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Mmm. Feeling languid with all this hotness. You? If you enjoyed Kiera’s adventures with Miers and Rave earlier today, I think you’re going to love Chance’s meeting with Peka.

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A New Arrival

“A new arrival?”

Chance looked over at a girl walking up behind him. “Uh, yeah?” Confusion was his main issue right now. Hired to be the assistant of a recluse, he was confused at the derelict hut in front of him.

“Great,” Kiera smiled. “Since Jessup and Nancy left, it has been a bit rough down there. Derrick has been roughing it until he could get some new hands on deck.”

She used a keycard on what looked like a broken down door but when they walked in, he gawked. Instead of dust and mildew which is what he expected from the outside, instead he found a large home with high ceilings and expensive furniture. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “I know. I came here for the first time sixteen months ago. Shocked the hell out of me at first. So, do you know who you will be assisting?”

The question confused him. “I thought I was assisting Derrick?”

“Well, yes, but we assist him by taking care of some of his friends who are visiting. I’ve got Rave and he is…” Her eyes darkened with passion, “Unbelievable.”

Before he could reply a tall man entered the room and smiled. “Chance, I am glad you showed. It has been crazy with two assistants gone. With you here and Sherri starting tomorrow hopefully we can get things back on board, especially as two of our guests are leaving tonight.”

“Who?” Kiera asked as she walked away toward a tall, thin door.

“Zor and Kirete.”

“Thank god. Zor is an ass,” she snapped making Derrick smile.

“I wish I could walk you through more,” Derrick said after Kiera was gone, “but I received five more last night, two are leaving tonight, and it is a bit crazy. Do you feel comfortable just diving in?”

“Sure.” A graduate in sociology, Chance had been studying people for a long time. He was sure he could handle just about anything.

“Wonderful. I am giving you to one of the newcomers. His name is Peka and I have known him for years. This isn’t his first visit to Earth.”

The last phrase was confusing, but Chance assumed he meant that Peka wasn’t quite right in the head. He followed Derrick through the thin doorway Kiera had entered, down a full flight of stairs, and along a long, thin hallway. Halfway down on the left was a sign that read Peka. “I will let you introduce yourself. He can be a bit high-strung, but if you stroke him right, he will just lay back and purr.” Derrick clapped him on the shoulder and left, walking through a door with the name plate of Zor.

“Okay.” A little unsettled, Chance opened the door and walked in to what looked to be a therapist’s office. Figuring that meant Peka must have mental health issues and that he was here to help, he sat down on one of the chairs and looked around. Not another human in sight.

How strange.

There were no other chairs nor anything else comfortable. Instead, in the far corner was a strange, plastic shape. He barely contained a snicker because it was thin and cylindrical with penis-shaped appendages sticking out of it. Maybe Peka had penis issues.

“Who are you?” asked a relatively high-pitched male voice.

He looked around and again saw nobody. “My name is Chance. Are you Peka?”

“Of course I’m Peka, who else would I be?” came the reply.

“All right,” he continued, keeping his voice calm and steady. “Can you come out and meet me properly?”

A cackle of a laugh came from the corner with the toy in it. “I am out. All sorts of out. Until you can take care of my stiffies, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Where are you?” Chance’s eyes widened as he stood up and walked slowly toward the cylindrical object. Wondering if he was losing his mind, he spotted two eyes and a mouth on the end, right above one of the penile projections. “Whoa.”

Another cackle and this time he saw the item shake with laughter. “Yeah, I don’t know how you humans handle only one of them. How disquieting. I have thirty-two cocks, each one needing a little attention if you please?”

Slightly sure he had passed out in the yard and hadn’t made it inside the strange little hut yet, Chance threw caution to the wind and knelt down by the bright yellow… he could no longer call it a thing. “What are you?” he asked, reaching out a hand and sliding a finger along one of the phalluses.

Peka trembled and let out a whimper. “I am a Trivorkian. Lateral biloxoid. Ever since I came to your planet ninety years ago, I keep coming back. You have a way with your appendages. Don’t stop.” The last two words came out as a huge whine and grinning, Chance grasped two of the penises in his hands and gave a long stroke to each one. “Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi!” Peka yelled out and to Chance’s surprise thick brownish liquid spurted out of each one on to his hands and then the long cocks shrunk to what looked like a pimple. “More, more,” Peta begged and amused and a bit turned on, Chance obliged.

Cock after cock after cock went through the same process until finally Peta appeared like one of those round pillows that never made much sense to Chance, albeit one that panted and grunted. A container of wet wipes lay nearby and so he busied himself with wiping off the thick liquid, not noticing as Peta moved slowly from his perch against the wall, inching along like an inch worm until he began to nuzzle Chance’s jeans with his mouth. “Are you…? Do you want to…?” Chance was not sure how to ask if Peta wanted to suck him or not. Was that something you should ask a strange little alien who you had just jacked off thirty-two times?

“Gimme,” Peka begged, mouthing over the end of his cock and without thinking, Chance quickly unbuttoned the top of his jeans and yanked, the rest of the buttons coming undone quickly. He barely had his dick out before Peka latched onto it like a baby with a bottle.

“Aaaaah!” Change yelled, thrusting his hips forward. Never had anyone sucked him like this before. Pure suction combined with a very wet mouth and what felt like two tongues, one above and one below stimulating him to where within minutes he crashed to the floor, letting Peka do his thing.

Lights began to flash in front of his eyes as the pleasure reached pain and he couldn’t move. It was wonderful, amazing, and damn well much better than any toy he had ever used. “Fuck yes!” he yelled as he came. Peka sucked down every drop, not inching back off his dick until it lay between his legs, spent.

“Holy shit,” he gasped, looking over to where Peka was lounging against the wall again, his pimples slowly growing into full-sized dicks. “Do we do this all day?” he asked in a gasp as he rolled over and began stroking the strangely fascinating alien.

“Yep,” Peka cackled. “You stroke me, feed me, stroke me, feed me, stroke me, feed me…all day long.”

“Shit, this is the best job ever!”


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