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For the first #CSSundays post today, I’m excited to bring you more books for the upcoming Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World release on Jan 19th. Are you ready?


Author: Silver James

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A lone Wolf on the hunt…
As a Homeland Security investigator with a unique set of gifts, it’s Derek Alexander’s job to track down the worst kind of prey—human traffickers. One step behind, he missed them in Kansas City, but after an unlikely informant puts him on the trail to Dallas, he might find his case come crashing down around his ears, taking his heart along with it.

A woman on the job…
Katherine ‘Kit’ Carson is a new Airport Rescue Fire Fighter at DFW International, but she didn’t expect her first day to land her in the middle of an inferno. Between investigating a plane that exploded mid-air and encountering a hot government agent, Kit’s work might send her into a fiery spiral of love and danger she was never trained to handle.

When duty and love collide, a Wolf and his mate are destined to Crash & Burn.

Burning Fury

Author: Anne Welch

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Grace Scott was a firefighter in Nashville, until the night a fire ended her career. Her fellow fighters, Zach and Ray, tried to help her, but Ray didn’t make it out and Grace was so severely injured that she could no longer be on active duty. So, she did the next best thing—she became an arson investigator.

Zach Raines felt guilty. He felt responsible for Ray’s death and Grace’s injuries, to the point he could no longer remain in Nashville. He took a job at Station 58 in Dallas, for four long years. With some help from the people he met there, he was finally able to return. It was time to let Grace know how he really felt about her. But would she—could she—forgive him for running out on her at a time when she needed him the most?

Caught in the web of a serial arsonist, Zach and Grace find themselves thrown together as they piece together the clues. Will they bury the past at last and find a future together as they solve the case that will leave all of Nashville reeling?

Dallas Hot

Author: Anna Kristell

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Mary Kate O’Grady is at loose ends, working in her family’s downtown restaurant while she figures out what she wants to do with her life. Until the night a sexy Dallas firefighter saved her life, then it all became crystal clear.

While her family is busy rebuilding, Mary Kate is pursuing her future. A new career was always the plan, but a romance with her rescuer, Braydon Butler, definitely was not.

As the two become closer, the investigator’s report comes back and the result is arson. Mary Kate discovers the culprit and his motive is shocking. She has the grim task of telling her family of her findings and it could ruin her relationship with her twin forever.

How can she find the happiness and fulfillment she has longed for if her sister isn’t there to share it with her?

Brave Hearts

Author: Maddy Barone

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Isabel Ybarra. A soldier who lost her leg in Iraq.

Dusty Wolfe. The medic who saved her life.

When they meet again in Dallas twelve years later, they’re not who they were. Dusty is an EMS with Dallas Fire & Rescue, with dreams of someday having a wife and family. He just needs to find the right woman. Isabel, now the owner of a yarn store, has left her dreams of love and a family firmly in the past. She’s happy with the peaceful life she’s built.

Dusty has finally found the right woman, and he refuses to be ignored. Her quiet courage and brave heart are irresistible to him. He will do whatever it takes to win her love. If that means signing up for her knitting class to get her attention, he will. Can he figure out the difference between knitting and purling? More importantly, can he convince her that he is her future?

Dallas Burning

Author: T.M. Cromer

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Dallas Jennings may have what it takes to be a kick-ass paramedic, but her skills in the romance department are virtually non-existent. Her inability to form a lasting relationship dates back to a tragic fire eleven years before. How can she offer up her heart when anyone she’s ever loved gets taken from her?

Gael Martinez has spent the last three years watching Dallas shove away her every chance at happiness. As her partner, he’s witnessed all her romantic train wrecks. No longer willing to sit on the sidelines, he decides to take matters into his own hands and convince her to risk her heart one last time.

Yet, right when Gael makes it clear he’s interested in more than friendship, Dallas’s first love appears on the scene, throwing a monkey wrench into the works. As her past is dredged up, so is the long forgotten memory of the arsonist responsible for her family’s death. Will trusting the wrong person cost her the one man who can make her world whole?

Blurred Reality

Author: Megan Slayer

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When the band takes a hiatus, the boys will play…

When Jacen Goodwin’s band, Disaster Transport, crashed in Dallas and ended up at the Nathalia Hotel, he never expected to find his heart’s desire. He wants to stay in his adopted home city, but he loves the roar of the crowd as well as their adoration. Can the star drummer step away from the buzz of fame long enough to grab what he needs with both hands or will the lure of the crowd be too much?

Matt Walker knew from the moment he got involved with Jacen that their relationship was temporary. Jacen’s a celebrity and he holds the position of the sexiest eligible bachelor of the band. Even if Matt saw a future for him and Jacen, the odds aren’t in their favor. But he can hope, right? He’s been head over heels in love with Jacen since the moment they met.

Can these two opposites make a go of their fledgling relationship or will celebrity and the challenges of fame keep them apart?

Concealing Fire: A Fiery Fairy Tales Novella

Author: Siera London

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Dallas Fire & Rescue firefighter, Kendall Raine goes out of her way to avoid male attention. She’s focused on salvaging her career and the temporary assignment to Key West’s Old Town Firehouse is just the opportunity she’s been waiting for. Unfortunately for Kendall, her hot as sin teammate threatens her focus and stokes an internal fire she thought long extinguished.

Firefighter and former Marine, Cutler Stevens sees beyond Kendall’s disguise the moment he lays eyes on her. As a former Marine, his fighting days are behind him, but gut instinct tells him this woman could use a champion on her side. Cutler likes his life easy and his women uncomplicated, but attraction and curiosity spark a deep desire to uncover what Kendall is desperately trying to hide.

After a natural disaster forces them together, they surrender to the burning passion between them. Cutler knows one night with Kendall in his arms will never be enough, even if she won’t admit it.

Just when Kendall accepts Cutler as a permanent part of her life, they are both tested when her past follows her to the southernmost point of the United States. How far will Cutler go when he discovers what Kendall is prepared to do to preserve her newfound freedom? Will their decisions protect their newfound love or unveil a secret that will consume them both?

Playing It Safe

Author: Ruth Staunton

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When travel nurse Ivy Walker comes to Dallas for a three-month stint working in the emergency department at Parkland Hospital, a relationship is the last thing on her mind. She just wants to do her job and see a few sights before moving on to the next job. However, when she is assigned to work with former firefighter turned 911 dispatcher Deacon Sullivan to find sponsors for a community health and safety fair, she finds herself falling hard for him. Despite being paraplegic, Deacon doesn’t want her to take care of him. He wants to take care of her. He introduces her to domestic discipline and gives her things she never knew she needed – love, boundaries, and protection. Yet even as the two fall ever deeper in love, the time until Ivy must leave grows shorter. What will Ivy do when her contract ends? Will she walk away from a lucrative career to stay in Dallas with Deacon or leave behind the greatest love she’s ever known for the sake of her career?

NOTE: This story contains scenes of spanking between consenting adults. Do not read if such material offends you.

Barn Burner

Author: Kayce Lassiter

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Fire fighter Tripp Landers has returned to Dallas, only to discover he’s still in love with Laney Bradshaw. But Laney is buried under a mountain of life-gone-wrong. She lost her parents in a plane crash, her feed store has gone up in smoke, and now she’s about to lose part of her ranch. Will Laney come up for air long enough to realize she has a second chance at love with Tripp? Will Tripp and Laney finally find their happily-ever-after? Or are they destined to screw things up yet one more time?



Author: Irish Winters

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Smoke Montoya… Ex-Navy SEAL. Wanderer.

A man can’t change his past. Yet there Smoke was, forced to deal with the deaths of his estranged parents in the wake of a deadly Texas twister. He no longer belongs at their ranch, the Lost Chaparral; he’s not sure he ever did. Face to face with regret for words unspoken, he plans to sell the place and move out. It’s a solid exit strategy: Get in and get out before the Devil knows you’re there. It would’ve worked until that herd of Texas longhorns showed up.

Jessie West… Super model. New York’s flavor of the month.

She’s only back in Texas to bury her brother Ethan and dispose of his farm before the press catches wind she’s not at that swimsuit shoot in Cannes, France. The only obstacle to her devious plan is that damned cowboy who lives down the road. The one who started a fire in her belly when she was just a kid in pigtails. The one who’s as elusive as…



Author: Jackie Wang

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On December 21, 2016, the day of my twenty-ninth birthday, three things happened.
Three things that destroyed me.
Three things that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst nemesis.
Three things that unraveled everything I’d worked so hard to build over the past decade.
They say bad things come in threes…whoever ‘they’ are.
Well, they were right.
Yet, out of the ashes of my downfall, a phoenix arose.
A beacon of hope.
Something brighter and more promising than anything I’d ever seen in my life.
It encouraged me to spread my wings and love again.
It wanted me to be free.
Too bad my wings were clipped, and I couldn’t fly.
Too bad I chose to remain caged instead.

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