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Happy Halloween! I hope you’re having a great day. Talking up the ghosts and chatting with the local ghouls. Too bad you can’t get down and dirty with them, huh? Though maybe that’s a good thing… if you lived in the city this story takes place.

Enjoy this story to your heat’s content. But please don’t copy or post it elsewhere. Thank you 🙂


Art Piece



Truly ahead of her time!

Frie looked over the reviews of her newest art show, shrugging her shoulders. It wasn’t something that she had never heard before. Though it never ceased to amuse her when it got down to her medium.

She always amazes us, the writer for the Tribune wrote, with her unique style. From her unusual use of dark colors to her unknown painting medium, Frie has taken the art world by storm.

They all wanted to know what she used to paint with. Some had even tried feeling the finished art to find out, but as she had covered each one with a liquid polymer, their puny attempts at unleashing her secret met with road blocks at every turn.

Chuckling, she put the paper down and stood up, glad to see that the sun was finally going down. Evenings and nights were great. She would go from hot spot to hot spot, picking up men and/or women at her leisure. Then, she would go to her art studio and paint her passion away. But during the day all she had to do was sleep and wait for the day to end.

It took her just under an hour to find the outfit she wanted to wear for the evening. A bright red catsuit complete with tail and ears. Snickering at herself in the mirror, she turned toward her left and right, admiring the beauty in front of her. Shockingly pale white skin, raven black hair and deep green eyes stared back at her. As she looked at her eyes, she smiled, her white teeth glistening in the low light. She loved it when they were green. It meant tonight she would get to feed as well as paint.

The drive to her favorite downtown club, Vristȧd, took thirty-five minutes, but finding a parking spot out of sight took another twenty. She could not risk being seen leaving the club in the company of someone, if they caught her eye that is. That was the only part about being a vampire that she absolutely hated – having to hide what and who she was. If it weren’t dangerous, she would love to shout it, but humans were a very odd species and would probably overreact and do something stupid like drop a nuclear weapon on her building.

Like that could kill her. She could hear it coming miles away and would be half way across the country by the time it exploded. Sometimes humans were unbearably stupid. If they had any idea that vampires existed and that they outlived the bombs dropped in the 1940s in Japan, it just might stop their little hearts before she could get to them. And nobody stopped her feeding habits.

Or her art.

The line was around the block, but she ignored it as she walked straight up to the bouncer. “Dan,” she said with a coy smile, “It has been awhile.”

He smiled and turned a little pink. “Hey, Frie. Come to find some new inspiration for your art?” he asked as he opened the door for her.

“Always,” she said with smooth laugh as she walked by him, well aware of the little drool that was dripping down his chin as he watched her.

The club was full, but she barely noticed. Once inside, she was on the hunt. She moved smoothly through the crowds, her eyes zipping around as she searched. Until she found him or her, she had no idea what she was looking for. At the beginning she found that frustrating and would sometimes just take someone, but they never turned out. Over the decades she’d learned to wait.

Blood was good. The right blood was even better.

As she turned one corner, the scent hit her. Briney with a soft alcohol bitterness to it. Almost immediately the artist within went into overdrive. By the time she spotted her victim, the art piece was already completed in her head. The girl was young, maybe twenty-one, with short blonde hair and a man hanging on her like a leech. It was apparent he was also a boyfriend.

Thankful for one of her innate powers, she locked eyes first with one and then the other, implanting into their minds the path to her car. And then she left.

“Find your inspiration?” Dan asked as she walked out.

“No,” she sighed. “Maybe tomorrow.” By tomorrow her new art piece would be done.

Once out of sight of the crowd, she sprinted to her car, unlocking the back and pulling out the restraints even though she had never needed them before. Once under her control, nobody had ever tried to get away, not even in the end. One medium had even thanked her before he took his last breath.

By the time everything was set up, they appeared, both of them still with that blank look that never ceased to amuse her. After tying them up, she quickly made her way back to her apartment. As the sole occupant on the top floor, she had an elevator for her use only. She insisted it have no cameras.

For him, his death was quick. All he was to her was a blood bag, sustenance so that she could take time with the girl. As always happened, as his heart beat faster to try and make up for the blood leaving his body, his mind cleared. “What are you doing?” he gasped before it turned into a gurgle and he fainted. His girlfriend stood with a blank expression on her face as she watched Frie drain her man. Once the blood was gone, she wrapped his body up in cling wrap and put him aside to dispose of later.

“Come,” she said to the girl, who followed her into her art studio. The floor, ceiling, and walls were covered in plastic. There were no windows. The only other thing in the room was a large wooden frame that leaned against one of the wall—large enough to fit a human… at least it was once she finished with them.

“What am I doing here?” the girl asked, her head beginning to clear.

“You are the basis for my next art piece.”

Her eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Mmm-hmm. And we only have tonight, so take off your clothes and let’s get started.” Without looking at her medium, Frie began to remove her catsuit and ears. By the time she stood there completely naked, so was the girl. “Very pretty,” she purred, looking at the full-figured blood bag in front of her. Ripe, full breasts, and wide hips. If she had the time, she would keep the girl for at least a day so she could really enjoy her. But her agent had been bugging her about a new piece. She could find someone else to play with tomorrow if this one did not survive. Tonight, she needed to paint.

“Come, my pretty, lay down in the box.”

The girl looked over and frowned. “I won’t fit.”

“Of course you will. We just need to cut you down to size, hmm?” While the girl went and stuck her feet inside the frame and tried to cram her body inside, Frie opened up a small hole in the wall where she kept her supplies. She drew out tubing, a needle, a sealed container, restraints, and a piece of white cloth. When she got to the frame, the girl was bent up strangely, but she had somehow folded herself up inside. Using the speed that was granted her when she awoke as a vampire, she quickly restrained her medium so that she couldn’t move.

“Wait!” the girl called.

“I have no time to wait,” she said with a snarl as she pulled the sleeves back on the girls blouse, inserted a small needle and attached it to the tubing which she connected to the container. In no time at all, deep red blood began to seep its way along the tube and she had to turn away before she bit through and drank it down.

“No!” the girl cried and Frie immediately placed the white cloth over her mouth.

“Breathe in. It will help.” Unable to stop herself, the girl took a few breaths and her muscles relaxed. A little giggle even escaped. “There we go,” Frie murmured. “This way, you can watch while I paint.”

As the blood dripped into the container, she walked out of the room, returning a few minutes later with a large canvas that she sat up opposite her medium. It had been prepared three days ago and once it was lying on the floor, she walked back and looked at the container. Three-quarters full. “That should do for now,” she mused, quickly removing the needle and putting pressure on the vein as she bent the girl’s arm up and restrained it there. “Breathe easy and watch me create magic with your essence,” she whispered as she picked up the container.

This was her favorite part. Where she could let go of what tethered her to reality and let the artist within loose. Opening up the container, she put her nose up to it and breathed in, moaning as that wonderful scent that had so intoxicated her at the club hit her in its purest form. A low moan left her throat and it took all her strength to point the container away from her and let the fresh, warm blood splatter onto the canvas.

The thrill of watching the off-white canvas turn blood red was invigorating. She barely held back attacking it before the container was empty. But once it was, she tossed it back by the frame and lay down on the canvas, reveling in the feeling of the fresh blood coating her skin. Knowing how fast the blood would dry, she didn’t leave herself time to really enjoy it. Instead, she rolled around, moving the blood, brushing red streaks up one side and leaving blotches of maroon on the other.

The more the blood filled her senses, the more she writhed. It wouldn’t take long now. Her core was tight, her nipples erect, and her mouth open in desire. Finally, she rolled onto her back, spread her legs out and reached between them. As her bloody hands ran over her clitoris, it invoked her orgasm. She roared as she came, her body jumping as her muscles spasmed.

The scent of the blood kept her orgasm going for several minutes before she finally lay there replete. With a soft laugh, she opened her eyes, the fog of lust and need to create gone. Standing up, she turned around to see the finished piece. A soft gasp left her lips as her eyes scanned the canvas in front of her.

Most of it was red… blood red, but there were several areas, like the curls in the upper right corner and the spatter of her cum that decorated the lower left. The smooth strokes of her controlled tumbling versus the chaotic twitching of her orgasm converged and she knew it was her best one yet. Glancing over it several times, she didn’t even think she needed more.

“Done,” she sighed happily. Quickly she got to work. Blood coagulated far too quickly. Mixing up the polymer, she walked over to the canvas and quickly poured it over the top. Her nose wrinkled at the horrid scent, but it was needed. Once it was covered, she put everything down and walked back to her medium who was still breathing.

Well, that was fortuitous.

“Looks like you outlasted the painting,” she said with a laugh as she lifted the canvas up. “Look. Look at the beautiful painting I just did with your essence. Look,” she encouraged. The girl slowly blinked her eyes open and turned toward the canvas. It took a few seconds, but finally her mouth opened and she stared at it.

“I won’t be needing any more of your blood to finish this,” she informed her and the girl struggled a little against her restraints. “Oh, I will be drinking some of it before the night is through, though. It is truly some of the best blood I’ve ever smelled. First, though, let’s have a little fun.”

Frie released her restraints and quickly pulled her out of the frame. As the girl stumbled a bit, she laughed. “Don’t get too comfortable. That box is where you will lay forever once we are done.”


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