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The Black Prince

Shadow Unit Book Five

Author: Tigris Eden

Release Date: March 28, 2017

Chaos has a name… he also has an agenda…

Enri, bastard son of Hades, has always had his sights set on taking his father down. But plotting the king of the Underworld’s demise takes time and finesse. Moving all the pieces on his ever-expanding game board, Enri bides his time. Until he realizes that his true identity was taken from him and his true target is revealed. But the upcoming battle isn’t his only obstacle.

Enri must ally with the Shadow Unit, and since he’s the final piece of the Danea Trinity, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Just as Enri thinks things can’t get more complicated, another unlikely ally and confidante bring Enri face-to-face with a choice he’d never thought to consider.

Yewa knows pain, she knows loss. Her time in captivity with the Agency taught her that evil is real. Finally free to make her own choices, she joins forces with the enigmatic, Enri. He’s everything everyone says he is… and more.

She’d only promised to help. But it only took one kiss, one bite to tie their lives together forever. And as the unlikely pair find themselves battling to defend the fate of the world, they realize they’ll need to fight for their love as well.

**PNR, SHIFTERS, +18 and over Multicultural/Interracial Romance**

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Un-definable—and un-observable—the universe did not exist. It didn’t include time or space. To even think one could imagine a parsec—3.26 light years—let alone twenty-eight million of them was incomprehensible. From nothing to something, the universe appeared. Many have tried to substantiate the known universe. Put a name to its beginning. Assumption after assumption with many hypotheses, tales, and even reenactments in closed, confined spaces of the cosmos. In truth, it’s defining moment started with one being and a stream of consciousness.

It was nothing, and then suddenly it was something.

A thought.

An idea.

A theory.

And in theory, there were multiple verses and a multitude of words to describe its vastness. But even before there was a verse or a vast amount of …anything, there were no words or any true form of communication.

Only matter and energy.

It moved. It vibrated. A wave of displacement that when produced, created an awakening through its medium with the help of space. Sound came first. It’s origin of movement only known to a few. But it was because of Sound there was a presence, which meant something occurred in order for it to exist.

And it existed in the Darkness.

An empty void in space that collected and assembled Sound. But Darkness became lonely, and out of its loneliness, Light was born. An illumination occurred, bringing forth a phenomenon. Sound called it Immaru. But inside Immaru was a radiance— and it endured the Darkness— who only communicated through Sound. The communication brought forth whistles and howls, which became grunts and growls. And from it, Sound sang out a name.


Darkness wasn’t aware he had a name, but he did. Unending in its nature, the name itself was an abstraction. The voice he heard in the vast emptiness of his existence called him Erebos. The name at first was raw and needed shape. So, Erebos took form. Not in the shape of a man, but in the shape of what he thought himself to be, for Darkness did, in fact, think.

He stretched himself wide, blanketing the void, filling the space until he could no longer expand. The expansion itself was exhausted. Infinite and lasting. Erebos existed for a time with just Sound and Light. All too soon, even they were not enough to quell his loneliness.

It wasn’t until Sound suggested Darkness touch Light that a genesis occurred. Just friction at first. Slow. Steady. Back and forth until a spark ignited. And from that spark, Chaos was born. It burned and became a combination of Darkness and Light—Erebos and Immaru—churning until the embers of its fire turned to cosmic dust, giving way to a sentient being much like Darkness, Light, and Sound. Chaos introduced new elements, formed a kind of magnetic friction where matter made of atoms and molecules thought for itself. No explosion, or even a loud clang, just a beginning.

It started off small and expanded until it went from cold to hot, back to cool—only to start the process over again— repeating until Chaos created life. The first signs were thought to be a man, but Chaos’s mind hadn’t quite captured what it was to be mortal. He spun the stars, billions of stunning bright conceptions that became clusters and nebulae before evolving into vast universes who gave birth to galaxies and dwarf galaxies. And within those galaxies existed the planets and their satellites. From there, a world was born and the first flickers of life began—each occurrence taking consciousness, purpose, and form. It was a singular moment that jumpstarted the known Universe into action.

Not sure how to contain this new form of creation, Darkness watched and waited. The first world emerged on the far edges of the known universe— an icy, barren land. Life there was brutal and unkempt. Chaos chose to father many more worlds, testing his boundaries and pushing himself harder and harder. It made Darkness angry. He wanted ownership of what his offspring had created.

Harsh words were exchanged, and to keep the peace, Sound silenced them both for a time. But as time passed, Chaos created in secret. He felt spurned and unappreciated as Erebos and Immaru basked in the ambiance of his older ideas. But within Chaos’s concept, there was a recipe he’d perfected, an enhancement of awareness, until a different kind of being was born.

The existence of man.

The emergence of others more than man.

Chaos had long since felt he should be the rightful heir. Left to his own devices, he, too, evolved. Into something more, something less, and finally, into something he himself no longer recognized. As he took shape into the perfect form—an image of one of his own—he was cast out of his place next to Darkness and Light—his origins erased and handed over to one of his own creations.

Hades, the would-be jailer of Tartaros and keeper of the Underworld took in Chaos. Led to believe he was spawned from Hade’s own seed, Chaos—for a time—tried to please those around him. Seeking favor in his father’s eyes, never understanding, his memory kept from him along with his capabilities.

Chaos was never to know his true nature. He was the spark, the creator. The offspring of Darkness and Light, and true heir to the Throne of Creation.

Erebos claimed the throne for himself, and as he took over what Chaos created, he mutated the verses and produced his own kind of existence. Separating man from the origins of creation, Erebos constructed a veil. He gave birth to the Dawn, who was forever known as Aurora, and her sibling Dusk, known as Astraeus, and the two of them combined became the Night.

They’d wanted him dead. But as with all things in their world, one thing was constant. Every action constituted a reaction. Kill the spark, and they’d kill his creations, casting them back into nothingness.

It would be eons, maybe more, before the memories of his true nature surfaced. But for now, this new being, this new kind of Chaos, enjoyed moving others to do as he willed. Like pieces on a chessboard, they played his game. To some, he was simply known as the bastard son of Hades. To others, he was the dark whisper in the night, the devil on your shoulder, and the conscience that encouraged rage or incited fear. He referred to himself, as Enri—the Black Prince.

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About the author:

Tigris is a military brat who’s done her fair share of travelling, thanks to her Army father. She’s married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.

Find her online:

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