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Hope you’re enjoying these free stories. A little for everyone, huh? You know those stories of alien’s kidnapping humans for experiments? What if it turned out to be the best sexual experience of your life?

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I’ve Been Probed

An odd ‘plop plop’ sound brought her out of sleep. Blinking her eyes, Relea was confused to find herself on a steel table staring up into a very bright light.

What was going on?

The ‘plop plop’ noise once again gained her attention and she turned her head to the right, spotting through blurry eyes someone in a gray coat working a few feet away.

“Hello?” she mumbled, confused at how heavy her body felt.

She went to sit up only to find that she could not. Looking around she spotted the restraints over her arms, legs and chest. Even worse, she was completely naked. “Hello!” she cried panicked a moment later.

As the ‘plop plop’ sound came closer, she once again turned toward the man in the gray coat. Only to find he wasn’t human. Standing nearly seven feet tall, his head was hourglass shaped with his nose right in the center. Two pink eyes blinked at her out of sickly gray skin pulled taught over a protuberant skull. Her eyes darted down his form and as they landed on his feet, she realized what the ‘plop plop’ sound was. There must be suckers on the soles and each time he picked a foot up or put it down, it made that noise.

His mouth opened and several sheer cries left him, terrifying her and making her body freeze—not that she could have done anything anyway. Cocking his head to the side, his mouth made a strange grimace shape and then he walked to the end of her table and grasping her legs, pulled them apart. He stepped between them until his hips were flush with her sex.

It seemed to happen in slow motion as hands that looked very similar to his feet moved around and pulled his jacket and pants apart. What rose up was deep gray and huge. Pointy. And covered in ridges. Oh, shit, he was going to put that inside her.

His lips began to move again even as he pressed his cock up against her opening. She felt a spurt of liquid and then he pushed inside.

It all happened so fast and it should have been horrible.

But it wasn’t.

It should have hurt, but instead, it was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced. Each ridge rubbed the opening of her cunt as he moved, sending a delicious thrill through her. He never stopped pushing until a high-pitched grunt left his lips. As she watched him in both surprise and growing desire, he never moved. And yet his cock pulled out and thrust inside her with a rhythm that increased by the minute.

“Oh, oh!” she cried out, trying to arch into the incredible feeling. It was like a sex machine she had tried once but so much better. As his shaft pistoned into her at an incredibly fast rate, she felt her core tighten in a way that usually required clitoral stimulation. “Oh! Don’t stop!”

His shrill sounds became even more high-pitched and when his fingers grasped her hips, she barely noticed as a long penetrating scream came from her, erupting into the room as his dick shoved further in than before and she felt something pop inside of her even as it felt like she exploded. He continued to thrust as she rode out the overwhelming orgasm. As she began to take deeper breaths he let out a long sigh and Relea’s mouth formed a perfect “O” as copious amounts of fluid flowed into her.

He began to back up and she babbled. “No! Don’t stop! That was the best sex I’ve ever had. Please! Don’t stop!” She tried to reach for him, but he put his cock back into his pants and walked away, back to where he was when she first arrived.

“Please!” she said, wanting to cry at the loss. “Please!” Using all her energy, she jerked up into a seated position… only to find herself in her own bed in her own house. She panted for several second as the door to her bedroom opened up and her mate rushed in.

“Relea! What is going on?” he thundered, looking around quickly. “I checked on you not two minutes ago and you were not in your bed. Where did you go?”

Gulping, she opened her mouth twice to try and figure out how to explain. The only words that came to her were, “I’ve just been probed by an alien!”

And I liked it.


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