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You know that moment when you love your job and you go to finalize everything for the day only to find your boss isn’t the man you thought he was? Ms. Fairway is about to.

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I Am Yours

This was her favorite part of the day, when all of the other servants left and she could clean the last few rooms before retiring to her cottage. Having been in the service of Lord Caron for close to two decades, she knew the house even better than her own. Grabbing the furniture polish and a rag, she headed toward the fourth wing.

It had been years since she cleaned this area but he explained he would be having guests there soon so she was set on making it as spotless as possible. For the last three days, scores of servants had cleaned every inch of the house except that area. As Lord Caron’s assistant, it was up to her to make sure everything met with his approval.

The fourth wing was strange in that it was separated from the rest of the house via a locked door that could only be breached via a computerized lock. Behind that door was a large open room with seven locked doors jutting off of it. Every morning she opened the main door and every night locked it behind the other servants.

To her surprise upon arriving, she found the door shut. The cleaning crew had been under orders to never close the door, but she assumed one of them shut it without thinking. It would have been nice of one of them to tell her. Keying in the code, she opened the door, surprised at the sounds that assailed her the moment it was open.

Grunts, groans, and the sound of flesh meeting flesh.

Horrified that some of the servants were doing unmentionable things in his lordship’s house, she dashed toward the one open door where the sounds came from. The scene before her she would never forget. Lord Caron stood facing the wall. Between him and the wall, a man was lying on his stomach over a stool. Her eyes widened as she watched her boss pull out of his ass and thrust back in, once again grunts and groans filled her ears.

A silent gasp left her lips as she watched him pull out and ram back in, the stool moving a tiny bit with each lunge. As his hand came down on the other man’s buttocks and he called out, it was not in pain  ut pleasure and she felt liquid drip from her core. She thought she made no noise but Lord Caron’s head swiveled quickly and his eyes bright red eyes locked with hers, freezing her in place.

“Well, Ms. Fairway, it appears you have come upon a rather unfortunate scene,” he said with a soft hiss, pulling back and out of the man groaning over the stool.

“I-I won’t tell anyone,” she whispered, taking a step backward. Red eyes. How could he have red eyes?

“No, you won’t,” he agreed. His hand hit a computer display near the man’s head and she whipped around as the outside door closed and locked. As she took a step toward it, he grasped her arm and pulled her into another room. “Have you never wondered,” he whispered as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and wrapped them around her wrists, “why I do not allow people here?”

Her eyes wide, she shook her head. It wasn’t her place to wonder.

“Well, now you will know. Make yourself at home, my dear, because you will never be leaving.”

“What!” she shrieked but he walked back out, ignoring her plea.

“Bend over,” she heard him growl and once again grunts and groans filled her ears.

Oh, wow, she chanted in her head. This could not be happening. Her entire life she dreamed of being taken by a vampire. And while she had dreamed of similar situations, she never expected it to happen. As she stood there trying to work her hands out of the restraints the sounds from next door seemed to overpower her.

“You are such a slut,” Lord Caron grunted.

“Yes, Master,” came a whimpering reply.

“I intended to keep you longer, use you daily, but Ms. Fairway’s appearance has changed that. Thank you for your service.” A high keen filled the air along with a low moan. The sounds of Lord Caron’s thrusts became dimmer and dimmer until they were gone. “I shall miss you,” he sighed. “Tomorrow when the rest of my new pets arrive, they will be glad you are missing. Otherwise one of them would die immediately. Goodbye, pet.”

Surprised to find her panties a little wet after hearing him take that men so roughly, she stopped struggling against the restraints as she heard his boots come closer and closer. Staring at the door, a shudder went down her back as he walked in, his eyes a blazing red now even as a speck of blood sat on the edge of his lips.

“Really, Ms. Fairway, one would think you would know better,” he remarked taking a step forward.

“I came to lock up,” she whispered, staring at him.

“Didn’t the closed door give you a clue?”

“I assumed one of the cleaning crew accidentally closed it,” she explained even as she watched his hand grasp for her dress, ripping it off her in one movement.

“Hmm,” he said moving behind her. “You will be a good addition to my pets, though I do wish I hadn’t had to lose you as my assistant. You were the best I have had in over fifty years.”

“F-fifty years?” she squeaked as her panties joined the cloth on the floor.

“Yes, surely that does not surprise you.” His warm hands slid up her back and then back down cupping each butt cheek.

“You can’t be a vampire,” she whispered. “You’re warm.”

A bark of laughter from behind her did the strangest thing. Instead of scaring her even further, it made her wetter. “I just fucked and feasted, my dear. That always warms me up.” Leaning in, he whispered. “Be my pet, Ms. Fairway.”

Trembling, she opened her mouth, slamming it shut as she realized she was about to agree.

A low rumble of a chuckle rippled behind her. “Ahh, denying your own desire? We cannot have that.”

Three thick fingers slid through her slick folds directly into her cunt making her gasp. “You want me, Ms. Fairway. All it takes is three little words and I will fuck you until you cannot stand up. I will not feast from you tonight. If you are lucky you might stick around for years like my pet in the other cell. Now,” his voice deepened. “Say it. Say the words ‘I am yours’.” His fingers continued to slide in and out of her, his other hand moving around and squeezing her left nipple. “Say it,” whispered a soft voice behind her and she moaned.

“Say it.” She couldn’t think, couldn’t deny, not with him right behind her touching her in such a way. “Say it.”

“I am yours,” she managed to push through numb lips.

“Good girl,” he murmured, removing both hands, pulling her hips back and slamming his cock inside her pussy which sent her into an immediate orgasm. As her shrieks bounced around her cell, he rammed into her over and over again. “You are mine now. By tomorrow I will choose your new name. Ms. Fairway is dead, make no doubt about it.” Grasping her hips he thrust in roughly, his cock spasming inside her even as cool liquid filled her up.

He pulled out and she would have fallen to her knees if the wrist restraints did not hold her up. Unhooking them, he pulled her over to the tiny bed and quickly hooked her restraints so she would not be able to move. “Good night, pet,” he purred, smirking at her. “Tomorrow starts your new life. If I were you, I would rest up. My other pets get rambunctious and for the next two weeks sex will be all you know.”

Before she could respond, he walked out, shutting the cell door behind him, leaving her in darkness.

She wanted to feel bad, angry, any negative emotion but she couldn’t. Something seemed to be floating through her, brooking no disobedience. As she drifted off, she whispered the word that was on her tongue since he ripped off her clothes.



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