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Sometimes we like to experience what we fantasize about, sometimes it happens before we expect it. Shalara of Kivel is about to find that sometimes being a voyeur has unexpected consequences.

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Flipping through the vid screen, Sharala watched desperately for anything that would catch her interest. How bored she was of normal stimulants. Tonight she wanted something that would touch her deeper than anything ever had.

Vid Screen #3459: Two male Virridians take down a Sharf.

Grimacing because she had seen that before, she moved on.

Vid Screen #3657: A Snil and a Karfe fuck in front of a wide audience.

Pausing, she considered. It would be fun to watch. The Karfe had two shafts, one between their legs and one on their forehead and it was always a delight to watch them take on another race. The problem was Sharala knew how it would end. After enjoying herself, the Snil would eat him while he was still alive, savoring his screams as she did so.

It was all so boring.

Continuing her way through the possibilities, she barely glanced before moving on.

Vid Screen #3701: Humans found at Pleasure Station

Vid Screen #3792: A Kinideen male takes on a Tarlanian female.

Vid Screen #3955: Jos of the Alarian Star fucks himself.

Vid Screen #4122: An unknown female is caught in the web of a Roland male.

She sat up straight at the last show. Not much was known about the males from Rolandia except they were said to be insatiable lovers, pleasing their partners to pain and beyond. Licking her lips with desire, she clicked the button to watch, grimacing as a warning came up.

The Pleasurable you are about to watch will be violent. Rolandia has full access to information on those who watch this stimulant. We strongly suggest you choose another.

That was odd. She had never heard of a race who was allowed access to information from who watched one of the stimulants, but what did she care. She needed something violent tonight, something sharp, painful, prodding. Yes, she definitely wanted this. Clicking Accept, she quickly got comfortable, prepared to enjoy the show.

After a mere moment of blackness, the screen exploded in screams as it started in the middle of the scene. A large male with tremendous strength had a woman tied down to a chair naked. In his hands was a whip of sorts with five falls and a piece of metal on each end and as he brought it down on her pussy, she screamed and Shalara began to breathe faster. He brought it down again and as the camera zoomed in, she saw each shard pound into the female’s delicate skin even as her shrieks filled the air.

“You are enjoying yourself,” the Roland male said, watching her with no expression on his face.

“Yes, yes,” gasped the female. “More please!”

Shrugging, he began to whip her pussy continually, wham, wham, wham, until her lips were a bright red with small purple bruises and her screams and shrieks filled Shalara’s ears until they rang continually in her head. Slowly the male turned directly into the camera, a slow cold smile covering his face. “Ah, so we have interest, Shalara of Kivel,” he said, shocking her into sitting up straight and grasping for her remote. How had he known she was watching? “We will be in tou—“

Quickly she hit end and sighed in exasperation as the screen went blank. Well, so much for enjoyment. It was too creepy to know someone not only knew she was watching, but talked to her while he was doing that to someone else. Grimacing as a little liquid gushed out of her as she stood, she decided to take a shower, eat some dinner, and go to bed. After all, tomorrow was a new day. She was sure she could find someone to pleasure her then.

After taking a shower, she ordered her meal and put on a light robe. Sitting down in the chair she had watched the vid on, she waited. When her door buzzed, she hit the button that would open it. “Sit the tray over there,” she commanded pointing to a table to her left. In her peripheral vision, she could not help but notice that the slave who brought her dinner was huge and male. How odd. Usually they sent tiny females. After placing the tray down, he turned in her direction and she felt as though her world turned sideways.

It was him. The Roland male from the vid.

That same cold smile covered his face. “You enjoyed what you saw?” he asked while he watched her, not even attempting evasion.

Gulping, she opened her mouth a couple times before she could actually speak. “It was different,” she hedged. “I did not like that you could see me.”

Chuckling without amusement, he took a step closer to her. “I could not see you, but I could see that you were watching past the first whipping.” In an instant he was in front of her and his fingers trailed over her chin. “If you stayed that long, you were turned on by what you saw. I have come to help you experience it.”

Hot and cold ran through her and she shook her head. “Uh, no thank you. I seriously don’t want a whip anywhere near that part of my body.”

“Have you ever had a whip on your pussy?” he asked in a silky tone as he placed a hand under each thigh and lifted them onto the arm of the chair exposing her naked pussy to his view.

“No, I have not.”

“Well, we on Rolandia insist on giving a customer what they paid for. You paid for a whipping and a whipping you shall receive.”

“What? I paid to watch….” Her mind tried to piece together exactly what the video had said.

“An unknown female is caught in the web of a Roland male,” he filled in with a smile. Tired of this little game she went to stand up, surprised to find she could not move. Her arms and legs were held down to the chair by some sort of filmy white gauze.

“What is this?” she snarled, fighting against the impossibly strong stuff.

“My web,” he chuckled mercilessly. “And you are the unknown female for anyone who is watching now.” As her eyes opened wide, he unwrapped a long leather whip from his waist, snapping it in the air a few times. Crack! Crack! Crack! The whip was thin with one tiny end that looked rather lethal to her. “First I will warm you up,” he commented, dropping to his knees in front of her and instantly taking her clit into his mouth, sucking and licking like mad.

“Oh my god!” she shrieked, trying to writhe even though she could not move a centimeter. He continued, not stopping until her breaths were coming hard and fast and her core throbbed with need. When he pulled away, she whimpered, “No.”

“Do not worry, I would never leave a female unsatisfied,” he said with that same cold smile. He lifted the whip and her eyes latched onto it. Any minute and that deathly device would land on her, ripping her open. Oh, no, oh, no. The crack! snapped through the air moments before she felt heat sizzle across her clit sending her into an immediate orgasm. She screamed and shrieked, unable to control herself as her muscles spasmed and trembled.

As she began to calm down, she blinked, surprised to find him still there. “Wow,” she gasped, unable to believe a whip had made her feel that good. It seemed inconceivable, but then she had never had such intense pleasure before. Maybe she should find out more about this. Before she could ask him, she heard it.

Crack! Painful pleasure filled her and all she could do was scream.


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