An Earthling at Pleasure Station #Halloween #Erotica #FreeStory

Happy Halloween! I hope you’re having a great day. Living and working in outerspace is a pain in the ass. Just ask Goran. Thankfully Pleasure Station was created for men with his kind of desires to find what they need.

Enjoy this story to your heat’s content. But please don’t copy or post it elsewhere. Thank you 🙂


An Earthling at Pleasure Station

Goran strode down the corridor ignoring the freyla who stood outside closet-sized doors leering at him. It was their job to lure all off-station tourists into their den to do anything said tourist wanted to do. But they were not equipped with what he wanted. No, what he wanted was several floors down, in the bowels of Pleasure Station.

The freyla called after him, but he heard nary a word as he turned a corner and called for a lift. He had waited for this for three cycles. No freyla was going to stop him from getting what he wanted, what he needed. The lift seemed to take forever, but finally it opened and he quickly stepped inside.

“Level Sub-Five,” he barked, hoping the lift would just take him there.

Of course it wouldn’t be that simple. No, first it had to argue with him.

“Are you sure, sir? Many pleasures are to be had on the current level you are on. Perhaps the freyla could help relieve you of your tension,” the soft female computer voice said.


“Well, then, how about Level Three? Two headed men who can suck and lick you until you scream…”


“Level Four? Virilian spa girls with seven pleasure centres…”

“No. Level Sub-Five. That’s the one I want.”

A beleaguered sigh came over the speaker. “If that is your wish, sir. As we drop to that level I must inform you that Level Sub-Five is very dangerous and is only for the bravest among us. Pardon my frankness, but you do not seem all that brave.”

“Damn fucking intelligent computers,” he growled under his breath. “I’ve been there before. I got in and out alive. Now just fucking get me to that level.”

“Right away, sir,” the voice simpered as the lift picked up speed.

It took far too long until finally the lift paused. “We have reached Level Sub-Five, sir. The doors cannot remain open as the creatures who inhabit this level cannot be allowed to, err, leave. Please stand at the door and leap out as it opens as it will close less than a second later.”

He rolled his eyes as he took a step forward. He had been through this before. As the doors began to open, he leapt out, the back of his coat caught in them as they closed. “Hey! Give me my coat back!” he growled even as a ripping sound hit his ears and what was left of his coat dropped back… missing the entire back side. “Unbelievable,” he grumbled, immediately setting off for the other side of the long level.

Unlike other levels on Pleasure Station, Level Sub-Five was for those who liked anything and everything. There was no privacy, no walls. In fact, to the untrained eye, it looked like one continuous orgy filled with hundreds of beings from hundreds of planets. Goran didn’t even bat an eye at the Leruthan Gorg pounding into the Sivatian Slif while a Kingan Lort mounted her. It might disgust others but who was he to judge? He was there to fuck an earthling and everyone in the universe knew they were freaky.

It took a total of seventeen point three Darutia minutes to reach the end of the level. And there she was. Drool escaped his lips as he looked at her. Unlike any other females he was used to seeing, earthlings only had one head and yet they had two eyes. It was a strange combination. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders even as her blue eyes met his gray one. She gave a tentative smile and he nodded. Quickly she turned and walked to the far corner where there was a small empty space and leaned against the wall. He had only had her once, but she remembered what he liked.

Smiling, which made her smile drop and fear cross her face, he lifted up her legs with two of his arms while the other two quickly undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor. Quickly his two shafts jumped to attention and he shoved them both into her quivering cunt at the same time.

“Oh!” she called out, her body arching toward him as he pulled out and pushed back in. He never talked while fucking and was glad she didn’t try to insist on it. Nothing worse than a talking fuck in his opinion.

Her juicy cunt stretched as he rammed himself into her over and over. As moans and gasps left her lips and she began to quiver, he pulled one of his cocks out and in the next thrust, it went straight up her back entrance. She let out a low moan even as he sped up.

This was why he loved earthlings. Two holes. No other females in the galaxy were built this way. Well, except the Zizian Struths, but even the thought of being with them would make him gag.

Her cunt pulsed around him even as her ass squeezed and with a grunt of a laugh, he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and put his four hands against the wall, thrusting into her over and over, well aware of each shriek of pleasure that left her lips, each time she flew into ecstasy, each cry that brought interest from others on the level.

After an hour, his shafts lengthened and thickened and he knew he was coming close to his fulfillment. This was what he had waited three cycles for. Looking at the wall above her head, he pulled almost all the way out and thrust in as hard as he could, letting out a cry of pain and pleasure as release he had been denying himself burst forth, pouring into her body like a faucet that had been turned on high. He came and he came and he came, his wails growing louder as all the juice his body had been saving poured out into her very willing holes.

Shivers travelled up and down his body as he slowly came down from his high. He quickly pulled her legs off his shoulders and put them down even as he pulled out of her and put himself away. She looked at him calmly, her hair now matted to her face and her eyes half glazed.

“See you in three cycles,” she whispered, walking away.

Grunting, he nodded and walked back to the lift. A few males tried to challenge him on his way back, but he just tossed them into the writhing sexual throng around them and they got lost in sensation. The lift was there waiting for him and after he stepped inside, it began to rise again.

“Did you enjoy your stay on Level Sub-Five?” a different computerized voice asked.

“Yep. I’ll be back in three cycles. Whatever you do, don’t get rid of the earth girl. Or, better yet, get some more.”

The voice chuckled. “We will do our best, Councilman Goran. Unfortunately earth girls don’t come out this far very often. If we find one, we will hold her for you. Have a good day, sir.”

“You too,” he grunted as the doors opened to the main floor and he walked back past the freyla to his waiting ship. As he started pre-flight, he thought about it. Well, if earth girls didn’t come out this far, maybe he should go pick up a few. Then he could keep them at Pleasure Station and have more than one to choose from.

A rarely-seen smile crossed his face as he looked up Earth on the star charts. Looked like he had a detour to take before he went home.


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