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Happy WipItUp Wednesday 🙂

Tomorrow, Don’t Mess With His Pack will be in full release. Woot! From the moment they meet, Blaise & Hunter are attracted to one another. When they play in the dungeon, their passion explodes.


Every time Sir came out of Hunter’s mouth, Blaise’s lion pushed forward a little more. He wanted out. He wanted to mate and make Hunter theirs. But there was no way Blaise would force such a mating. The act was intense and he was likely to lose the human side of him while it occurred. When two felines mated, they were both overcome with the need. But as Hunter was a wolf, he wasn’t sure if they even had the full mating instinct. As such, his pants were staying on.

His lion paced in frustration.

Blaise brought back two sets of leather cuffs. Their color was similar to Hunter’s jacket and he could just imagine Hunter dressed in just the cuffs and the jacket. A low rumble centered in his chest as he wrapped each one around Hunter’s wrists and ankles.

Hunter’s breathing escalated as he hooked the cuffs to rings in the wall via a carabiner. “It’s okay, kit,” he said in a soothing voice. “I won’t harm you.” I’d as soon harm myself.

Silver flashed in Hunter’s eyes and Blaise smiled. He stroked Hunter’s cheeks with the backs of his fingers. “Hello, wolf.”

Hunter’s eyes widened and he stopped breathing for a couple seconds, but his wolf kept looking at Blaise. Something brushed his thigh and he looked down. “Someone’s excited,” he said, the purr in his voice a mixture of his and his lion’s. “And what a nice cock it is.” Blaise wrapped a strong hand around the shaft as it came out of its sheath. “A good seven inches, kit. Perhaps one day I’ll swallow it down my throat and see how loud I can make you howl.”


Book Cover: Don't Mess With His Pack
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Don't Mess With His Pack


Alpha Hunter Maison’s primary focus is to keep his wolf pack healthy and happy. But with humans encroaching, they need a way to shift without getting noticed. He knows the local feline pride has found a way to temper their inner animal and asks for their help. Finding a desire to submit to the gorgeous lion shifter is unsettling. Knowing he is his mate turns his world upside down.

Blaise Wylde has worked tirelessly for his pride his entire life. As owner and creator of Wylde KingDom, a BDSM club just for feline shifters, he knows the power that BDSM can wield for their inner animal. When Hunter asks him to help the Pack learn BDSM, he agrees, especially when his inner lion is instantly interested and Hunter turns out to be submissive to him.

Someone in the Pack is unhappy about their alpha being involved with ‘a cat’ and anger quickly escalates to attacks. As Blaise fights to protect his mate, Hunter must do the same, because while he’s trying to find his attacker, someone’s after Blaise and he may already be too late to stop him.

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