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Ever thought of being a pleasure slave? Tonia did. And she’s excited to start her training at Pleasure Station. Follow her on her first training experience.

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Freyla Sub Grade

There was silence, only in the way that being in a space station could give. No rustle of a breeze to contend with, no squealing of car breaks, not even the pollution associated with Earth.

“Name?” The harsh word brought Tonia back to reality. She had reached the front of the line. Behind the desk in front of her sat a squatty creature with five appendages—she wasn’t sure which were arms and which were legs—gray fur, and tiny white eyes.

“Tonia Larken,” she said quietly without the sense of doom she would have expected. Even though working at Pleasure Station had been her choice, it still seemed like she should feel trapped.

“Training Level Five,” the squatty creature said, handing her a badge like she was used to on Earth for conferences. It plainly stated her name on the front. It was what was below her name that made her smile.

Pleasure slave.

Pinning the badge to the front of her lavender camisole top, she followed the signs down the corridor until she found the lift. Stepping inside she was momentarily confused to see no buttons.

“What level?” asked a polite feminine voice.

“Level five.”

As the lift began to descend, the voice continued. “Level five, training. Welcome to Pleasure Station. We hope you enjoy working here.” Almost the moment it stopped speaking the doors opened to a wall with a corridor heading both to her right and left in a slightly curved shape. “Head to your right for training, left for dorm room assignments,” the lift said before the doors closed behind her.

Well, at least the place was friendly. But which way was she supposed to go? Assuming she should go to training first as the squatty creature had told her to, she turned and followed the long hallway decorated in soft mauves and intense golds. At the end was a large door and as she came near it, it opened.

Figuring this was training, she walked inside. The light was dimmed and it took several minutes for her to become accustomed to it. When she did, her eyes practically burst out of her skull.

Ten feet to her right some…thing with webbed feet and a tail was humping something else that had no feet at all—it looked like an amoeba. Three feet to her left, she became transfixed by a large humanoid looking creature with fangs, tusks, and one eye, standing on his knuckles and knees howling. It took her a few seconds to realize that the reason he was howling was because a tiny little creature was underneath him sucking him off.

“Oh dear,” she whispered, unaware she had even made a sound but very aware of how wet her panties were at the moment. This was one of the reasons she had signed up to be a pleasure slave at Pleasure Station. More sex than she could imagine—though she hadn’t truly imagined all the different creatures in the universe.

“Come.” The command made her turn further to her left where another creature watched her. Actually, creature didn’t describe him, if he was in fact a him. Dark mist surrounded a set of deep gray eyes. “Come slave.”

Figuring this must be part of her training, she took a deep—if shuddering—breath and walked toward him. The closer she got, the less real he became as the mist flowed out from him to her. Everything went completely dark except his eyes which trapped her and she could not flee which she so desperately wanted to do at that moment.

Something wet slid over her clit making her gasp. She was clothed, she knew she was, so how was this happening? It continued to slide over and around her sensitive nub for several minutes making her moan and without her knowledge, arch into it. The gray eyes were hypnotizing and when something long and thick began to push inside her pussy, she could not only not look away, she didn’t want to.  Spreading her legs even further apart, little whimpers left her lips as whatever was inside of her pulled out and pushed back in in long, deep, intense thrusts. “Ooh,” she gasped as something popped inside of her and it slid further in.

Her hands wanted to grasp something to hold onto, but there was nothing to grab. Her legs felt like they would collapse at any moment and yet she did not fall. And the intense thrusts became more acute, larger, heavier… slicker.

Tension built within her and she found herself muttering, “Please, oh, please,” over and over again as while everything felt wonderful, she needed something else to push her over. Her back arched as the feelings became more intense and yet somehow she stayed standing, impaled on something she could not see, but that could definitely feel. The gray eyes followed her movements so that even though she bent, she still could not remove her eyes from them. “Please!” she cried as her entire body tightened to the point she felt she might explode.

“No,” said that voice that she unerringly knew came from this mist creature. “You are here for my pleasure, not your own, slave. You will do best to remember that.” One final thrust followed by an eerie howl and then it was gone and she stood still, feeling very strange. There was no doubt in her mind the mist thing had just got off. She just wasn’t sure how. The mist drew away and the eyes dimmed, breaking the lock they held over her. It’s voice became louder as though it was speaking to someone further away than she was. “She is passable. Low grade pleasure giver. I do believe she is trainable though.”

That was a slap in the face. On Earth her boyfriends all said she was the best. Who did this creature think he was? Before she could tell him off, another voice answered. “Thank you, Vian Volt. Tonia Larken, you have been assigned the designation of Pleasure Slave, freyla sub grade. Your training commences immediately. To get you up to standard, you must be trained to please all creatures, not just your kind. Please leave through the door to your left. You will please thirty a day until you are ready to please the entire population of Pleasure Station. If you do not get there, you will be sent to live in sub-Level five where you will please the foulest our galaxy has to offer.”

Stunned and having the feeling that was a definite threat, she turned and walked through the doors to her left. A tall thin creature with purple skin and a tail, wearing white fur smiled at her. “Welcome, freyla sub grade 9-0-1. My designation is freyla 2-3-4. Follow me. Your first training session is ready.”

Surprised and rather excited, she followed along. This was what she wanted, a job where she could have sex all day long every day. Straightening her spine and lifting up her head she walked along ready for her next challenge. Freyla 2-3-4 waved toward an open door, smiled at her, and left. She quickly walked inside ready to meet her next lover.

What greeted her was in no way something she could have been ready for.


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