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So you’re about to be mated. Every girl needs a last hurrah before that big night, right? So who can blame Malora Braise for wanting to take on The Experience? She may have  met her match in Rivald of the Kinidees.

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The Experience

The soft swish of her tail was the only sound she heard as she walked back and forth in front of the cages. The males behind the cage doors watched her, their eyes thick with lust. This wasn’t the first time she had come to Brivan 9 for an adventure, in fact it was her eleventh, but this was her first time embarking on The Experience.

Her guide stood stoically by the door, waiting for her to make her decision, but how could one decide on something so monumental without first trying out the equipment.

“And you are positive I cannot try them out,” she murmured, as she tried to see what the humanoid males might look like under their thick, black robes.

“That is not possible, Malora Braise. After all, if you tried them out ahead of time, it wouldn’t really be The Experience, now would it?”

Frowning, she nodded, even as a small growl rumbled in her chest. The tenth daughter of the High Command, she was not used to being denied anything. “Oh, I suppose it does not matter,” she finally said. “Him.” She pointed haphazardly in one of the pens and walked toward the guide. “Now let’s get started.”

“At your pleasure, Malora Braise.”

The stadium was filled as she walked out onto the soft grass. A tall Tarlanian, she stood at seven head. Her long legs and tail were her most defining characteristic, but her four breasts and three eyes were rather noticeable as well to anyone who was not familiar with someone from her planet. She strutted out to the center, ready to meet her opponent. Tarlanian males were entirely too docile, which they would be by right. The female was naturally the more dominant of the species. Her reason to take on The Experience was that she was soon to be mated to a sallow, submissive male and before that was official, she wanted to see what it would be like to be fucked by a dominant male.

The crowd murmured appreciatively at her form as she took her place on the mound. Completely naked, every part of her was open for their view and by their catcalls and wolf whistles it was obvious the crowd liked what it saw.

After the announcer spoke his piece, making several off-colored jokes that were so boring nobody even laughed, the gates opened and out he came. “And here he is,” the announcer spoke, “Rivald of the Kinidees.”

Her hearts picked up speed. The Kinidees were the most dominant males in the sector. Her tail swished back and forth as she watched the male walk forward. Instead of the males she was used to back home, he strutted proudly, his head held high, his piercing yellow eyes looking over her form as his cock stood at attention.

Unable to stop herself, she licked her lips. His equipment was quite impressive. Twice the length and width of a Tarlanian. If he could force her to submit, she was in for a wild ride. Of course, she had no intention of making it easy for him.

“On your knees,” he said in a deep firm tone as he got within a couple feet.

She raised an eyebrow. “I think not.” Was this his version of dominance? If so, it might not be as exciting as she thou—

His hand whipped out, grasped her tail and yanked. A shriek left her lips as her body twisted and fell back against him. One second later, he had her on her knees. “Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” he purred into her ear.

Furious, she let out a roar and jumped to her feet, only to have her roar turn into a shriek of pain as he yanked her tail again. Scrambling, she grabbed her tail to pull it out of his grasp only to have him grasp both of her wrists and hold them in one hand. How did this happen? And so fast? He wasn’t supposed to be in the dominant position, not really. This was supposed to be a game, a game she paid to win. “No,” she gasped even as he ran his tongue along the talons of her tail. Without her permission, a low moan left her lips even as her mating glands activated.

Shocked she struggled, trying to pull away from him. No, no. This wasn’t right. Her mating glands would only activate once and it would be on her home planet with a male she could boss around, not with this… this… Kinideen. A cry left her lips and her struggles increased even as he began to nibble along the base of her tail. Her cry turned to a keen as the pleasure enfolded her. No… she should be fighting. But why? a small voice inside her head asked.

“Such a gentle Tarlanian,” Rivald mused. “I thought you were supposed to be a hell-cat. I am… disappointed.”

Fury filled her. Disappointed? How dare he! Her keen turned to a roar and she wrenched her hands free of his grasp. Off-center as he was holding her tail up, she fell onto her hands, crouching to leap forward when the unexpected happened.

He let out a mating call, yanked her tail up and around her neck so she couldn’t move and thrust inside her. No! Thrust… thrust. No! She couldn’t breathe. He was ramming inside her over and over and with her tail around her neck, she couldn’t get away. Reaching up to try and pull it away, she fell forward onto her shoulders which just made him shift to lay over the top of her, plunging in and out of her with all his might.

“Mine,” he growled into her ear and she so wanted to tell him no. But she couldn’t.

Her mating glands were throbbing, her four nipples poking the ground below her. How could her body have betrayed her like this? This was supposed to be for fun. Mating with such a dominant male was not what she signed up for.

“Tell them you’re mine and I will let you up,” he growled as he fucked her mercilessly.

She shook her head violently even as her mind wanted to yell yes! She knew what was happening. The mating. Her body and mind were realigning with that of her mate. Her parents were going to kill her. The son of the Fourth Prilariate would never want her now. Damn it!




He rammed in, but when he pulled out, something scraped her from the inside out. A scream left her lips at the exquisite pain and he chuckled. “Tell them, Malora Braise. Tell them that a Tarlanian has submitted to a Kinidee. Tell them!” he growled, increasing his thrusts.

Whimpering, with tears running down her cheeks though she was no longer sure if they were from pleasure or pain, she looked at the three officials standing nervously in front of them. “I—“ she started, choking a little until he loosened her tail just a tiny bit. “I’m his,” she sputtered, feeling a pain slice up her back.

“Are you telling us that a Tarlanian female is submitting to a Kinideen male?” asked one of the officials, shocked.

“No, she is telling you that she is now my mate,” he growled, changing angles once again and scraping the inside of her body almost continuously. “Tell them, Malora Braise. Now.”

Unable to deny him as her whole body was throbbing with the need to be claimed totally by him, she nodded frantically. “I’m his. I’m his. I belong to Rivald of the Kinidees.” Even as the words left her lips, she heard them broadcast over and over from the loudspeakers and roars from the spectators before everything except him seemed to cease for a few minutes.

“Mine,” he laughed, grasping her hips and thrusting in as he let out a loud keen, his phallus throbbing inside of her even as his essence filled her up. Her keen soon joined his as her insides burned—each small cut that had been created by his movements was set on fire with his acidic cum. He released her tail and as she gasped in a huge breath, he collapsed onto her chuckling.

The crowd roared, the officials tittered, and she smiled secretively into the dirt.

“They can’t take you away from me now,” he murmured into her ear. “Not like the last ten times we’ve met. About bloody time you gave in, woman. Damn if you aren’t stubborn.” He pulled out, his dick making sure to scrape her up one last time before he stood up and pulled her to her feet by her tail.

“Stop pulling my tail,” she whined as he pulled her back into his arms.

Chuckling, he bit her ear. “But it is the easiest way to control you, Vaya,” he whispered, shocking her with her new mated name. “Your tail is so sensitive. I plan on making use of it often. Now come. It is time to make this official. Kneel.”

Her purple eyes met his yellow ones and for the first time in her existence she didn’t care about anything except for him. He would pay for it once they left Brivan 9, but if it would help him save face here, she could get on her knees. Keeping a straight face, she sunk down, a smile on her lips.

“Congratulations, Rivald!” yelled the announcer as the audience went wild. “You have caught a Tarlanian. This will go down as a first.”

And a last, she thought as he pulled her to her feet and guided her out of the arena. She couldn’t wait to show him everything she could do with her tail. He had no idea the pleasurable pain he was in for.


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