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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

Don’t Mess With His Pack is still on early release at my web store. You can prebuy from general eRetailers. Here’s another look at our shifters…


Hunter’s eyes kept switching from Hunter blue to wolf silver and the back and forth fascinated him. Felines all had tawny eyes in both forms so their eyes never changed much except to darken with passion. He wondered if once Hunter and his wolf were completely aligned, if the eyes would stay silver for that amount of time or keep flipping back and forth.

Using the flogger, he tapped the falls lightly up Hunter’s side and across his chest. Each slap was small and thuddy, just warming up his skin for what would come next. If he couldn’t get the wolf to howl within ten to fifteen minutes, he’d turn Hunter onto the table and spank him until he did. Blaise wanted to make him howl. He desired it. He needed to see the wolf come undone in front of him.


Book Cover: Don't Mess With His Pack
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Don't Mess With His Pack


Alpha Hunter Maison’s primary focus is to keep his wolf pack healthy and happy. But with humans encroaching, they need a way to shift without getting noticed. He knows the local feline pride has found a way to temper their inner animal and asks for their help. Finding a desire to submit to the gorgeous lion shifter is unsettling. Knowing he is his mate turns his world upside down.

Blaise Wylde has worked tirelessly for his pride his entire life. As owner and creator of Wylde KingDom, a BDSM club just for feline shifters, he knows the power that BDSM can wield for their inner animal. When Hunter asks him to help the Pack learn BDSM, he agrees, especially when his inner lion is instantly interested and Hunter turns out to be submissive to him.

Someone in the Pack is unhappy about their alpha being involved with ‘a cat’ and anger quickly escalates to attacks. As Blaise fights to protect his mate, Hunter must do the same, because while he’s trying to find his attacker, someone’s after Blaise and he may already be too late to stop him.

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