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Happy Halloween! I hope you are enjoying this day of free erotic stories from my files. Enjoy another Kiera adventure with an alien.

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Cherry Bark

Smiling with delight, Kiera let herself through the gate she had stepped through daily for the last year. It was amazing to think it had been a whole year since she was hired by Derrick Branson to be his assistant and put in charge of Miers McDray’s every need. That first day had been an eye-opener as well as cemented her desire to work there for the rest of her life.

Miers was from another planet. The top half of his body was that of a man, the lower half was that of an octopus. Add in his huge cock and every day she was treated to sexual pleasures she had been unaware of. With today being their anniversary of sorts, she had purchased him a gift. Transferring the large gift bag she was carrying into her left hand, she used her right to look for the keycard that would let her in the front door of what to any observer looked like a derelict hut. Inside, it was anything but.

Derrick had an odd life. While she did not know much about him, she did know that he was extremely wealthy and that he rescued aliens trapped on planet Earth until he could get them a ride off-world. With his busy life, he did not have as much time to give to his non-human guests, which is where girls like Kiera came in. She had not met any of the other creatures housed in the sub-basement of the dwelling, but Miers surmised there were at least fifty. Given the pleasure he and his tentacles had given her over the last year, she couldn’t help but wonder what the rest were like.

“Ha!” she gasped, finally finding her keycard at the bottom of her purse. The main room looked like it always did. The interior of a huge mansion with priceless antiques and expensive furniture. But she barely paid it any attention as she spotted Derrick for the first time since the day she was hired. “Derrick, long time no see.”

He looked up from where he stood near a bookcase and smiled. “Ah, Miss Southerland, I am glad you showed. This has been a crazy morning.”

“Miers being demanding again?” she surmised. She adored the tentacled man, but he was needy.

“No, in fact, I was able to get him out of here last night.” Stunned, she froze. No more Miers? No more wandering tentacles? Her cunt clenched in apparent anguish. “But do not fear,” he said, mistaking the look on her face, “we still need you. Rave was overzealous with his assistant this morning and she will not be returning. I am going to assign Rolaf’s assistant to Rave and you can take over his duties.”

“What is the deal with Rave, anyway?” she asked. Miers made enough comments over the year for her to know that Rave was a very bizarre creature.

“He just insists on everything being a certain way. Once he tells you something, he expects you to remember it. If you don’t, he will punish you. His punishments can be perceived as cruel. As such, I will let Greg take him on.”

She told herself that was good as the last thing she wanted to do was to work for a controlling jerk. “I bet I could be a good assistant for him.” The moment the words were out of her mouth she wanted to take them back. What the hell? She enjoyed Miers, but she did not want to work with Rave. Did she?

He raised an eyebrow. “Well, this is unprecedented. Never before has someone offered to work with him. I must warn you, Miss Southerland, he is very difficult. His kind are very good at mind games.”

“You gave one of Miers’ assistants to him when Miers was a bit overzealous.” She remembered that conversation from her first day.

“That is because Rave could make her forget everything she saw,” he explained. “His race can thumb through your memories, remove the ones they do not want you to have and replace them with different ones. Believe me. Being with him… well, you won’t know yourself anymore.”

“Okay, well I figured if it would be too much trouble…” she said, her voice trailing off.

He smiled. “You are a good girl, Miss Southerland. I think that…”

A loud scream interrupted him and two seconds later a man wearing nothing except a knife in his arm came running into the room. “He’s crazy!” he shrieked.

“Miss Southerland, please take a seat on the couch while I take care of this,” Derrick said briskly, turning toward the harmed individual. “Jason, everything is okay,” he said in a soothing tone.

“No, it’s not! Zor is a maniac! I’ve been his assistant for three months. I win one game and he went insane!”

With a sigh, Derrick nodded, grabbing his arm and leading him to a door off the living room. “I told you to always let him win…” Their voices became muted as the door closed behind them.

So, Zor did not sound delightful.

Five minutes later, Derrick returned, a frown on his face. “Miss Southerland, I wasn’t prepared to accept your offer before, but I fear I must now. Zor would never accept a female working for him. He and Rolaf will have to share Greg for now. Are you sure you are okay working with Rave?”

Sure? No. But her stubbornness would not allow her to admit it. “Sure. How bad could he be? You told me Miers was a pain in the ass and we had a great time. I’m really going to miss him,” she admitted, looking at the gift bag. “I can’t even give him his present.”

His eyes latched onto the gift and lit up. “Rave loves gifts… That might be a great way to butter him up. Come, time to meet your new client.”

They walked down the familiar staircase and along the thin hallway that separated the rooms in the sub-basement. At the end was a sign that simply read Rave. Derrick penciled in something on the board and knocked before opening the door. They walked in and she gasped. It did not look like a room and was incredibly warm. The humidity had to be close to one hundred percent and almost immediately she felt sweat begin to form on her brow. The plants that twisted and turned in every direction made her feel like she was in some strange jungle… and definitely not a jungle here on earth. On earth, tree trunks were not blue.

“Rave, I brought you a new assistant.” A growl from back amongst some ferns made her tremble. “Now, now, don’t be that way. This is Miss Southerland. Miers gave her the highest recommendation when he left. In fact,” Derrick chuckled, “he wanted to ask her to go with him. You know how picky he is. If he adored her, you will to.”

He placed a hand on her shoulder. “You won’t be able to find the door on your own so I will be back in eight hours to release you.”

“Okay,” she said in barely a whisper as he turned and somehow disappeared through the greenery.

“Sssso,” a soft voice slithered. “You are my new assssisssstant.”

“Hello, Rave,” she responded with more bravery than she felt. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

A deep chuckle surrounded her, almost caressing her with its depth. “You ssssay that now, but you will run like the resssst.”

“Mr. Branson says you like things a certain way. What do you need me to know?”

“Take off your clothessss. They inssssult me.”

Grimacing, she put down the bag and quickly got undressed.

“What issss in the bag?”

“Oh, um…” She briefly wondered if she should mention it was originally a gift for Miers, but decided against it. “I got you a gift.”

A soft tapping noise drew her attention to the left and she watched, hoping to spot him when to her surprise something smooth and warm drifted over her shoulders. “You have very pretty bark,” Rave murmured in her ear. Trembling, she stood still. “The last asssssisssstant I had was not very pretty. Show me what you brought me.”

Wanting to turn around, but figuring she should obey, she bent over to retrieve the bag. As she did so, something firm slid between her legs. “Ahh, sssso wet, I ssssee. Sssstay where you are.” She placed her hands on the ground moaned as Rave dragged his fingers, his very rough fingers through her folds. “Do you like to fuck?”

“Yes,” she said quickly. “Very much. MIers constantly impaled me on his huge cock.”

A bark of laughter surprised her. “You think hissss cock was large? It wassss nothing compared to mine. If you are lucky and lasssst longer than mosssst, you will find out.” Even the thought of a larger cock than Miers made her pussy weep. “Ahh, you are even wetter now. You like large limbssss?”

“Yes,” she moaned as his rough finger began to thrust in and out of her cunt. “I like to be filled. That’s why I brought this gift.”

The finger withdrew but wandered down to her clit and roughly rubbed against her. “Ah!” she cried as the pain of it added to her excitement and she went into an orgasm.

“How did you enjoy that?”

“So much,” she panted. “Your fingers are wonderfully rough.”

“You like the roughnessss?” he asked in what sounded like surprise.

“Oh, god, yes. It felt so good, so painfully good.”

There were a few moments of silence and he finally removed his finger. “Sssstay there and hand me my gift.”

Grabbing the bag, she handed it over her shoulder.

“You brought me a bag?”

“No,” she giggled, “that’s just the wrapping. Your gift is inside.”

“Ah, then unwrap and hand me the gift.”

Shrugging, she pulled out the large dildo. Miers had a fascination with stuffing his tentacles inside of her. When she found a tentacle-shaped one online, she had not been able to resist. “Here,” she said, holding it out to him. The item was yanked from her fingers and she returned both hands to the ground. Pushing her fingers in, she was surprised how much it felt like grass.

“Intriguing. I assssume you got the idea from Mierssss.”

“Well, yeah. But he said everyone here loved sex…” She drifted off thinking that just maybe giving him the dildo wasn’t a good idea.

“Ah, well, thank you. I may use it another time. For today, I wish you to clean the bark.”

The words didn’t correlate. “Bark?”

“Yessss. I am unable to get in between the groovessss and truly clean my bark but you humans have amazing wayssss to do sssso. Your tonguessss fit nicely. Sssstand and turn.”

Finally, finally she would see what Rave looked like. Standing up she whipped around, shocked to come face to face with a tree. “Rave?” she said looking to her left and right.

“In front of you.”

Her eyes widening, she looked at the tree. “Oh. So, um, you need me to clean your bark?”

“Yessss. Look down.”

She did so, surprised to see he had a knot sticking out from what she assumed to be his stomach area. “Is that comfortable?” she asked, pointing at it.

Another bark of a laugh came from him. “Without a female Rolarin to ssssatisfy my needssss, it never retreatssss. But if you clean it, it will allow me to handle my exile on your pitiful planet.”

Tons of questions came to mind. Why was he exiled here? Was he actually a walking, talking tree? She would ask that one of Derrick. And was that large knot the tree’s cock?

“What are you waiting for?” he barked and realizing she was standing there staring, she dropped to her knees.

Not wanting to make him angry, she leaned in and took a cautious lick. His bark was rough, but it didn’t taste bad at all. It was sweet. Unsure of his body, she had no idea which area would be most sensitive, so she began to lick every part of the knot. Up, down, around, sucking on certain areas because she just could not stop herself.

Not once did she hear a response from him. No heavy breathing, no grunts… anything that might tell her that he was enjoying her ministrations. As he hadn’t growled at her, she hoped that she was doing adequate.

The knot increased in size, lengthening out from his body and as she pulled back to give it some room, something rough took hold of the back of her head. “No, accept it.”

Unsure of what that meant, she went back to licking, surprised as it seemed to begin to unravel, though how a tree knot could unravel she had no idea, and the tip poked at her lips. Afraid and excited she opened her mouth, shaking as it slid inside. Something rough petted the back of her hair as the knot began to curl up inside her mouth. It was too large to get out now. Her eyes widened and she began to struggle. “You can take it, Missss Ssssoutherland,” he barked and she stilled as something slid to the back of her throat and into it. “Ahhh,” he moaned.

Terrified, she began to gag and choke, fighting her fear. Having deep throated some large men, she knew that terror was the surest way to cutting off one’s airway. “Missss Ssssoutherland,” he said in a choppy voice. “You are amazing.” A shrill cry left him and huge amounts of something thick began to burst into her throat.

Swallowing quickly, she was unable to get it all down, but most of it went and to her relief, the knot seemed to almost dissipate and as the last bit of it left her mouth, she swallowed the last of his… well, she guessed it was cum. It tasted like molasses. Using her fingers, she wiped up the drops that spilled and licked them off. Looking back up, she was surprised to see his knot was much smaller now.


Quickly, she jumped to her feet. “Can I do that often?” she asked, loving the taste of whatever he shot down her throat.

“You liked it?”

She nodded eagerly. “I mean, at first it was scary, but yeah, I really liked it.”

“You are hired, Missss Ssssoutherland. You are the first assssisssstant I have had who has made my cherry bark shrink a little. How issss your tongue?”

Rubbing it gingerly against the roof of her mouth, she shrugged. “A little rough, but I don’t mind. When can I do it again?”

A low chuckle once again filled the room. “Right now, Missss Ssssoutherland, right now.” She spotted what looked like a branch reach out and press against her shoulders. She immediately dropped to her knees and began to lick at his knot. “We will do well together. Yessss, very well together.”

Her mind went a little fuzzy as she licked and sucked on the bark in front of her. Miers became an all too distant memory even as warm memories of sucking on Rave took over. She would do anything to suck his bark for as long as she lived.


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