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This one’s a bit longer than most – over 5500 words. In this urban fantasy tale, being chosen isn’t always a good thing. Then again…

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My hand shook as I reached for my braided necklace. It was the last thing my mom would ever make for me. Taking a deep breath, I walked into my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. At first all I could see was my terrified green eyes staring back at me. Then, as I continued to take deep breaths, my eyes wandered over the rest of my features. I grimaced at my hair. It looked as though I had just gotten out of bed, but I had learned long ago not to fight it. If I tried to use any product, it looked ten times as bad.

My skin was too pale, but I blamed that on my Irish roots. Pale skin, green eyes, red hair, and a spattering of freckles that ran over my nose. My lips were lopsided so when I grinned one side of my face went up. I thought it looked weird. Mom said it was charming, but she’s my mom. She thought everything I did was charming.

Continuing my appraisal, I looked over the button-down I wore over my blue jeans. Was it too casual? Should I tuck it in? Groaning, I let my eyes slide down my jeans legs to my loafers. I hated the loafers, but mom had insisted. Finally, because I knew I had been purposefully not looking at it, I let my eyes fall to my left wrist where a platinum bracelet lay against my skin. If it had been sitting in a shop window, I would not even have noticed it. It was the words engraved onto it and their meaning that made me nauseated. It all started eight days ago.

I was a little excited for my eighteenth birthday. I would be able to hang out with the men and start learning a trade. Mom and Dad hoped I would get chosen by one of the artisans that came through our town as business was not really my forte. But first I had to go to conclave and get my marker. It was a simple thing. We all knew how it worked. My parents would tell the council they wished me to become an artisan. When I went to conclave, the artisan marker would be attached to my right wrist letting any and all artisans know I was ready and willing to learn.

That was how it was supposed to happen. The thing was, we didn’t live in a simple town where people went about their humdrum lives ignorant of the true danger that surrounded them. We were all aware of the danger that haunted us. People went missing on the way to work. Individuals were found dead in their beds, their blood drained from them. Yes, we knew the danger existed. We made the most of it, never leaving the house after dark, traveling in groups… we did what we could, but even the best-laid plans did not always work out.

Eight days ago was conclave. There were six others besides myself from neighboring towns ready to receive their marker. We were all dressed in white as was required. Councilman Vincent droned on for thirty minutes about taking on the mantle of adulthood. The seven of us tried to stay still and listen, but we just wanted our marks. Then, Councilman Riley stood up to give the history of conclave.

“Conclave has been around for a millennia. As everyone knows, conclave was created in our interactions with those that haunted us. They required mates and demanded that we give them what they asked for. As such, every three months, we would gather together all young men and women of the age of sixteen on a night such as tonight. It was simple. We would call the name of each individual, they would walk up to the front of the room, and any one of them in the room had the choice to request them as a mate. Over the centuries, less and less of them appeared at conclave. Over time, it became apparent that they no longer needed us. As such, it has become a night where we make our boys into men.”

Thankfully, he kept it quick and simple. Councilman Vincent stood up again with his list in front of him. “We have seven superb young men to introduce to socie—” His voice broke off and he stared behind us. We knew we were not supposed to turn around but it was hard when every member of the council stood up and stared as well.

The softest sound of cloaks brought our attention to our left as six hooded figures walked beside us and stopped next to the Council. They were covered head to foot, but none of us needed to see them to know what they were. Vampires. They moved too smoothly, too swiftly, to be human.

Councilman Vincent cleared his throat. “Honored guests,” he began. “It has been a very long time since any of you have graced us with your presence.” Not a sound could be heard within the walls, which was saying something as every adult member of our towns was in attendance.

One of the hooded figures stepped forward. “We are not here to intrude.” The male voice that spoke was smooth, like honey. It sent a shiver up my spine. “We are here to invoke our right to search for a mate for one of my coven. Continue as you wish, if one is chosen, you will know it.” He stepped back, but every eye was on him.

“Well,” Councilman Vincent said, trying to get back on track. I didn’t blame him for being rattled. I was too. Of the seven of us, one was his son, but no doubt all of us were of the same opinion. If anyone was chosen, it would be Mike Riley. He was tall, blond, and considered the best looking man in the county. “As I was saying,” he said shakily, “we have seven superb young men to introduce to our society. All seven will become fine members of one of our towns.”

He sat down, and Councilman Norson stood up. “I will call your name and when I do, you will step forward and reach out your right arm. The marker of your career path will be placed on your wrist.

“Tyler Vincent.” Everyone saw Councilman Vincent’s eyes dart to the vampires and then back to his son. Tyler stood up, shaking, and walked forward holding out his right arm. Councilman Norson’s assistant walked forward and placed a small gold chain around his right wrist. If I wasn’t so nervous, I would’ve smirked. He would be following in his father’s footsteps.

“Conner Norson.” We all watched Councilman Norson, waiting for some reaction, but he kept a very straight face. He received a thick cuff, denoting a protector and he was definitely big enough for it.

“Mike Riley.” Every eye in the room swiveled toward Mike as he stood up and walked toward the Council. His entire body shook as he reached out his right arm. He received a thin silver band, denoting a smithy. When he turned around, a look of pure relief was on his face.

Slowly but surely, Councilman Norson went through the list. “Vaughn York.” He received a healer’s band. “Paul Myson.” His mark was that of the textile industry. “James Parson.” When he turned around after receiving his mark, he looked furious. He had been given the chain of a workman. “Liam Jent.” I broke out in a sweat.

At first, I was afraid my legs wouldn’t hold me, but I stood up and was able to make my way over to the council. Taking a deep breath, I started to raise my right arm. In the same instant, a cold hand stopped me. I froze. Standing behind me, was one of the hooded figures. I could tell by his hand that he was male. He pushed my right arm down and with his other hand lifted up my left arm. Before I knew what was happening, his hand tightened around my wrist and then released. Several gasps could be heard through the room and when I looked at my left wrist, it was with shock. Surrounding my left wrist, was a platinum bracelet.

Councilman Vincent stood up and cleared his throat. “It would seem that Liam Jent has been chosen to mate with a vampire. Liam, please raise your left arm.” Slowly, I lifted my left arm above my head where everyone could see it. “Let everyone know,” he said loudly, “that Liam is the property of one Vampire Jette.”

The cloaked figure behind me whispered in my ear. “You have eight days. You will be collected then.” In the next instant, he was gone. The conclave erupted, leaving me alone with my parents. They tried to make it sound okay, but we all knew it wouldn’t be.

Every day I looked at the bracelet. Jette Property was engraved on it. The day after conclave I received a small note telling me to be ready one week later and that I would need to bring nothing.

The marker sent anyone in my immediate area running for cover. Even Carina, who I had hoped to one day woo and make my wife, ran away when she saw me coming. Well, her I could not blame. I had been told that vampire females were very possessive and prone to jealousy. I would not want Carina hurt due to such things.

I started out planning on cementing my memories, but after the first few times people I knew and cared about ran away when they saw me coming, I stopped trying. Instead, I stayed in my bedroom, as even my parents did not want to be near me. Last night when mom brought me my dinner, she gave me a new braided necklace. “For luck,” she said hugging me, then she left.

Sleep was horrendous as it had been every night since conclave. It took forever to get to sleep and once I did, I kept waking up from nightmares that involved blood and teeth and ended up with me jolting up in a sweat. As the sky lightened, I stopped trying. I wasn’t sure when she was coming for me, so I took my shower first thing. Mom had brought breakfast, but I was too nauseated to eat it. And now I was staring at this offensive bracelet wishing they had never showed up at conclave.

We knew when they were coming. All the sounds of the day, children laughing, women talking… it all ceased. I walked downstairs where my parents sat waiting. It was their last gift to me. I was sure they were just as terrified as I was, but I had to be here. They did not.

A soft rap on the door announced her presence. My father stood up and walked to the door since I could not seem to move from where I stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Come in,” he said shakily. I watched in horrified fascination as three hooded figures walked into our house. Their faces were covered but once again, their movements gave away their unnatural being.

“Liam,” a male voice with a soft drawl whispered, sending another chill down my spine. The individual in the middle pointed to right in front of him and I knew he wanted me to stand there. Taking a deep breath, I forced my feet forward, my terror reaching new heights when I got there.

“My name is Court,” a smooth voice spoke again. “This,” he gestured to his left, “is Adam. This,” he gestured to his right, “is Elian, our leader and now yours.”

“Hello,” I murmured to each of them unsure of what to say.

Court reached out his hand and lifted my left wrist. His fingers traced the lines of the bracelet and the words engraved on it. Then suddenly he pulled back his hood and I saw his face. He had to be the most beautiful man I had ever seen. His skin was flawless white, even paler than my own. His lips were bright ruby red and his eyes were black. Another shiver went down my spine. The black eyes flowed over me and suddenly they narrowed as they fell on my neck.

My heart skipped a beat and then took off running. His other hand reached up and a finger traced my necklace. “Who gave you this?” he hissed.

“My mom,” I squeaked. I didn’t feel anything but instinctively I knew it was gone.

“As the previous note mentioned, Liam, you will bring nothing with you. If I choose to adorn your body, I will, but you will not accept gifts from others. Do you understand?”

“Yes… Sir.” I wondered why he could make these decisions, rather than their coven leader, or the female whom I was mated to.

He chuckled. “Court is fine, Liam.”

“Permission to speak?” I asked.

“You have been raised right,” he whispered, his thumb caressing my bottom lip. “Speak.”

I wanted to ask who he was, why I was chosen, if there was a way out of this… but I ended up blurting out, “Where is she?”

He frowned. “Who are you talking about?”

Glancing at my left wrist, which was still in his hand, I gulped. “Her… Jette, the vampire I’m supposedly… supposed to…” Heat flooded into my cheeks as every phrase that came to mind sounded wrong.

He chuckled. “Your blush is beautiful. It’s a shame it won’t be there much longer. As far as Jette, that is my last name, Liam, and it will soon be yours. For you, my beautiful redheaded boy, are my mate.”

This could not be happening. Not only was I mated to a vampire, but a vampire male?

He sighed. “We must be going, Liam. Take off your clothes.”

“No!” I cried in shock. He wanted me to get naked?

He raised an eyebrow, making me shiver. “Must I repeat what I have said? You will not wear what I have not given you, that includes your clothes.” He pulled out a hooded cape like the one they wore as well as a pair of boots.

“Does that include jewelry?” I whispered, embarrassed at the thought of stripping in front of the three vampires.

His lips pulled into a thin line. “You are wearing more jewelry that someone else gave you?” His anger terrified me so I blurted out the truth.

“It’s stuff I bought when I got pierced last year,” I said quickly.

He paused and took a step forward to where we were nose to nose. “You are pierced?” I nodded. “Where?” he whispered.

I licked my lips nervously. “My… nipples and I have a few frenum piercings as well,” I gasped, staring into his liquid onyx eyes.

A strange rumbling sound came from his chest. “How many frenum piercings do you have, Liam?” he asked huskily.

My brain was mush. I felt as though I was drowning in his eyes. “Seven,” I whispered.

A soft growl came through his lips. “You may keep your piercing jewelry for now. I will get you replacements as soon as possible.”

Before I had a chance to take in everything that had just happened, he turned to the others and said, “Face the opposite way.” Immediately his two companions turned and faced my parents, moving just enough to block my parents from seeing me. Then he turned back to me. “Clothes off, Liam,” he hissed softly.

Embarrassed and too scared to say no, I quickly toe’d off my shoes and took off my shirt. My eyes dropped to the ground as I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off. Soon I was standing in just my boxers and socks. He chuckled. “All of them, Liam.” With a whimper, I took off my socks and then pulled off my boxers. This was worse than being naked at the healer’s office. Court crouched down in front of me, lifting my penis up and looking at the underside. I gasped at how cold his hand was. His chest rumbled again and he released me and stood up. “Beautiful,” he whispered, stroking my face.

In a movement I never saw, I was wrapped in one of their cloaks with the hood pulled down over my face. He then handed me the boots, which I slipped on over my bare feet.

“From this moment on, you only speak to others when I give you permission. You may always speak to me. Do you understand?”

I gulped, nodding. What kind of life would I have as mate of a vampire? Not just a vampire, a male vampire?

Court turned toward my parents. “We will leave now. Know that your son will be well taken care of.” Without another word, he turned and picked me up as though I weighed nothing and walked toward the door, his companions split, with one on each side of us.

“Goodbye, Liam!” Mom called and tears fell from my eyes as Court walked out the door. I would never see her again and I wasn’t even allowed to tell her goodbye.

They walked for a very long time but Court never once acted as though carrying me was a problem for him. I let out a gasp when there was a whoosh of air and I found myself seated. A second later, I heard a car start and looked up in surprise, not that I could see anything with the hood covering me. As if he knew what I was thinking, the hood was pulled off my face and I looked around.

I was in the backseat of a very expensive car. Court was beside me with one arm around my shoulders. All three vampires had removed their hoods and I figured it was due to the very dark tint on the windows. The thought of vampires in a car was faintly amusing, but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself so I just stared out the dark windows.

“Elian, can’t this thing go any faster?” Court growled, running his fingers through my hair, which every time they touched my scalp sent little electrical currents through me.

Elian laughed. “Two-forty-five is as fast as it will go, Court. I know you wish to claim him, but there is still a couple hours to go. Be patient.”

“I’ve waited seventeen damned years to claim him,” Court snarled. “I think I’ve been patient enough.”

“Dude,” chuckled the other one – I didn’t remember his name. “You should have taken him back there.”

“Somehow I don’t think his parents would’ve appreciated that.” He grinned, making the other two laugh.

“Well, do something,” Elian let out a snarl. “Your lust and desire are intense and neither of my females is nearby for me to do anything about it.”

Courts hands stilled in my hair and he leaned in, breathing in my face. It made it very hard to think. “Do you like popsicles, Liam?” I nodded slowly and a smile covered his face. “That’s good to know. How do you eat them?”

That was a strange question. “I just suck on them,” I said quietly, startled when he groaned.

“That is a perfect way to start,” he murmured. “Kneel on the floor board facing me.”

Completely confused, I maneuvered myself onto the floor on my knees facing him. Then I gasped as what he said hit me because while I was getting on my knees, he had unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out. He was stroking it as I looked up. “Just like a popsicle,” he said, gripping my hair and pulling me forward. I could not resist, he was far too strong. Suddenly there it was, touching my lips. Automatically, my tongue reached out to taste the liquid it left.

It wasn’t what I expected. It was sweet, like honey, and yet had an earthy taste too. I liked it. His fingers scratched against my scalp sending that deliciously tingly feeling through my body again. “Open up, Liam,” he whispered and it wasn’t that I couldn’t say no. I didn’t want to. His flavor lingered on my tongue and I wanted to taste him again. Opening my lips, I wrapped them around the edge of his cock, running my tongue along the tip, gathering his sweet honey. So much better. Moaning, I started to suck, hoping more liquid would come out and it did.

The more I sucked, the more liquid came out, which made me suck more. I couldn’t get enough. This was the most delicious tasting stuff I had ever had. Instinctively moving closer, my lips slid down his cock. I was somewhat aware of him muttering, but most of it was just background noise. Occasionally he would moan my name and say, “good boy,” but I was too busy to notice. I pushed my lips a little too far, liking the feeling of him sliding along my tongue. But my gag reflex kicked in and I had to pull back quickly.

“That’s okay, Liam,” he whispered. “That will come later. Just suck me for now.”

Oh, I could do that. I tightened my lips around the head and started to suck quickly, knowing what was going to happen when he came and wanting all that sweet tasting liquid. I felt his hands clench my hair holding me in place and I knew it was coming. Without conscious thought my hand reached out and took his cock and started stroking. “Yes!” he hissed and vast amounts of the earthy honey were shooting into my mouth. I had to start swallowing because it hit the back of my throat and I knew it was either swallow or gag. He came for far longer than I expected and I just kept sucking and swallowing, drowning in his flavor.

When his orgasm ended, I licked off the tip and pulled back, surprised he was still hard. I glanced up at him. “I’m a vampire, Liam,” he said. “I can stay hard no matter how many times I come.” I dove forward, taking him in my mouth again. He came four times and my tongue felt rather raw when he finally said, “Enough, Liam. We are soon going to be home.” He must’ve seen my look of disappointment, because he smiled and added, “We will continue there.”

Nodding, I got back up on the seat and he lowered my hood down again. That surprised me. If we were going to his home, why did my face need to be covered? Soon the car came to a stop and Court got out, pulling me behind him. The other two walked ahead of us this time and when Court and I walked through the door they disappeared from my limited line of sight quickly.

Court walked us over to a door and opened it. “In,” he commanded. I stepped inside, surprised to find us in an elevator.

From the glimpse I got out of a huge wall of windows, that had been ground floor. Now we were going down…down…down. A little sweat trickled down my neck. “Court?”

“What has you nervous?”

“I’m…” I gulped, “Afraid of underground.”


“I fell down a well when I was five.” I could still remember being stuck way down in the earth. Terror began to overtake me.

“Shh,” he whispered, pulling me into his arms. “No harm will come to you. We’re going someplace we can be alone. Nobody will ever hear us and we can connect at the root level.”

I didn’t understand his words, but I felt comforted and the terror receded. The elevator dinged and he lifted me up and carried me into a large cavernous room filled with tables and hooks and tons of equipment I had never seen before.

“What is this place?” I asked after he sat me on my feet.

“My play room,” he said with such satisfaction it gave me goosebumps. “Well, ours now. I had to create items strong enough for a vampire, so it has taken awhile.” He put his hands on each side of my face and made me look at him. “Liam,” he whispered huskily and my heart started beating madly. “I have waited for my mate for two hundred and sixty-eight years. But the last seventeen have been the longest knowing you were alive and I couldn’t claim you yet.” He sighed and reached down, untying my cloak and slipping it off my shoulders. I heard it hit the floor, but my eyes were on him. He was staring hungrily at my chest. “Beautiful,” he whispered and my eyes widened as he dropped to his knees and took my right nipple into his mouth, softly stroking it with his tongue.

“Co-ourt,” I groaned, leaning into it. Before today, I had never desired to touch or be touched by a man. What was it about him that made my body want him? I felt myself harden and moan as his hand palmed me gently.

He pulled his lips away and stood up again. I whimpered at the loss. “Come,” he said, reaching for my hand. He led me over to a bench that had a large metal frame above and below it. “I made this for you…for us,” he said quietly.

“What is it?” I asked, tracing the metal with my finger.

“What do you know about sex, Liam?” he asked as he was suddenly standing behind me naked, pulling me back against him. I gasped as I felt his cock against my ass.

“I…um…know what my friends talked about,” I stuttered. “Johnny let us watch him fuck the scullery made. That’s about it.”

He kissed my neck and I moaned as his hand started to stroke my cock. “Do you understand how two men have sex, Liam?”

“Men have sex? How?” I gasped as his fingers moved along my piercings.

“It’s wonderful and beautiful.” He ran his finger over the head of my cock, making me cry out. “But as I am a vampire, I also know that if I cannot control my strength, I could hurt you…I don’t want to hurt you. It took me fifteen years to design, build, and test this to make sure it would work.” He lifted up a heavy metal piece. “Lay on the bench, putting your cock through that hole.” He pointed at a small hole close to our end of the bench. Embarrassed, I climbed up, inserted my cock into the hole and lay down. Before I knew what was happening, he had removed my boots and strapped my legs down, lowering the metal bar over me. It fit securely over the top of and just underneath my ass. Then he walked around, wrapping my arms in restraints and tying them down.

“Court? I’m scared.” Actually, I was terrified. He was strong enough, why did he need to tie me down to where I couldn’t move?

“Don’t be afraid. We are about to become one. The metal keeps you from moving and it will keep me from shoving into you too strongly and breaking your pelvis.” He leaned forward and kissed my forehead. “Would it calm you down if I let you suck on me first?”

I looked at his naked body and nodded. Immediately his cock was against my lips and I sucked greedily. There it was, that wonderful earthy taste. I swear I would do just about anything if I could continue to drink from him daily. In between sucking and licking the slit, he said, “I’m coming, Liam.” He said it smoothly, like he was just going to take a walk in the park. But once the wonderful nectar shot into my mouth, I didn’t care. I swallowed it down and sucked, hoping to get more, but he pulled out, chuckling when I pouted.

“You’re very oral, aren’t you? Not that I’m complaining,” he purred softly.

I frowned. “You taste really good.”

“Mmm.” He walked to where I couldn’t see him. A snap rent the air and I jumped. “That was just the bottle of lube. Relax. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Whimpering, I lay there unsure of what to expect. When his fingers pulled my ass cheeks apart, I gasped. Then one of his fingers started rubbing my hole. I didn’t want it to feel good, but it did. His fingers were cold though and I shivered slightly. Immediately his hands were gone and I heard a flick and a bright light shown behind me. Almost immediately I felt the warmth from it. Sighing, I laid my head down on the bench as his fingers once again started massaging me. When moisture was added, I moaned.

He pushed a finger inside and I immediately tightened up. “Relax,” he whispered, rubbing my lower back. Taking a couple deep breaths, I focused on relaxing my muscles. He immediately pushed his finger all the way in. I could feel it move around inside me and it wasn’t unpleasant, so I relaxed completely. Then he started moving that finger in and out. I moaned in pleasure.

So this is what two men did together? I could get on board with thi—Oh! He slid another finger in, stopping as I tightened up. This time he just waited. The first finger was a shock, I reminded myself, but after that it felt really good. Taking another breath, I calmed down and relaxed.

“Good boy,” he whispered, moving both fingers in and out. It was starting to feel really good and I hummed in pleasure. Then he bent his fingers and brushed up against something that sent energy through my entire body.

“Oh!” I gasped out loud, my cock immediately rock hard.

He chuckled. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, yes, don’t stop,” I gasped, wishing I could push my hips back in encouragement, but I was pretty locked in.

“I have no intention of stopping, Liam, not until we are completely one.” My brain tried to make sense of that when he shoved a third finger in.

This time I cried out. He didn’t stop this time, but he did slow down. “I have to stretch you, Liam. It will be worth it, I promise,” he said, speeding up the thrusts of his fingers.

Little whimpers of pleasure were now escaping my lips. It all seemed to happen at once. His fingers were removed, he spread my ass cheeks out and something much bigger pushed into me. “Wait!” I cried, trying to get my bearings.

“Liam, relax, that’s my cock entering you. It will burn slightly until I am all the way in.”

Slightly? I cried out as he continually pushed his cock into me. It burned like hell. “Stop! Please!” I sobbed.

“No, Liam. Everything is going to be okay,” he said, his breath a little ragged and then he moaned as I felt his skin touch mine. “Relax, Liam. I’m all the way in. The pain will go away now and pleasure will take its place.”

I sniffled for a couple minutes and then he started to move. It burnt at first, but that quickly went away. “Ooooh,” I moaned as he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into me. This was so much better than his fingers. “Faster,” I moaned and he picked up speed. Then he changed the angle and started hitting an area that felt amazing. “Fuck,” I yelled. “Yes!”

That seemed to be all the encouragement he needed and he sped up and hit that spot every single time. My body coiled in on itself, my cock throbbed, and I never wanted him to stop. Two words kept spilling from my mouth, combined with the occasional “Fuck!”


When I came, it took me by surprise. I felt like I was flying and suddenly pleasure exploded from me. “Court!” I screamed, my muscles clenching over and over. He continued pounding into me and my orgasm seemed to just go on and on and on. I felt him shift again, this time laying his whole body along my back as he kept up his relentless rhythm. From the intense pressure on my shoulders, I was very glad of the metal protecting me.

“Who do you belong to, Liam?” he whispered into my ear.

“You,” I moaned. There was no doubt in my mind.

“Say it,” he hissed, sucking lightly on my neck.

“I belong to you, Court, forever!”

A cry left his lips, “Mine!” and at the same time I felt him come inside me, he sank his teeth into my neck. It surprised me, but I didn’t even try to fight it. I was his to do with as he pleased. My body got a little weaker and I barely noticed when his weight was removed from my back. I did notice though, when razors sank into the insides of my thighs. Acid began to burn in my throat and my legs and the only thing I could do was scream.


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