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It’s WipItUp time again. And I’ve got some great WIPs that are coming out this year.

Tomorrow I’ve got 2 fantastic books coming out. 2, you ask? Yep. The first is a general release. The second is in PreRelease. What does PreRelease mean? It means you can purchase Ye Olde Kinke Faire, An Elan Isle novel, before it is released on regular eRetailers for cheaper than the retail price.

I’ll be giving you some Ye Olde Kinke Faire snippets in a couple weeks. But here’s a taste of Sizzling Attraction, the prequel to my Elan Isle contemporary BDSM romance series.


The door swung open and with a cry she fell backward. Right into Beau’s arms.

The bastard who caused the problem grinned. “I think she’s clean, Beau. She just wants some fun and you definitely need it. Spank her ass if she offends you.” Without another word, he turned and walked away.

Beau looked down at her and she sprang to her feet and out of his arms. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know he was going to do that,” she said, trying to get her balance back. She looked up into his dark brown eyes and her equilibrium took a flying leap. He held the same kind of power Kendrick did. Terrell had held it too as well as that guy who had spanked her a couple years back. In that moment, she was willing to do whatever he wanted.

He jerked his head. “Come in or get out. This is your chance to decide.”

She narrowed her eyes and stalked past him. “Considering you threw me out…”

Beau slammed the door shut and she turned around and noticed his shirt was gone and the only thing he had on was his jeans. Hot didn’t even begin to cover it. Strong wide chest and tight, washboard abs. A tan that covered every inch she could see and oh how she wanted to see more.

“If you want to stay,” he said firmly before taking a seat on the end of the bed, “then you have to prove your point.”

“What point?” she asked, her heart beating a little faster.

He glanced over her from head to toe. “That you want my hand across your ass. Take a real spankin’ and then I’ll fuck you like nobody’s ever fucked you before. Walk out and we’ll never see each other again.”

That was both what she wanted and a bit annoying. How dare he tell her what to do? She stood up straight and crossed her arms over her chest, incredibly aware that her shirt had never been rebuttoned and was hanging off her shoulders oddly. So much for looking haughty. “That’s a rather black and white decision,” she hedged, wanting the spanking and yet not willing to give in. Which was insane as all she wanted to do was submit in that moment.

He cocked a brow. “It isn’t rocket science, Madison. I love to turn a beautiful woman’s ass red. You asked for it. If you really meant it, you’ll bend over my lap and take one. If you’re just here for a little slap and tickle or because you think spankin’ is just a love tap? I’d suggest you leave now. I spank for real and my hand across your ass won’t necessarily feel good.”

Her breathing hitched. It could happen. All she needed to do was give in to it. It felt undeniably naughty. This wasn’t a BDSM club where everyone expected kink. This was a cheap hotel room where anyone walking by could hear. There were no dungeon monitors listening for a safe word. Just her and Beau and the chance of a stinging ass.


The KindleWorld edition is now out of print. The second edition will be out Fall 2018.

Sizzling Attraction
Available at:

Sizzling Attraction


2nd edition

Prequel to Elan Isle BDSM Romance series

Groomed to be the next governor of Texas, Madison Barnet comes across as cold and inflexible. Her family paints her as strong, unyielding, and able to get anything done. While that can be true, she also craves the attention of a dominant man. Since it’s such a shameful idea, she denies herself. Until she meets Beau.

Beau Trey’s a bronc rider in Dallas to see family. He’s charming, easy going, and can dazzle any woman in a mile’s radius. Behind the charm, he’s dominant and loves being in charge. He has a thing for tall, gorgeous, and self-confident. When he meets Madison, he expects another fling. But when their instant fascination ignites, their lust bursts into flame.

Can they survive the fallout of their sizzling attraction?

Check out the other wonderful WIPs this week -who knows, maybe there will be some whips as well 😉

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