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Okay, I’m running out of spooky stories – though there are a few left. Heading to a different planet is exciting… not so much when you find out why they want you there and it’s not the fun you expected. (This is a snippet from a work in progress.) Last meal anyone?

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Entertainment before you die

From a door on the other side that Jared hadn’t seen, four men, human by what he could tell, appeared pushing huge pallets of food. The scent was actually mouth-watering, but his stomach revolted at the idea of eating. He felt like he was being fattened up. The trained marine within, though, elected to eat anyway. His first goal was to outlast his hunter by four days. Then, he could work on a new plan to get off this damned planet and warn anyone he came in contact with to steer clear of Sangu.

“Come,” one of them said, an actual smile on his face. “My name is Jerry. These are Steven, Corren, and Aris. We have done our best to cook you the most amazing meal ever.”

“Right,” one of the men grunted, glaring at him. “Our last meal before we die.”

All four of the chefs looked startled. “Well, true,” Jerry said, nodding. “There is a chance you will die, but there is also a chance you can be made a pet. Humans are the most favored pets here. Most Sanguine want one.”

“Or two,” the man introduced as Aris said. “It’s truly a good life.”

“Though you will have to enjoy a lot of sex.” Corren laughed, taking domed lids off large quantities of meat. “Sanguine have high libidos and insist on penetrative sex for about twelve of our thirty-hour day. My master does not allow me clothes so he can take me whenever he’s in the mood.”

Jared looked at all four men, watching the looks of calm happiness on their faces. He recalled a story from many, many years ago how on Earth a few centuries ago people would fall in love with their captors when kidnapped. These four must suffer from the same ailment.

“Come, come,” Steven said, looking rather annoyed. “We’ve cooked for hours for you. The least you can do is eat it.”

“Shh,” Jerry said, placing his hand on Steven’s arm. “We didn’t know what was happening, not like they do. At this point, we thought we were going to be chased by women who wanted a mate. They know, in fact, that most of them will die. You can’t blame them for being off their food.” He began to fill plates with a little bit from every one of the dishes, handing them to any of the men in his vicinity.

“Take your fill,” Aris encouraged, pouring cups of some sort of liquid. “Tomorrow at breakfast, we will also be giving you a four-day pack of food and drink to take with you. They thought we should only give you two-days’ worth, but even though most of you won’t last more than a day, we always hope…” He offered Jared a cautious smile as he handed him a cup. “Be strong. Sanguine like a strong male.”

The food was unfortunately superb, better than Jared had eaten in a very long time. It made him hate the Sanguine even more. He should be able to enjoy such a good meal, but every time he put a forkful in his mouth, he had to force himself to swallow. The liquid they gave them helped to wash it down. It was smoother than the best brandy he had ever sipped, and it had an interesting side-effect of sharpening his senses rather than dulling them.

When each man had eaten their fill, the chefs retrieved all the plates, forks, and cups and stored them. “Now, we managed to get you some entertainment,” Corren said with what was tantamount to glee. “These are training videos given to new pet owners here on Sangu on how to fuck their pet. We muted the trainer’s voice as you wouldn’t understand the language anyway, but with everything you are about to go through, we thought porn might be the best gift we could give you. Enjoy your last night as free men.”

The four backed up to the wall and a door opened. They moved through it quickly before any of the men could respond and as one of the guys closest to them leapt from his cot and charged them, the door shut with a bang.

The lights in the room dimmed until it was pitch black. Someone swore and then all four screens lit up. There were symbols none of them understood and then to their surprise, a naked human male was pulled into the screen by a Sanguine and pushed onto a little bench on his stomach, making sure his cock went through a little hole and stuck out through the bottom. The Sanguine’s hands moved so fast, it was difficult to tell what he was doing, but fifteen seconds later, the man was lashed to the bench with no possibility of moving.

Then the bastard stood and smiled down at the man, unbuttoning his robe and letting it drop. A combined sound of disgust filled the room as Jared and his comrads took in a fully-naked Sanguine male. Tall and practically emaciated, each of his bones jutted out, including one Jared would rather not have to watch. And yet, there was no keeping his eyes off the creature’s dick. It was abnormally huge, at least twelve inches long, though not very wide. The Sanguine reached down and grabbed his cock, rubbing back and forth and Jared’s eyes widened and he heard several exclamations of horror as each time the creature rubbed toward the tip, he pushed up spikes.

There were bloody spikes on his shaft.

“That’s gonna hurt,” Mark said dryly, his normal sick humor entering the room. Jared just shook his head. Like most heterosexual men, he had never had anything up his ass, let alone something that looked as though it would rip him out with every lunge.

The Sanguine walked to the head of the male and pulled his face up. Instantly the man latched onto the head of the bastard’s dick and suckled. His face muscles tightened and the pasty creature patted him on the head as it threw its head back. Instantly the man started to swallow convulsively and Jared knew the creature was coming. No matter how much he wanted to turn away, he couldn’t.

When the Sanguine finally pulled away, his cock looked even longer and the spikes were sticking out firmly.

“No, no,” someone muttered and Jared nodded in agreement as he watched the beast walk around the male and spread his ass cheeks apart. This was going to be ugly. As the horrible appendage pushed inside, several men swore, but the male on the bench looked almost orgasmic. When he threw his head back and liquid spurted from his cock, it was obvious he was enjoying what the horrible creature was doing to him.

The Sanguine smiled and patted his back once he was fully inside and his lips moved. The human male nodded his head emphatically and as the creature grabbed his hips, it pulled out and thrust back in, moving at a speed that made Jared slightly nauseated. The camera angle moved to focus on the human male’s face. His lips were moving and it was obvious he was saying, “Yes, yes, yes.”

The movie never ended. Jared watched for nearly two hours as the Sanguine fucked the human male. It never stopped except when it came, and then it would go again. The poor sod it fucked passed out at one point and it kept going. Finally Jared’s eyelids grew tired and he slept. The nightmares that attacked him that night were filled with tall, thin, pasty-faced creatures fucking the hell out of him. But that wasn’t the nightmarish part of it. The nightmare was that he enjoyed it and wanted it to continue.

When he woke up the next morning, it was due to lights coming on and he pulled himself up, realizing there was no bathroom. “Where we gonna piss?” he grunted making Mark snort.

“I would say let’s piss on the walls, but they might enjoy it. Kinky bastards.”

Jared turned and stared at his friend, surprised to find him looking awake and alert. “Why?  Because they can go, go, and go? Or because of their spiky cocks?”

Mark grinned. “You missed it, my friend. Most of the men here were asleep when the more advanced pet training video started.”

“Do I want to know?” Jared groaned, his head coming up to the scent of coffee. Now that was exactly what he needed and his body instinctively turned toward the smell.

“Coffee and croissants over there,” Mark said, pointing to the corner. “As well as our food packs.” He held up a thin backpack that didn’t look like it contained much.

Shaking his head as he definitely needed coffee to deal with today, Jared went and poured himself four cups and put them on a tray, adding several pastries and a few sausages. Grabbing the food pack that looked the most full, he walked back to Mark. He didn’t ask any questions, though, until after his third cup of coffee. “You were saying?” he asked before munching on the sausage.

“The Sanguine like to share their pets with other Sanguine. In the last video, three of them were fucking the man at the same time.”

Halfway through biting into a donut, Jared paused and removed the pastry. “Pardon me? We’ve only got two holes.” Even the thought of those spiky dicked bastards at his mouth and ass was enough to both disgust and turn him on.

“They only used one. All three of their cocks ramming into him over and over at the same time. The man was screaming and coming like you wouldn’t believe. The video went black but it’s because I think they fucked him to death. Two of the Sanguine latched onto his neck at that point.”

Grimacing, Jared again forced food down his throat, using the last cup of coffee to wash it down with. “What’s the plan?” Mark was one of the best strategists he knew and between the two of them he was somewhat optimistic they could come up with a plan. When his friend didn’t reply, he turned to look at him. For the first time the man next to him shook his head.

“There’s no way out of this, Jared. We’re going to die here. The question you need to ask is if you want to die today? Or if you want to be fucked within an inch of your life by these bastards and die sometime in the future?”

Startled by Mark’s view, Jared shook his head. “We’re fucking marines, Mark,” he growled. “There’s no way I’m going down without a fight.”

Mark shrugged. “I’ll do what I can to die as quickly as possible. I don’t want to be raped by some red-eyed, powdered-sugar-skinned kreton.” His eyes latched onto Jared’s and he shook his head. “I personally don’t want to be fucked by one of those pointy dicks. Do you?”


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