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Hope you’re enjoying the free stories. Have you read the Pleasure Station ones? This is the 3rd and final one from PS. Earington Ly is on a mission, but Pleasure Station is waiting for him. Aliens of all sorts are waiting.

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The Pleasure That Stays

Suite 452-597-7V had always been trouble and the owners were quite proud of the fact. Pleasure Station, known for its stand on ‘anything you want, you get’ was not known for cracking down on anything no matter how vile or debased it might appear to one race or another. Over the centuries it had been in service in quadrant 43B of the Nilerian Sector, those in charge had fought off claims that it allowed anyone to do anything they wanted without fear of reprisal.

Well, fought off is a rather wrong term. After they received the complaint they were so excited about it that they sent it to their marketing department and two centuries later, it became part of their slogan.

Pleasure Station: When you absolutely need to get away with it, come fuck with us.

The Vrinian 12, a strange species that lived on one of the moons of Korgon had been the most vocal in their dissent of the station calling it lewd, debaucherous and many things that cannot be described in the English language. Immortals without any need to procreate, they despised sex in any form and kept calling for it to be outlawed in every sector. That everyone either ignored them or made fun of them just made them even more resolute in their desire to end this immoral act.

“We appreciate your willingness to take on this task,” High Lord Ention said in a solemn voice to Earington Ly. “For we have tried too long and they do not listen. Tis best that they be brought down from within.”

Nodding his head in respect, Earington Ly turned and left the high temple where he was told of his duty. To go to Pleasure Station, prove it for the immoral space it was, and to destroy it. It was a mission of death but as High Lord Ention told him, “You will be reborn in the skies as one of the stars and will be worshiped always.” Earington Ly felt that was well worth giving up his immortality for.

The trip to Pleasure Station took over a year. First he had to fly to Neurote, hop a ride with a Gerugean Vessel for Nerus, change to a Kuro ship to Lanoise, and then finally a passenger ship to Pleasure Station. High Lord Ention assured him all the changes were necessary. “Our enemy cannot see us coming.”

Their enemy not only saw Earington Ly coming, they rejoiced in it. After all, the leaders of Pleasure Station themselves were immortal and by now they had done just about everything. Turning a member of the Vrinian 12 into a sex-crazed beast seemed like a challenge they could have fun with. Earington Ly travelled under the name of Gees Hornme, a traveler, which made them snicker even harder because in their native language, Gees Hornme meant huge cock.

Earington Ly had to force himself not to cover his ears or eyes as he stepped out of the shuttle into Pleasure Station. Males and females of every shape imaginable were doing things he did not know were even possible and he immediately decided that changing these heathens would be impossible. Destroying the station was of the most import. After all, he had a star to become.

“Ahh, Gees Hornme, I presume?” The soft male voice had him turn, looking into the three eyes of a Krugen male, one of the well-known constant visitors to the station and one of its biggest supporters.


“Come with me. We have your quarters prepared.”

Surprised as he assumed he would have to check in somewhere, Earington Ly followed the Krugen down several hallways where he spent most of his time looking at the carpet as what was happening on each side of him was…dangerous. And he was quite sure some of it should be physically impossible.

The lift that took them down several levels smelled faintly of something he could not put his finger on, but it was not unpleasant. In fact, it was rather stimulating in a way he had never quite felt before. Confused, he followed the Krugen down another hallway and finally to a large set of double doors.

“Suite 452-597-7V,” his guide said with an overly-large smile. “Please make yourself at home. Your suite mates are very excited to meet you.”

“Suite mates?” Earington Ly asked with disgust. “I was told I would get my own room.”

The Krugen laughed. “Nobody comes here to be alone, Gees Hornme. You will find what you are looking for.” The doors opened and he pushed Earington inside.

“What about my lugga—” Before he could finish the doors shut in his face. They had better bring his luggage soon. It held the detonator to destroy this place and he would prefer to do it earlier rather than later.

A giggle had him turn around, surprised to find himself facing a short humanoid with deep purple skin, royal blue eyes, and scales down its back.

“Hello,” she said as she sauntered toward him. “My name is freyla 17-20. I’m here for all your pleasure needs.”

“No, thank you,” he said sharply, repulsed. He had heard of the freyla. Pleasure Station trained heathens whose sole purpose it was to drag men down to the deepest depths of depravity. “You may go.”

Giggling again, she shrugged, picked up a coat and walked toward the door. “One down, twenty-two to go,” she called over her shoulder as the doors shut behind her.

Wrinkling his nose, he turned and walked past several colorful seating areas to the large window that looked out onto space. For a small moment, he felt a deep need to go home, but then took a deep breath. No, this was an important mission and he would fulfill it. Turning back, he spotted a tray sitting on a low table with several glasses filled with different colored liquids. Thirsty and feeling jumpy, he walked over and sat down on a dusty rose sofa and picked up a glass filled with a clear liquid. Cautiously, he sniffed it.

There was no scent. Assuming that meant it was water, he opened his mouth and began to drink. The second it passed his lips, he knew it wasn’t water. Water was not this sweet nor this intense. Nor did water leave a person with the desire for more of it. Placing the glass down on its tray, he licked his lips. Never in his life had he tasted anything so wonderful. It made him wonder about the other drinks. Lifting up one with a deep amber color, once again he sniffed. This time his eyebrows rose as the scent of Vrinian Almonds wafted to him.

Thrilled, he guzzled it down. As he put the glass down, once again he felt that strange feeling he had in the lift as if his nether regions tingled. Licking his lips again, he felt the sudden need to strip. He was not sure why but it felt like the right thing to do and next thing he knew, he was completely naked which would have had him shunned back on his moon. Lying down on the sofa, he looked up at the soft lights above him before closing his eyes.


Warmth. Soft moist warmth. And it really felt good. Moaning slightly, he shifted his body finding that when he lifted up his hips, the wonderful moist heat moved further onto him and that felt even better. Used to machines that expelled any bodily fluids, he had never handled certain areas of his body. Ever. Intuitively, he knew something was handling that part and he liked it.

He was almost afraid to open his eyes, fearful that if he did so that he would find nothing was going on at all and that the warm, moist thing was just a figment of his imagination. Not that he had ever imagined anything. Ever. That was against the law.

Taking in a deep breath, he forced open his lids, staring in shock between his legs. Where his fifth appendage used to lie was some sort of… something. It reminded him of the sludge they mined from up on the North Plains. And yet, sludge did not feel like this. “Ohhh,” he moaned, embarrassed because he should not be feeling anything good. Not really.

Though, on the other hand, he was about to blow up the station. Maybe… maybe he should take advantage of this one pleasure before he did his duty. Yes. Yes. That seemed—

“OH!” he yelled, his sack tightening even as he shook and something shot out of him. The sludge kept up its moist warmth and the physical sensations went on for several minutes as he twitched and shook. When the sludge pulled off him, he felt bereft. He had not wanted it to stop. After all, he was about to die. Shouldn’t some sort of pleasure come before then?

The sludge moved over the arm of the sofa and he sat up and watched it slide underneath the door and disappear. Shaking his head, he sat up and grabbed one of the glasses on the table. This one was green. He did not even bother sniffing it, just drank it down quickly, wincing at the burning sensation that started in his throat and almost instantly travelled to his fifth appendage.

Ah-oh. Now what? And. Oh my god, it was growing and pointing. What did that mean? Panicked, Earington Ly jumped up and ran over to the doors, pounding on them. “Help!” he yelled, but nobody responded. A deep rumbling chuckle from behind him had him turn around only to stare at a very odd creature.

Not humanoid at all, this creature was mostly vapour. Two strong eyes stared at him. “You will get no help from those without…until we help you from within. Two down, twenty to go.”

Remembering the purple freyla had said something similar, he stared. “That drink did something strange to me.” He pointed at the empty glass.

The creature chuckled again. “Yes. It lit your libido and I like what I see. Come over here and take care of it.”

Frowning, Earington shook his head. “No.”

The vapour watched him for a while and then a shrill whistle filled the room making Earington clasp his hands over his ears. Two creatures walked into the room. Well, one walked and the other glided. One was at least part humanoid though his appendage was also sticking straight out. Earington was afraid he had offered some sort of challenge and would be expected to battle it out. The glider looked like a very large golden snake with breasts.

Shaking his head Earington tried to remember his people’s stance on sex but at the moment the throbbing between his legs was making thinking impossible.

The snake smiled at him and maneuvered over the back of one of the sofas, a small hole appearing toward the end of her tail. The part humanoid ushered him toward her. “Place your cock in her cunt,” he murmured to Earington.

“What’s a cock?” That was a word he was not familiar with.

A large hand wrapped itself around his appendage making him whimper with pleasure. “This is a cock. Now, put it in there.” He pointed to that hole next to the snake’s tail and nervously Earington moved over and did so.

As soon as he was all the way inside, the hole clamped down on him repeatedly from tip to bottom over and over. “Ahhhhh!” he yelled partially in shock but mostly in pleasure. Wait! Wasn’t this what his people had been preaching against for a millennia? Why?

“Bend over,” the half humanoid whispered into his ear and he bent over the golden body in front of him as he felt something large press against his expulsionary exit.


“No. Your cock, her cunt. My cock, your ass.”

Earington winced as a cock entered a hole he never thought anything would go into, but the constant muscle contractions of his own cock were driving him crazy. The male behind him moved in and out of him and the small discomfort he had originally felt left. It began to feel…good.

No, not good. Great.

“Oh, yes,” he murmured, “faster.”

“Ahh, you like it fast, hmm? Good.” The male drew his appendage almost all the way out and thrust in so fast, he shoved Earington further into the female. And he did not stop there, pummeling Earington until he was not sure which side was up. The muscle squeezing his cock felt so good he never wanted it to stop and the cock ramming into him behind also felt damn good.

“More, more, more,” he moaned and the vapour chuckled.

“It is a lot different from this side, is it not, Earington Ly?”

“Yes, yes…wait!” Earington tried to freeze, to pay attention to the vapour, but now the cunt squeezing him was also rubbing him up and down and the cock was rubbing up against something so amazingly wonderful inside of him that he screamed as he felt that familiar feeling from the sludge. Something was building and it was going to feel absolutely fantastic.

Then everything stopped. The cunt stopped squeezing or moving and the male pulled out of his ass. “Don’t!” he cried, pulling out as he turned around to encourage the man to continue.

The vapour chuckled. “Interesting from the other side, isn’t it, Earington Ly.”

Turning, Earington looked at the vapour. “You know who I am.”

“Yes. And what you were sent here to do. So, the question is. Do you wish to be sent home in disgrace, unable to have sex for the rest of your existence? Or, would you like us to take pity on you and stay here?”

That was not much of a decision. “Stay here!” He could not return to the moon to not only tell them he had failed in his mission but then to suffer for eternity without any physical pleasure? No. There was no decision needed. Only one made sense.

“All right,” Vapour said and Earington could swear he nodded. “Then you will be cast down to Sub-level Five to live out your existence. No,” he said when Earington began to ask what that was. “You do not get to choose. Either take it or go.”

Earington wanted to know what Sub-level Five was. Would he receive the kind of pleasure he had just experienced? Or would it be worse? Not that it mattered. His cock ached and he severely wanted a release. “Sub-level Five.”

“Juno, take him to the lift and send it down to Sub-level Five.”

“Yes, sir,” Juno, the humanoid male behind him said. “Come, Earington, time to meet your new sex partners.”

Partners? Perking up at the plural, Earington let Juno lead him out of the suite and down several long hallways where they passed multitudes of people doing things that made him cringe and lick his lips at the same time. Where was this coming from? Just by being here he was being turned into a sex-crazed animal.

A lift finally opened ahead of them and Juno ushered him inside. As he turned around, he was surprised to find Juno had not gotten on it with him. He gave Earington a cold smile. “Enjoy Sub-level Five.”

The lift doors shut and it felt like the bottom dropped out of the world as the lift dropped. OH, this could not be good. Maybe Sub-level Five was for derelicts, prisoners. Maybe when the lift doors opened, he would be faced with men with guns and put in a small cell forever, never to have the joys again of sweet pleasure. Never to know the release that sludge had given him. Never to—

The lift doors opened and a huge something pushed him out and the lift doors closed quickly behind him. Grimacing, he looked up, prepared to meet his hell. Instead… found Sub-level Five.

“Oh, I am going to be happy here,” he moaned as a hand grabbed his arm and he was pulled into the twisting turning bodies next to him. Something moist surrounded his cock and his yell was barely heard over the others as his release hit.

Humming happily in the main section of Pleasure Station, a being made of mist sent a vid link to Vrinian 12 of Pleasure Station’s newest lifetime resident, smiling the whole time.


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