Was It Good For You Too? #Halloween #erotica #FreeStory

Yes, it’s Halloween, but we all know what holiday is slowly creeping up on us. In Isadora’s case, her Christmas Eve has a startling result. Or is that the garlic?

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Was It Good For You Too?

“Don’t forget, Isa,” her Nana had always said, in a very thick accent. “Whatever you do, do not put garlic in anything.”

Chuckling to herself at the memory, Isadora Franklin let herself into her tiny flat, kicking the door shut behind her before her Chihuahua could go check out the outside. “Don’t worry, Kivo,” she told him as she sat her five bags of groceries on the counter. “I brought dog food.”

He gave an excited little yip and bounced up and down on his hind legs. Tossing him a doggie treat, she began to remove her food from the large bags she always took with her to the farmer’s market. Each item she lovingly placed either in the fridge or on the counter. But finally she got to ‘it’, the ingredient she had wondered about all her life and had not ever had.


Nobody in her family ever told her why garlic should not be eaten. Well, that wasn’t true. Her crazy Great-Aunt Charlotte was a strange woman who burned vampire books and screamed obscenities at any vampire movies that came out.

“Those people will do anything to increase their power!” she screeched one night in close hearing and was quickly shushed before any of the younger generation could find out what she was talking about. Talking to Great-Aunt Charlotte was always an interesting task as she lived in a whole other world where vampires existed and were after her. Isadora was never sure why the family didn’t just put her in a home.

Now that she was away from home and living on her own, Isadora was excited to try out garlic. It was in everything. Plus, she was a bit of a Food-Network-aholic and every time the chefs put garlic in something, her mouth would water.

Well, tonight she would find out what garlic was all about. She had invited the guy from two doors down over for dinner and she planned to make spaghetti and meatballs along with garlic bread. Grinning, she pulled out her recipes and began.

The scents filling her apartment made her practically moan. It smelled so good—made her feel good too. Her pussy tingled and her nipples stood up at attention as she sashayed through her flat, plumping up the cushions on the couch, and putting slow romantic music on her cd player. It was December 24th and she was in the mood to celebrate.

Glaring down at her fancy jeans and pink sweater that she had originally chosen, she dashed to her bedroom ten minutes before he was to arrive and changed into a deep red silk mini dress over a bright fuchsia thong. Any bra would show, so she went braless, smiling and licking her lips at the sight of her nipples pushing out the front. A knock at her front door brought out a purr and she sprayed some cinnamon essential oil on her neck before pushing her feet into five inch red stilettos and striding out of her room.

Opening it up, she leaned on the door and smiled. “Hello, Derrick. I’m glad you came,” she whispered in a husky voice. Her neighbor stood at the door in blue jeans and a green sweater holding a pie.

His mouth dropped open as his eyes trailed down her barely-dressed form. “Well, hello,” he said in a surprised voice before a grin slowly took over his mouth. “Don’t you look stunning?”

She led him into the living room after removing his pie. “Have a seat. I’ll be right back,” she said in a low voice and walked away. As she got to the kitchen, she placed the pie on the counter and checked the sauce. The scent of tomatoes, red meat, and garlic assailed her senses and she moaned and rubbed her thighs together as liquid trickled out of her pussy.

A part of her noted that this was completely unlike her, but she shook that off and walked back to the living room. Derrick smiled at her and she walked slowly, showing off her beautiful legs and full hips with each step. As she sat right next to him, he placed an arm around her shoulders and ran his fingers through her hair. “Wow, Isadora,” he chuckled as his other hand reached over and stroked her long left leg, “I never would have expected this. You are usually so quiet and, well, kind of mousy.”

A low sultry laugh left her lips. “I blame the holiday. It brings out the beast within.”

His eyes lit up and as his head tilted toward hers, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Lips touched hers softly, but she was not about to have that. Opening her lips, she hummed as his tongue immediately thrust between her teeth. For some reason, she had an inkling to bite, but thought that was too weird. Instead, she moaned and rolled over, straddling his hips and his erection which tented his jeans.

“Fuck,” he moaned, moving one hand between her legs as the other one grasped her hair and held her head steady. His fingers danced along the hem of her thong before pushing it aside and rubbing her wetness up and around her clit. “Damn, but you’re hot,” he gasped, grasping her hair in a rougher grip as he plunged his tongue inside her mouth, raking it along the top and taking dominance over hers.

The urge to bite down came again.


Jolted back into awareness by the kitchen timer, she pulled back, breathing hard. “Hungry?” she asked, her voice smooth as silk.

“Yes,” he moaned, still rubbing her pussy.

“Good,” she said, pulling herself away and standing up. Looking down, she smiled at his fingers which were glistening with her juices. “Let me clean you up,” she offered, dropping to her knees and pulling his hand to her. She licked up and down his fingers, finally pulling the middle one between her lips. Slowly she pushed it in and pulled it out, keeping eye contact with him. His eyes darkened and his nose flared, making her smile. After pulling his finger out, she stood up again. “Come on. Let’s eat.”

He followed her into the kitchen and after he sat down at the table, she put the garlic bread in the oven under the broiler. While it cooked, she brought the sauce and pasta to the table.

“Everything looks amazing,” he told her, eyeing first the food and then her tits.

She smiled and as she turned, wiggled her behind at him. When she got back to the oven, the intense scent of garlic hit her and her hands grasped the oven handle as desire wracked through her, creating a deep need to toss him onto the floor, impale herself on his cock, and sink her teeth into his throat. She blinked in surprise, shaking her head at the strange thought.

The scent of the garlic bread was killing her. Desire, want and need combined with spasms shook her entire body. Her cunt was wetter than she ever imagined and her breasts ached with the desire for him to sink his teeth in and suck on them. “What the hell is wrong with me?” she moaned under her breath as she cut up the bread and took it to the table.

As he ate, everything seemed to warp. His “mmm”s and groans and grunts with each bite turned her on even more. She could barely take a bite—filled with wanton desire as she watched him swallow, his neck pulsing and straining with each gulp. He winked at one point and she smiled back.

Excitement coursed through her and she wasn’t sure from what, but she began to eat anyway. As she took her first bite, pleasure whispered across her skin and she let out a low chuckle. This? This is what her family had kept her from? Garlic was amazing. She slurped, sucked, and swallowed each forkful of spaghetti covered in sauce, moaning with each mouthful. Then she took a bite of the garlic bread.

Everything stopped.

Need exploded like a huge bomb inside her and before she knew what was going on, she was out of her seat, across the table and in his lap, licking and nipping at his neck.

“Shit!” he hissed, dropping his fork and wrapping his arms around her. “We could have fucked beforehand, baby!” She moaned in return, biting him a little harder. Gasping in surprise, he quickly removed her dress as she unbuckled his buckle and unzipped his pants. In less than thirty seconds, they were completely naked. She could not stop slurping on his neck which made him chuckle.

“Ride me, Isadora,” he encouraged and without any more encouragement, she pushed up on her knees, reached for his cock, and impaled herself.

“Aah!” she screamed in pleasure as he filled her.

He kept murmuring things, stroking her back, her breasts, her ass, but she was lost in a sea of sensation. His cock, his scent, the garlic, his blood… it was all too much. He grabbed her hips and began to lift her up and slam her down on his cock. With each thrust, her eyes watched his jugular. It pulsed with need, a need that was echoed in her. It screamed “Bite me!”

She licked her lips as a searing pain burst through her upper gums. She cried out, but he was so intent on thrusting up every time he pulled her back down that he never saw the fangs that now stuck out from her lips.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he panted with every movement and she nodded.

Need. Blood. Suck. Now.

Leaning her head in, she bared her teeth and sank her brand new fangs into him.

“Hey!” he hollered as the pain seeped through his pleasure. “What are you doing?”

She ignored him as warm luscious liquid poured over her lips and across her taste buds. She sucked hard and it came in torrents. She sucked softly and it trickled in. Hands grasped at her, trying to pull her away, but she held on tighter. Nothing would take this away from her.

The more liquid that poured across her tongue, the more her pussy convulsed and spasmed with need. His hands had stopped moving her, in fact they seemed to have stopped doing anything, so she lifted herself up and plunged down on his cock again and again as pleasure filled up every pore. Pleasure like she never knew existed filled her up and as the liquid began to trickle off until no more came, she finally pulled her head back, her eyes closed as she fell over the edge into the most overpowering orgasm she had ever had. She screamed and screeched—glassware burst, her Chihuahua hid in her closet, and neighbors began to call emergency.

Slowly she came down from the best orgasm she had ever had, her breathing returning to normal. “Was it good for you, too?” she asked as she opened her eyes.


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