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Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoyed the first story posted an hour ago. Here’s another free erotic story from my files. Enjoy this M/F alien/human adventure.

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You’re Hired

Checking once again, Kiera looked at the address she had written on the back of her hand.

245 Crag Street.

Looking at the address on the mailbox, she nodded. This was the place. Pushing open the wrought iron gate, she walked the mile-long drive through the trees, startled when she spotted the house ahead of her. She knew there were weirdos in this neighborhood, but this was beyond weird.

The hut, because nobody could mistake the tiny dome-shaped wooden structure as anything resembling a house, sat in the middle of a large weed-infested lawn. “But…” she said scratching her head. The classified ad had made the job possibility sound grand.

Needed. Efficient personal assistant who doesn’t mind working in my home. You will do odd jobs for me whenever I do not have the time to do them myself. Must be personable and be able to work with different types of people.

She applied and went through two series of telephone interviews in the evening. And now to find that it might be a sham made her a bit upset. The job sounded so promising that she turned down three other offers. Unwilling to run away now as she intended to give this guy a piece of her mind if she did nothing else, she raised her chin and marched toward the door. When she got there, though, it was a bit disconcerting to take the twelve steps down to the door’s entryway. Reminding herself that she had a bone to pick with him, she rapped three times quickly. The light overhead was quickly diminishing as the sun moved beyond where she could see it and she hoped to get this ‘interview’ over with quickly so she could catch a bus before it got completely dark. This far out of town, there were no street lights nearby.

As soon as the sun was completely gone, the door creaked open. “Come in, Miss Southerland,” said a deep voice she recognized from the phone calls.

“Is this a…” she began as she walked inside, her words disappearing as she took in what was in front of her. On the outside, the hut looked derelict. On the inside, it looked like a mansion. A large room spread out in front of her, each piece of furniture decked out in expensive fabrics. She must have mistaken the size of it or something. “Wow, nice house,” she finally said lamely, turning toward Derrick Branson.

He wasn’t what she expected from their phone calls at all. His deep, scratchy voice put her in mind of an eighty-year-old man who might have trouble getting around. Derrick looked to be late twenties, early thirties, with deep black hair, pure white skin, and deep blue eyes.

“I’m glad you like it,” he said with a smile. “Come, let me show you where you will be working.” He walked her across the well-appointed room to a large wooden door, which he opened. He waved her ahead of him and she walked forward, surprised to see a staircase going down.

“Down?” she asked in surprise.

“Building most of the house underground cuts on the electricity bills,” he explained.

Oh, so he was into the green thing. She could get on board with that, especially for the money he wanted to pay her. She quickly descended the stairs, stopping when it ended in a thin long hallway.

“Fourth door on the right, please. You already have a client.”

Client? Confused, she walked down the corridor, surprised at the sounds she heard from her left and right. Grunts, pounding, and a wail made her stop. “What’s going on?” she asked, looking at him concerned.

He smiled. “Television, Miss Southerland. Maybe you’ve heard of it?” Heat flooded into her cheeks and she nodded and walked up to the door. “Miers McDray is a bit demanding, but he pays well and he will treat you right,” he said, making a note on a dry erase board at the door. “Watch out for his tentacles; they will enter any orifice they can find.”

“Uh, I think maybe you have the wrong girl,” she said, wondering what she had gotten herself into. Tentacles?

“I think not. You applied for and have lobbied quite well for this assistant job, did you not?”

“Well, yes, but tentacles?”

He laughed. “It will all make sense soon.” He unlocked the door, opened it and pushed her in, shutting the door quickly behind them.

Her mouth dropped open at the site in front of her. In a large tank of water was a creature whose upper body was half-man and his lower body was half-octopus with the largest cock she had ever seen sticking out between all of his tentacles. “Miers,” Derrick said loudly, getting the attention of the individual.

Miers put his elbows up on the edge of the tank and looked at her. “Is this my new assistant?”

“Yes, this is Miss Kiera Southerland. Don’t scare her like you did the last one. I had to give her to Rave and you know how he is.”

Before she could figure out how to get the hell out of there, Derrick opened the door and left, locking it behind him.

“Well, come on, honey. Strip down and get in the tub. My tentacles need scrubbed.”

She opened her mouth to explain this was all a mistake, but she couldn’t. Every night she fantasized about creatures that didn’t exist doing naughty things to her. Maybe now she would get her chance. For all she knew, maybe she was asleep and dreaming this all up right now.

Kiera stripped down and used a small ladder to climb to the top of the tank and slide in. Immediately a slight fishy smell hit her.

“Well, now, honey, that’s nice and friendly,” he said with a smile. “You are the first assistant I didn’t have to force. Come now, scrubbers are over there—” He pointed to the opposite side of the tank. “I need the undercarriage of my tents clean and shiny.”

Quickly she grabbed the soft brush and a little soap and swam over to him, feeling a little embarrassed as he leaned against the side of the tank and lifted the front tentacles for her. Once again, her eyes were brought to his huge cock, larger than any human cock she had seen in college and she had seen more than her fair share as a paid escort. “Are there many of your kind?” she asked as she cleaned him, her fingers ghosting along his rod as often as she could, excited as it began to harden and actually grow.

“Oh, yeah. Tons of us on my planet. I ended up here and your damned government confiscated my ship. Derrick found me and offered me a place to stay until he could find me another one. It isn’t bad, though I don’t get all my needs met.”

“Like what?” she asked with a sly smile as her fingers wrapped around his shaft and stroked.

Instantly he raised an eyebrow. “Well, now, that is friendly. I wouldn’t mind a little fun if you are up for it, though I gotta warn ya, the tents have a mind of their own.”

“Sounds great.” She grinned and tosse the brush and soap to the side.

“Climb on up, missy, and take a ride.” He smirked, leaning his elbows over the side of the tank as she smoothed his tentacles back and climbed on top of him. He was so huge she had to stand up with her feet on his slimy appendages as she squatted over him and slid downward.

“Oh, shit,” she gasped as it felt like he was ripping her apart as she pushed herself down.

“Yeah, I’ve got the equipment, all right. Actually, I’ve got all the equipment.” He chuckled, releasing his elbows and sliding into the water so that he floated on his back. His hands captured hers and put them on his squirming appendages. “Stroke them. They love being touched.”

Moaning at the feeling of touching him everywhere even as he speared her from inside, she began to ride him, whimpering every time she rose and grunting in pleasurable pain as she slid back down. She still hadn’t fit all of him inside when something wet began to rub against her back entrance.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned even as she felt one of his tentacles push against her tight ring of muscles and slip inside. “Oh fuck, yes!”

His extra appendage slid in and out of her ass quickly at a speed she was sure would never be possible for a human. It felt wonderful. “More,” she moaned, stroking his front tentacles harder even as she tried to force more of his cock inside of her.

“If you want more, you best leave me in charge,” he said firmly. Excited, she nodded and he quickly lifted her up off his cock, turned her around facing the other way and then slamming her back down onto it. A scream left her lips in shock as she felt him impale her deeper. At the same time a tentacle… well three tentacles slithered up and began to press into her rosebud.

She thought it would be too tight, but was diverted when two of his tentacles began to rub against her clit. “Oh yes!” His hands lifted her up and pulled her down. “YES!” she screamed as he began to do it as quickly as he could. Up down, in out, rub, rub, rub, thrust, thrust, and thrust.

He was everywhere and she couldn’t even concentrate on any one area. “Please!” she cried even as the pleasure began to become too much.

“With a willing assistant like you? You bet, honey.” She squeaked as once again he lifted her up and off him, turning her around in midair to where she landed on his mouth. Instantly his tongue thin slid into her pussy, flicking back and forth.

“Oh fuck!” she cried even as his tentacles pushed themselves into her ass again. “More, more, more,” she screamed and a wail left her lips as everything went white. Waves upon waves of pleasure ripped through her, making her muscles continue clenching far past anything she had ever felt before. When they finally stopped, she blinked her eyes lazily and looked down at Miers. He had moved her to where she sat on his chest.

“So, think you will be okay with being an assistant here?” he asked with an amused smile.

She nodded. “If this is what I’m getting paid for? Hell yeah! So, do I get you every day?” she asked, thrilled at the concept. She still hadn’t got his cock all the way inside.

“Some days me, some days Rave or Ky or Zunder.”

“Do they have tentacles too?”

“No!” He laughed. “We are all from different planets and waiting for a way off this dismal one. If you enjoy what we just did, you will work out just fine here, Miss Southerland. You are hired.”

Squealing with laughter and joy, she beamed down at him. “Now, I believe you have some more tentacles that need cleaning.”


Another free story coming in an hour 🙂

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