out to James, who opened his mouth obediently.

“Yum,” James groaned. “That’s so good. Can we kidnap him and make him cook for us?”


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Making His Stand

James Kaden-Scott’s method of coping with fear is escape and when his father tries to force him to do something that could kill him, he takes a job on Elan Isle as their accountant. While he knows the town is kinky, he has no idea what that means. Until the day he arrives.

Alec Rowland has been in the BDSM lifestyle for seventeen years and loves it. For the first time in his life, he craves having a sub of his own. From the moment he meets James, he feels a pull toward him. When James asks him to teach him about kink, he’s thrilled.

Between having his eyes opened to the kink world and trying to find his footing on Elan Isle, James finds himself torn between the old him and the new. When his worst fears come calling, history says to run, but for the first time in his life, he has something… someone to fight for. But those fears are strong, and some of them are real. If he makes a misstep, he could lose everything. If that happens, running may be his only recourse.

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