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And it’s time for another free story. But I’m warning you now. This is dark. There’s rape. And a hungry vampire. If you don’t like that kind of thing, wait an hour. If you do, it’s time for No More Mercy.

Again, please don’t copy this story or post it elsewhere.


No More Mercy

I ran through the night, stopping only when I came to a wide-open field and the sun was up. Growling in annoyance, I climbed a tree and waited the day out.

It was mid-afternoon when a wonderful scent hit me. I immediately sat up and searched for the source. It had been a week since I had hunted and this was a very appealing scent. College girl more than likely—it had that rich blood mixed with cheap perfume quality. Quite heady. Soon I saw her, one lone female in her early twenties wearing practically nothing, walking on the edge of the woods. What was it with girls today? They wore practically nothing and then wondered why men stared at them? Shit, just seeing her in that skintight minidress had the little major standing up to take notice. Damn, she was going to make this so easy.

As she passed my perch, I dropped lightly behind her. “Hello,” I said seductively, making her turn around quickly.

“Hello,” she gasped, dropping the apple she was eating.

“What are you doing out all alone, pretty?” I said, taking the two steps I needed to be right in front of her.

She gulped. “I… I was just cutting across Milner’s field so I could get home on time.”

“Mmm,” I whispered looking into her eyes, reaching up and pushing her hair back behind her ears. “What’s your name?”

“Mercy,” she said breathlessly, already under my spell, “Mercy Jenkins.” It was so easy to make humans lose what little control they thought they had.

“Come with me, Mercy,” I purred softly, taking her hand and backing into the woods. She followed me without any thought or emotion coming from her. That would change soon enough. “Mercy,” I said quietly, “Are you a virgin?”

“Uh-huh,” she said, not taking her eyes off my face.

“Very good, pretty. Now, lift that little skirt for me.” I watched, smirking inwardly as she pulled her skirt up, showing her bright red thong. “Nice panties, baby. Take those off.”

She shimmied them down her legs, unable to break her eye-lock with me, and kicked them off. I moved forward and pushed her back against a tree. “I promise this is gonna hurt,” I whispered, reaching down and undoing my pants and pulling out my aching cock. Her eyes were on mine and she had no idea what was in store. Pulling her up to my height, I pressed her back into the tree and pushed my cock into her in the same instant.

She screamed, and in that instant, the eye-lock was broken, but we had now reached the point of no return. I held her up by pulling her arms above her head and holding them with one hand and holding my other hand over her mouth as I pounded into her sweet pussy. “Fuck you’re tight,” I growled, increasing my speed. I could smell the blood from her broken maidenhood and my desire to drain her was increasing. “If it weren’t for the fact I really need your blood, darlin’, I might keep you here for a few days. You’re a pretty decent hole to fuck!”

Then words started tumbling out of her mouth, words that only increased my desire for her blood. “No, please! Please don’t kill me! Please, I want to live,” she sobbed against my hand, her fear and horror fueling my bloodlust.

“How much do you want to live?” I smirked, my animal taking over with pure joy.

“I’ll do anything, anything!” she sobbed.

“Anything?” I purred. “Would you suck my cock, Mercy?” She sobbed and nodded. “Mmm, such a bad little girl. Would you let me fuck your tight little ass?” She sobbed more and nodded again. “Ahh, Mercy, such offers,” I said, thrusting myself in hard enough I heard her pelvis crack, bringing forth a scream from her. “But,” I whispered into her ear, “I’m afraid I’m not interested in either of those pleasures at the moment. All I’m interested in is your blood, my dear.” Tears and snot ran down her face as she blubbered something I wasn’t paying attention to. I was getting close to orgasm and when it hit, her life would end by replenishing me. I took the hand that had been covering her mouth and pulled her head to the side, sucking on her artery to bring it to the front.

The coil burst, sending out tons of venom into her little pussy. She screamed as the venom sliced along each tiny cut within her, burning like acid. At the same time, I sank my teeth into her neck, rejoicing as the blood ran down my throat, continuing to pump inside her to lengthen my orgasm and the pleasure I received from her blood. As the blood slowed, I finally became conscious of the fact there was nothing coming from her. Mercy Jenkins was now dead. With a gasp, I pulled back, her little body crumpling to the ground at my feet.

Replete with my orgasm and her blood, I lay down in the shade of a tree and relaxed. As much as I wanted to continue, the sun would shear the skin right off me. The only downfall of being a vampire by my way of thinking.

As the sun came down, I looked at her crumpled body. “I wish I could just leave you here for the animals, Mercy, but I’m afraid your family might find you first, and we can’t have that.”

Picking her up, I ran south a couple hundred miles, dug a hole, and buried her in it. Then, once again, I headed west.


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