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Having fun trick-or-treating through my free stories today? This one includes a warning – shifters and they are in their animal forms through the whole thing. Trick? Or Treat?

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White Wolf

The morning of the Winter Solstice she woke up with a yawn, standing and stretching her legs and neck as she looked around. Her silvery gray fur stuck out from her body slightly as her undercoat withstood the harsh cold and as she shook madly, it fell into place. The village was alive and well, signs of mating boughs being strung up next to the solstice ones that already abounded. Shaking her head, she decided to catch her breakfast rather than go and face the looks of the villagers. Turning, she quickly ran into the woods. As her muscles woke up, she lengthened her stride, covering more land than she used to. Her entire life she had stayed within an hour’s run of home. Today she could not have stopped if she tried.

Two squirrels and a rabbit later, she trotted between some hills as the sun hit its zenith. Hair came up on the back her neck as she sensed she was being watched. Remembering the stories of human hunters, she dashed between some heavy trees, hoping to be rid of whomever watched her. It didn’t work. Within seconds, she heard the sound of paws covering the ground behind her. The sound was familiar enough that she knew it was a wolf, more than likely male, and much larger than she. There would be no way to outrun him. The only thing to do was to turn and fight.

Whipping around, she rose herself as tall as she could on all fours and bared her teeth. The paws stopped just out of sight. “Come out,” she snarled. “I know you are there.”

A chuckling woof answered her. “You are way out of your range, little pup.”

Yiping at the insult, she glared. “I am not a pup! Today I am a she-wolf.” How dare he suggest she was still a pup? She would show him. When he wasn’t looking, she would bite him in the shin.

“Are you now?” he said in a more interested tone. “Mateable? You carry another’s scent on you.”

Snorting, she nodded, moving her head from side to side slowly, trying to catch a sight of the intruder. “I was supposed to be mated to the son of the alpha, but he elected after years of pawing and licking me that he wanted the newest bitch.” A snarl left her lips. “Today is not the day to piss me off.”

“I apologize,” he said smoothly. “What he did was unconscionable, she-wolf. He should pay.”

A high bark of laughter left her jaws. “Like they would ever make him pay! Bastard.”

“I am coming into view. Do not attack,” he said smoothly and ten seconds later, a tall white wolf walked into the small opening she was in. He had gray eyes almost as silver as her coat, but otherwise, every inch of him was snow white. “What village are you from?” he asked, sitting down opposite her.

Cocking her head as he did not seem aggressive, but sometimes with a wolf, you couldn’t always tell. “Nerkin, below the low hill.”

He raised an eyebrow. “That is quite a run from here, she-wolf. I am surprised your family let you run this far. Or,” he said and a twinge of a growl left his lips, “did they shun you because your intended chose another?”

Grimacing and feeling a little embarrassed for her brash actions, she admitted, “I ran. Was afraid to find out what would happen. They were putting up the mating boughs as I left.”

He looked both ways as if to make sure they were alone and then looked straight at her. “You are a wolf without a village.”

Pain lashed through her, but she nodded. It was true. Going back there she would have nothing. Maybe out here, she could create a new life?

“As it happens,” he said with a smile, “So am I. My name is Devir. I originally came from the north where our clans are a lot less civilized. There is only one male per clan. When the young males reach maturity, they can battle with the alpha or they can leave. He killed my brother in battle. I figured there had to be something better out here.”

“How long have you been on your own?” she asked in interest.

“Four years. I have learned to scavenge well. I rarely leave my wolf form as being a human is so cumbersome.” He sighed. “I have,” he added in a smooth tone, “found a very nice cave that I have lived in for the last seven months. It is now outfitted to withstand the winter, is near an all-human village so there is plenty of food available and all it needs is my mate.”

She blinked twice before she realized what he was saying. “You wish to mate with me?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes. I have been in my maturity for four long years, she-wolf, and have been waiting to spot the perfect little female. You are she. Alone, breedable, beautiful. What more could I ask?”

She wanted to tell him where to go, but the fact was she was nervous about being on her own, plus this was supposed to be her mating day. So what if it wasn’t to Joshir? Besides, Devir was much better looking and the scent of his musk made her body tingle. “Umm,” she said, unsure, “we have nobody to mate us.”

He let out a huge bark of laughter that made several wild animals scuttle away. “Why would we need another? I am not looking for two mates, she-wolf. Just one.”

Frowning, she asked, “What if my village finds us?”

“Then they find a mated female whom I would kill to defend,” he said with a growl. “Nobody fights a white wolf, she-wolf, as you very well know.”

A shudder went through her limbs as all the tales of how dangerous the white wolf was went through her head. It was said under the Winter Solstice that his strength was at his peak. “So, do we have an agreement?” he asked in a deep voice, standing up and taking a step forward.

Her eyes darted to his paw and she nodded. He couldn’t be much worse than Joshir and he looked and smelled a lot better. He grinned. “Good. What is your name?”


In the next instant, he was behind her, mounting her. As a cry of surprise and shock left her jaw, he sunk his teeth into her shoulder and thrust. A scream of rage left her as she tried to pull away, but he just sank his fangs in further as he set up a fast rhythm, thrusting his huge cock in and out of her. She fought, but his strong front arms held her tightly as he made her his. When he thrust and held still, she growled, prepared to run away the moment he was done. Only… what the hell? Something was growing inside her, trapping her.

“What is going on?” she snarled, trying to nip him, but as his fangs were embedded in her shoulder, she couldn’t reach. Whatever was growing inside her became even bigger, forcing her to whimper.

“Shh,” he said softly, releasing her shoulder and nuzzling her. “We are mating. This will tie us together as mates.”

“H-how long?” she asked, starting to get used to the full sensation.

“Hours,” he mused, “since it is our first mating. After this, it will be less.”

Panting with her previous exertions, she started to feel good, really good and let out a soft moan.

“That’s it,” he murmured, beginning to make shallow thrusts. The feeling of his thrusts combined with the knot that was tying them together was making her hot.

“More,” she panted, pushing her butt toward him.

With a chuckle, he sped up. “Feel good, Karya?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she yipped as he pulled all the way out except for the knot inside her and thrust back in.

With a full bark of a laugh, he wrapped his front arms around her again and thrust madly into her, each time pulling out as far as he could before thrusting back in. Each thrust in brought out a yip of pleasure from her and as he sped up, it began to sound like one continuous squeal.

Something was happening to her; something wonderful, and she knew that whatever it was came from  him and she wanted more. “More, please!” she begged, digging her nails into the ground below her.

“As my mate wants,” he growled, pounding into her relentlessly.

Her body began to tighten as pleasure filled each fiber, each blood vessel, each neuron of her body. A long wail escaped her jaw as her body trembled and seemed to careen over an edge. Pleasure burst through every nerve ending and she scream-barked repeatedly.

Grunting, he ground into her and as she felt powerful jets release something inside of her, he threw back his head and howled a mating chant. Her voice soon joined his and for miles wolves paused and then nodded as they heard it. Humans grew wide-eyed as they had never heard anything that intense and quickly ran inside their homes.


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