Rights returned to me for All They Ever Needed

I’m thrilled to announce I have received the rights back to my All They Ever Needed trilogy. They went off sale today. But don’t worry. I’m on it. I’ve wanted to rewrite some of it and re-edit all of it for a couple years. Now I have that chance.

My plan is to re-release all three books on September 14th in both ebook and print formats. I’m also looking into audiobooks as I’ve wanted Logan & Christian in audio for what feels like forever.

The series title will change somewhat and here’s why.┬áThe All They Ever Needed series was a trilogy about one couple. Now I have plans not only to continue their story, but to also create stories for others – including some of Logan’s cousins and Jerison. So the series isn’t just about them, but also an extension of them.

I plan to do something similar with book titles I’m writing that cross series boundaries. For instance -I have one story I’m writing that crosses my Men of Falcon Pointe and Elan Isle series.

Anyway… Wanted to share this wonderful development. Look forward to Logan & Christian back in September with New covers.

I also received the rights back to the Corbin’s Bend story Pillar in the Snow. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do with it at the moment.

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