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Enjoying my free stories? How about a spectre who won’t take no for an answer? Well, Mark needs him I think.

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Always Somebody There

Stumbling into the bathroom, Mark yawned and blinked in the mirror. He was getting too old for this. One-night stands every Friday and Saturday night. As he stretched, he found himself shrugging. What else was he supposed to do? It had been ten years since he lost the man he loved and since then, as long as he had a pretty face in his bed, that allowed him to just deal with that constant sense that something, or more to the point, someone was missing.


Mark turned and gave a sly smile to the newest in a long line of lovers. Lonnie was short, only 5’5”, with shoulder-length dishwater blond hair and deep brown eyes. “Need a shower?”

Grinning, Lonnie nodded. “And another fuck if you’ve got it in you.”

Any other morning and Mark would have sent him packing for a line like that, but not this one. Anniversaries were difficult at best and this particular one was extremely painful. Lonnie was a halfway decent fuck. “Sure enough. Turn on the water and I’ll grab the condoms.”

He walked back into the bathroom to find the air thick with steam. As he reached for the door to the shower to open it, a shiver ran down his back as a soft voice whispered into his ear, “Where did you pick this one up?”

Whipping around, Mark’s eyes darted everywhere trying to find and yet knowing he would not see the man whose voice he just heard. “Stop it!” he hissed as lowly as he could. “Leave me alone.”

No response came immediately so he turned and pulled the door open, stepping inside next to Lonnie who was standing under the spray. It was almost impossible to keep his mind in the game, though. Instead, he went through the motions. Of course, once he was inside, he just imagined that Lonnie was Kirk and he began to thrust with true desire.

“Are you truly going to do this?” yawned a bored voice just outside the shower door.

Freezing just as Lonnie yelled, coming all over the tiles in front of him, Mark faked his own orgasm, pulled out, disposed of the condom, and quickly washed up, kicking Lonnie out ten minutes later. Once the man was gone, Mark began to pace. He hadn’t heard that voice in years, decades even. Not since Kirk came into his life. Why was it back now?

“Are you going to continue to pace and look stupid? Or shall we go back into that shower and have some fun?”

Taking a few deep breaths to calm himself, Mark walked back into the bathroom, intent on shaving and making it a normal day. If he just ignored the voice it would go away. As he looked into the mirror, lifting the razor he watched the shower door open and then the water began to spray. Instantly the razor dropped, clattering on the countertop, not that he noticed. Instead, as if he could not stop it, he turned and walked into the shower, standing directly under the spray of the hot water.

“Now that’s more like it,” murmured the voice. “It has been a long time, Mark. Too long. I can see your face and you do not look good. Let’s see if I can fuck it out of you. Hmm?”

Mark should have yelled no, to tell the spectre to go to hell, but he couldn’t. For he remembered what it felt like and it had been so long since he had been so wonderfully taken. Usually he was a top. This being who haunted his side as a teenager and a young man was the only one he would bottom for… not that he had much of a choice. When it said bend over, he obeyed.

He had no idea how men felt when a human entered their rear and sometimes wondered if it felt like this, as though a large metal cylinder was shoved up your ass. Damn but it felt good. He was so fucking hard. A grunt left Mark’s lips as whatever it was hit bottom, rubbing lightly against his prostate. “Fuck,” he gasped, arching his back.

“Ahh, you remember,” it said with a deep chuckle. “I am glad. I stayed away when it appeared you were happy with that Kirk-fellow, but it seemed I stayed away too long. Whatever happened to him, anyway?” A smooth stroke out and then with all the power within, it rammed into him grasping his hips with rough fingers, pounding into him like a machine.

“He died,” Mark grunted, fighting the emotions that overcrowded him, emotions he refused to feel.

“When?” The rough fingers tightened, holding him in an ever-tightening grip.

“Ten years.”

Slap! Mark yelped as something smacked across his buttocks.

“Did I not tell you to contact me if you lost him?” it said angrily, hitting him four more times in succession. “You cannot be alone, Mark.”

“I can too!” Mark yelled, realizing he sounded like a two year old. The accompanying spanks seemed to agree. “I thought I could deal,” he finally admitted, bracing his hands against the shower wall as his ghostly partner continued to fuck him with vigor.

It paused. “You thought you could deal?” A loud snort filled the bathroom. “Mark, you have never been able to deal. That is the reason I stayed with you for almost twenty years. If I had known Kirk died, I would have returned immediately.” With a lurch, it began to thrust in and out again, deep panting breaths filling the air. “You look twenty years older than you are and I am not about to let that happen,” it hissed and Mark let out a long cry as a hand wrapped around his cock and rubbed him roughly, frantically, while two other hands held him still.

For several minutes the only sound in the bathroom was that of Mark’s whimpers and moans and it’s grunts. As Mark cried out and came, the hand holding his cock let go and the other two tightened their hold on his hips even harder and it began to fuck him so hard he knew he wouldn’t be able to sit down. A soft grunt behind him accompanied by the distinct feeling of being filled up let him know his spectre had climaxed.

“Are you leaving again?” he asked grimly as instead of pulling out, the item inside him just seemed to disappear.

A deep chuckle came from the bathroom door. “No. I am never leaving again.”

That was both a welcome phrase and a terrifying one, Mark thought as he washed himself off under the water.


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