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Hey, everyone 🙂 My homemade fig wine and quince meade have been sitting for a few months and for the last month I kept saying “I really need to rack them into a clean vessel and off the sediment. Well, I did it.

First, let’s start with the Fig Wine

I only had 1 extra gallon  bottle that fit the bungs, so I actually siphoned twice. I siphoned off the bottle and into a large gallon jug – the pic is from there. It looks amazing. After siphoning it off this bottle and into the 3rd gallon jug (which is unfortunately dark and so you can’t see the wine inside) I added the chemicals that will kill any residual yeast so that I can bottle it without worry of the big BOOM.

Next is the quince meade.

The lighting makes it look the same color as the fig wine, when in fact it’s much darker and has a slight brown caste to it. This image was taken, again, after the first siphoning. Loving these wide mouth jars. I’m going to order a couple more with lids that have holes for the bungs and they will become my secondary fermentors. SOOOOO much easier to clean.

And now, both the wine and meade wait for at least 24 hours – though knowing me it will probably be another month or so – before I bottle them. Then they sit aside for a good 6 months.

Fig wine is on the left, quince meade is on the right.

Now, as for taste.

The fig wine still has the sharp alcohol taste, but it has mellowed because the aftertaste goes away quickly. It still doesn’t taste good – but I have high hopes.

The quince meade is far too sweet for me at the moment. I took some to my parents – they loved it. So if it stays so sweet, I’ll give them all the meade once it’s bottled and mellowed (sometime next fall when I’m starting new batches). LOL


On the plus side, spring is springing and the quince tree has millions of tiny buds… And I still have tons of quince juice and frozen figs. I may start something new soon now that I have the room and will soon be putting these into bottles…

Anyone got an interesting homebrew wine recipe?


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