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Humans are the weak species, subject to the wills of their paranormal masters. Julienne has been chosen and she has nothing to do but obey.

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Bred to a Vampire

Shivering, Julienne watched the door. It was that time again. Any moment now that door might open and a keeper would tell her she had been chosen. It was so difficult to deal with. Every month since she became of age, she was forced to go to the main house with the other unattached men and women, waiting to see if they would be chosen by one of them.

They all knew what the beings looking for a mate were, which just made it worse.

Vampire. Blood sucking demon. Child of the night. Take your pick, it all meant the same thing. On her mating night she would either be killed or bred. She figured death would be preferable to breeding with a demon, let alone carrying its child. A girl in the village had been bred and her child did not look normal with its bright red eyes and evil grin. Thankfully its father came to get it and the child disappeared. The girl was found bled to death one week later with teeth marks in both her neck and breasts.

Footsteps. Straightening up, she listened as the footsteps walked along the hallway outside. There were dozens of doors, surely they would pass by her again.

The door creaked open and the keeper looked upon her with pity. “Julianne Mentor, you have been chosen. Follow me.”

Scrambling to her feet she followed him along until he reached a door. “He is through there,” he said simply, nodding toward the door. “Good luck.” Without another word, he stepped back several feet.

Taking a breath and hoping for a quick death, she turned the knob and opened it. Inside, it looked like a very nice hotel suite with a four-poster bed, roaring fire in a large fireplace, and a chaise lounge between them.

“Close the door,” said a smooth, otherworldly voice and she did, her body shaking uncontrollably.

“Undress and lay down on the bed.”

Oh dear. Shivering, she unbuttoned the tunic they made all Availables wear and shrugged it off, thankful for the warm fire heating up her skin. Slowly she walked to the bed and crawled on top of it, lying on her stomach as she did not want to see the demon who would maul her.

A low chuckle came from above her. “Lay on your back, pet.”

Pet. The name stung but she supposed that to a being like him, humans were nothing more than pets to be taken and thrown away as the need fit. Closing her eyes, she turned onto her back.

“Lovely,” he murmured and she gasped as a cool finger circled her breast. “You are incredibly lovely, Julianne. If you please me tonight, I may keep you around for a while. Open your eyes.”

A whimper left her lips as she forced her eyes open, expecting to see a gaunt gray face with limp hair and red eyes staring at her. Instead her eyes landed on the best looking man she had ever seen. Deep burgundy eyes above high cheekbones and a firm square jaw, pale white skin and long black hair that was tied back at his neck. “You don’t look like a vampire,” she said without thinking.

Grinning, he took both her breasts in his hands and squeezed. “I would think not. I am only half vampire. My sire probably appears as you would expect. Bright red eyes, sunken cheeks, gray pallor…”

Relieved while still worried, she nodded.

“Now, I have had three previous from this clan and have been disappointed each time. Let’s see if you are a disappointment as well, hmm?”

Before she could respond, he leapt onto the bed, his clothes seeming to disappear instantly as he lay on top of her, his cold skin sending a chill through her.

“You are wonderfully warm,” he commented, his finger trailing up her neck and over her face. “Are you a virgin, Julianne?” She wanted to lie and say she was but was afraid of his response if she did so she shook her head no. “Good. No chance of spilling blood too early. Now, do what feels natural. Moan, gasp, cry out, squirm. I am going to breed you.”

Gasping, her eyes watched as he used his legs to spread hers out and she felt him at her entrance. As he eased himself inside, her breath picked up and he smiled. “I do love fucking with a human. You are so incredibly warm.  Breeding with another vampire… it feels good but there is no warmth. Plus I will admit I am excited to see what a child by someone like me and a human would turn out to be.”

He slowly buildt up a rhythm that found her pushing her hips up toward him. “Good girl, Julianne. You enjoy having me inside you?” His eyes hooked hers and she could not look away as he began to pound into her.

“Y-yes,” she gasped as with each move of his hips he began to rub against her nub. “Oh, oh, yes!”

“Good. Let us see just how much you enjoy it,” he said with a bit of a growl and to her surprise fangs began to descend over his bottom lip.

“No!” she whimpered. “No!”

“Shhh,” he murmured as he moved his lips to her jaw and slowly down her throat. “This may hurt.” A shriek left her lips as his fangs pierced her skin. His hips drove into her so quickly she stopped trying to meet them and just took the amazing feeling of being jackhammered by the half-vampire. A liquid warmth invaded her system and she moaned.

“There we go,” he said, his head appearing once again above hers. His eyes were still burgundy but there was blood on his chin. “You are mine now, Julianne. The venom I injected you with marks you as my pet. No vampire or any other creature will dare come near you now.” His hands grasped her shoulders and as he threw his head back and hollered out, cold liquid sprayed inside her and to her surprise her body responded and she screamed as she came, her body writhing against his.


As the world seemed to right itself, she looked around and saw him standing beside the fireplace.

“Julianne, come.”

She wished to not move but of its own volition her body stood up and walked over to him. Smiling, he lifted a hand and stroked her cheek. “You are mine now, pet. Your body will always obey me.” His hand moved down her body settling on her womb. “You will carry my child, nurture it, love it, and give your life for it if need be. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered, unable to deny him anything.

“Good. Until you deliver, I will visit you weekly. If you live up to the high standards I set, I may turn you when our child is born. If not I will thank you for your service with a nice warm meal. For me,” he added, baring his teeth. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”


Turning around she picked up the tunic and put it on, leaving through the door she had entered through just hours before, a completely different woman. Keepers scrambled out of her way as she passed. As she looked at the piece of paper the last keeper handed her before she left, she saw an address. Knowing it was now her home as well as her prison, she headed there anyway.

For there was no other choice now.

She was bred to a vampire.


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