Erotica fest on October 31, 2016 #Halloween #erotica

Ready for an erotica fest?

I have, in the past when I remembered early enough, posted stories for Friday the 13th. It occurred to me that I have tons of shorts, some written for Friday the 13th, some written for the former Erotic Countdown, and some snippets that just never got off the ground.

And I thought… I could share those with my fans. Woot!

Happy Orgasmic Halloween
Image © Can Stock Photo / mythja

So what does that mean to you? All day on Halloween. One each hour, starting at 12 am ET and ending at 11:59 pm ET. That’s 25 stories in 24 hours.

Since my blog is adult and is blocked by many work computers, make sure and have it on your phone for your, you know, work breaks. The stories are short. You should be able to read most of them in less than 15 minutes.

Of course if the stories get you worked up and you have to take care of it, well… it’s Halloween. Claim candy sickness. And if you find your boss taking the same breaks, well, you’ve got a conversation starter there.

The stories will have vampires, shifters, supernatural creatures, as well as kink and possibly a few surprises. (I’m still drilling down the 47 stories in my folder to 25.) Enjoy on my blog. Do not post elsewhere. please. But you’re welcome to link to them.

Happy Halloween 🙂

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