Update on my fig wine and quince mead #VineAndWine #Homebrew

Hey everyone 🙂 Thought I’d give you an update on my Fig wine and Quince Bochet.

The Fig Wine went into its carboy on Oct 16th. It’s been almost 3 weeks since then. Most of the sediment has dropped to the bottom and this is how it looks. Compare the two images – the first is what it looked like when I first racked it. The second is what it looks like today. No photo trickery is involved. This just happened. And it’s kind of awesome.

figwineafterfirstrack figwine3

And again -no photo trickery here. I thought it would end up a peachy color. But once the sediment began to drop to the bottom, it began to go pink. And I swear every day it gets a bit more pink. And the top is beginning to clear. Which is all kinds of awesome because I have added nothing to the wine since I added the yeast in the first fermentation. I’m going to wait another week or two for the rest of the sediment to settle at the bottom. Then I’m going to rack it for the long haul. Basically I’ll put it in a gallon jar with hopefully very little of the sediment and let it sit until completely clear – however long that takes. Then it goes to bottling.


And my Quince Bochet – now, you’ve heard me call it a mead -and it is one. But it’s a bochet because of the fact I boiled the honey first. And I’m so glad I did. It really mellowed that taste. Unfortunately, as of yet, I can’t taste any quince in it. But it’s going to take some time before the alcohol has mellowed enough for that flavor to come out – and I hope it does. I racked it today (Nov 4th) – a little earlier than I’d planned because the airlock burbled at lengths of 30 seconds or more and I didn’t want any chance of off flavors attacking the mead. Even if it is at 13.5% alcohol after the primary fermentation.

I ended up with 1.5 gallons. If you read my first quince mead post, when I made the must on October 19th, I had to keep adding water to get the hydrometer to a point where it showed up. So I ended up with 1.5 gallons of mead. I had the 1 gallon glass jar waiting and had to scramble for a second jug. I have a few wine bottles waiting to be filled, but those are for the bottling process, not the last part of the fermentation process. So I ended up using a sanitary water bottle. Yes, I cleaned and sanitized it just in case as well. Because I don’t have an airlock for it, I added 1/2 tsp Potassium Sorbate to kill the yeastie beasties. That takes up to 24 hours so I put the cap on very lightly so it can let go any CO2 that is still being created. The gallon  bottle I added nothing to as it has an airlock and can continue to ferment if it needs to.


Will give you an update after the fig wine racks off the sediment 🙂

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