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In 2017, I’m launching 4 new series, 2 of them are BDSM Romance, 1 is urban fantasy/PNR, and 1 is inspirational romance. I thought I’d start giving you some sneak peeks at what lies ahead. If you’ve read Corbin’s Bend, you’ll know that I love community and I love a combination of sexual pairings in my series. My BDSM Romance series are about community and will have both M/M and M/F pairings. Elan Isle is contemporary, Wylde KingDom is paranormal. This week, I’m giving you a snippet from Sizzling Attraction, book 0.5 of Elan Isle.

**This snippet is not in its final form**


“Go on, Maddie. Get a taste.” Jeff pointed to the far end closer to the other equipment. “I think you’ll find what you’re looking for down there.”

She trembled and nodded. Madison had known Jeff since college. He was one of only four people who knew of her involvement in kink her sophomore year and every year he invited her to one event or another. If it weren’t for the fact her life was about to be controlled 24/7, she wouldn’t have taken him up on his offer. But she had to know… had to experience it. One. Last. Time.


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Sizzling Attraction
Available at:

Sizzling Attraction


2nd edition

Prequel to Elan Isle BDSM Romance series

Groomed to be the next governor of Texas, Madison Barnet comes across as cold and inflexible. Her family paints her as strong, unyielding, and able to get anything done. While that can be true, she also craves the attention of a dominant man. Since it’s such a shameful idea, she denies herself. Until she meets Beau.

Beau Trey’s a bronc rider in Dallas to see family. He’s charming, easy going, and can dazzle any woman in a mile’s radius. Behind the charm, he’s dominant and loves being in charge. He has a thing for tall, gorgeous, and self-confident. When he meets Madison, he expects another fling. But when their instant fascination ignites, their lust bursts into flame.

Can they survive the fallout of their sizzling attraction?

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