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Thought I’d give you a taste of Gin & Tonic today. Gin has the gift of foot in mouth disease.


Gin sipped on his own coffee, trying to figure out what to say. Why couldn’t he make conversation with attractive men? That could probably fill an entire hour of one of those daytime talk shows, he mused.

“So what else is there to do around here?” Ton asked after a couple minutes. He rubbed the back of his neck, almost nervously, and Gin found himself watching the gesture.

“It’s a small city. There’s the theater downtown, but it gets something maybe once a month. Summer’s great with the farmer’s market every week. The museum does a monthly movie in the park thing also from June through September. Old movies. It’s kinda fun. Not a lot of city living, I’m afraid.” Last summer he’d taken Mrs. Hammerstein’s grandsons to the movies every month. He’d enjoyed it.

“Good.” Gin wasn’t sure if he heard him right or not as Ton took a sip of his coffee at the same time.

“What brought you here?” Gin asked cautiously.

“I grew up in a small town. Went to Vegas for grad school and well, I met a guy there. I thought we were on the same page and we lived together for three years. Then he got a job in Seattle. I found one as well and we moved here.” Ton stopped speaking and took another drink of his coffee. “I thought he would settle down once we were out of Sin City, but as it turned out, he still wanted to go out every night up to Capital Hill or to downtown.” Ton shook his head. “I’m too fucking old for that shit.”

Gin wanted to pinch himself. This had to be a dream. He’d wake up to find Hans and Gretta licking him awake any moment. There was no way another gay man who wasn’t into partying had landed in his lap. Wake up. Wake up before you do something stupid.

“Anyway, we had a talk we probably should have had five years ago and split. I lived in Seattle for another few months before I couldn’t take it anymore. Didn’t want to move back to Vegas.” Ton shrugged. “This town looked nice.” His eyes flashed up and met Gin’s for a long moment. “You look nice.”

Oh, please let this not be a dream. “I sleep with my two pugs,” he blurted out. The non-sequitur sat between them like a really bad smell. The realization of what he did hit him and Gin tried to figure some way around it. There was nothing. Once again, he had managed to spout out the stupidest shit possible. No wonder he was still single. Good-bye bachelor #19.


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Gingham “Gin” Riley is lonely but has no idea how to meet guys. So when one lands practically in his lap, he’s excited and nervous about finding where this may lead. Ton “Tonic” Icasian is looking for a relationship, not just quick sex, and is instantly attracted to Gin.

Take one cold winter, add in ice dancing on a frozen pond, equal parts Gin and Tonic with a piece of lime cheesecake to top it off and you have A Little Gin & Tonic, a sweet, humorous, contemporary romance.

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