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WIPsideimageIt’s WipItUp time again. Who’s ready to read some fantastic works in progress? (Or recently released)

I’ve given you a few snippets from The  Binds That Tie, Book 1 of Steel Door, now I’m going to tease you with a snippet from If You Can’t Take The Heat, Book 2 of Steel Door, which will be out on Oct 13th as part of the launch for Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World. This snippet is from the beginning of Chapter 1


HOT pan,” Austin called as he pulled the stainless steel skillet off the stove and headed toward the counter. His sous chefs stayed put as he limped across the room and poured the hot, savory paella into the large stainless steel serving dish. The scent wafted up at him as he did so and he couldn’t help but smile. This. This was what he loved. The scents, sounds, and tastes of a well-run kitchen.

“Hot pan,” Jamie cried and he and others stayed still as she trotted over and poured fragrant rice into another container. “They’re going to love the buffet today,” she teased him with a wink. “You feed them well.”

Pleased, he nodded as they took their pans to the large washing tub and dipped them inside the hot, sudsy water. Instantly, she went over to finish her next dish and he walked around to see how everyone was doing. All four were worked hard, but they were all trainees from a local cooking school, so while some had experience, others were still learning. Austin didn’t mind helping them learn. He remembered when he was first starting out. A good word could do more than rudeness any day.

“Hot pan,” Gerald called and dashed over to pour out the huge pan of hot wings he’d cooked. Steam poured into the air just adding another zing to the aroma.

After he was done and headed toward the washing tub, Austin walked over and murmured low enough that nobody else could hear, “Go a little slower next time. It’s easy to trip in a kitchen. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He also didn’t want all that good food ruined, either, but he didn’t want Gerald to think that was the only thing that mattered.

Gerald winced and nodded. “Sorry, chef.”

Austin clapped him on the shoulder. “Just remember next time.” Over the next fifteen minutes, pan after pan of hot, fragrant food ended up in stainless steel containers and shoved into the heated cabinet he used for delivery. Once it was filled to the brim with wonderful food, he locked the front.

“All right. I’m heading out to Station 58. Finish cleaning and then go home. See you tomorrow. Thanks for all your help.”

“Thank you, chef,” they called.

He nodded and rolled the huge cabinet out of the room and toward the catering van. It took little time to load it and once he had affixed the locks so that it couldn’t move during the drive, he closed the back doors and hopped into the driver’s side.

As was usual on the first Monday of the month, his heart hammered a little harder than normal. He loved his job as a chef and head of a catering business. But certain days meant more than others. And this was one.


All Steel Door books can be read as standalones, but if you haven’t read The Binds That Tie, you might want to *wink* Danger. Passion. Kink. Meet the men of Steel Door.

If You Can't Take the Heat
Available at:

If You Can't Take the Heat


Austin Reynolds always wanted to be a firefighter but an accident when he was 18 killed that dream. Life as a chef, creating wonderful spicy food, fills that void. His monthly visits to feed the hungry firefighters and paramedics of Station 58 help as well. On one of those visits, he meets someone and is instantly attracted.

FBI agent Conrad “Rad” Strauss is on the hunt for a serial killer who tortures and then burns his victims alive. While he rarely finds time for activities outside of work, the need to fulfill the Dom side of him takes him to a BDSM club where he and Austin find they have more than firefighting in common.

As their attraction heats up, so does the pressure from the killer known as The Artist. For he has his eyes on Austin and unless Conrad can stop him, his lover is about to go up in flames.

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