No more Kobo links

If you are a person who buys ebooks off of Kobobooks, you will have noticed I used to have them listed in the ‘Buy Links’ link on the books. I no longer do. And here’s why and how you can find the book.

I have quite a few books and it takes a lot of time to find the links for each one. For all of the other eRetailers, once I have that link, it’s good to go. I have just recently found out that the same cannot be said for Kobobooks. Yesterday I found that most of my kobo links went to error pages. The books were up there, but the URL had been changed for some reason. As searching for links and updating them for each book takes a LOT of time, I have decided to remove all Kobo links from my websites.

So, if you use a Kobo/Sony eReader and you want my books, you can do one of the following:

A: Go to Kobobooks and look up the book by title/author name.

B: Go to the link for either the Publisher like *Dreamspinner Press* or *Smashwords* where you can purchase the book and download an ePub you can transfer to your reader.

Sorry I won’t list them anymore, but I’ve never seen an eRetailer make it so difficult for a book to be found.

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