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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

This week I thought I’d give a flashback to a book I released last September – The Binds That Tie. I just put it up on my store yesterday and it’s on sale at A Thia Thing Store through today – so perfect timing, right?

In this scene, Kalen is introducing Joaquin to some play that’s right up his alley.


Each would give him a different feeling and yet feed the CBT he yearned for. He picked up two clothes pins and pinched the areola around one nipple and clamped it with the pin. Joaquin winced and then settled back. So he added another one. As he stepped away, a low moan was his answer. Yes.

Kalen grabbed the bag of clothes pins and leaned over his body. Joaquin’s cock was tight but not nearly as tight as it would be and his balls lay nicely between his legs. Time to add some pressure. He tugged on the end of one of his balls and clamped it with a pin.


The Binds That Tie
Available at:

The Binds That Tie


A barista by day and a drag queen by night, Joaquin Emerald loves his careers. It’s the rest of his life that bothers him. When he finds himself in danger, trapped with no way out, he is rescued by Dr. Kalen Moor.

When they run into one another again, this time at the BDSM club Steel Door, their attraction is intense, their passion is over the top, and their kinks are in alignment. From that moment, it’s hard to stay away from one another. When Joaquin’s past comes back to haunt him, he’s afraid Kalen won’t want him.

It might take going around the law, but Kalen is determined to save his boy, even if it means losing him in the process.

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