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Ever got a book and it was so good you daydreamed the scene happened to you? Nathan’s about to have that in reverse.

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Nathaniel and Trey

The door clanged loudly behind him making Nathan glance around quickly. Not a soul in sight. Well, to be honest, there was someone, but Argo McGillis owned the shop and was used to seeing Nathan there. He barely looked up before going back to reading. Letting out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding, he made his way through the aisles of his favorite bookstore to the section in the back.

Since moving there for school two years ago, he’d spent at least ten hours a week perusing their books. It was only seven months ago that he actually came across this particular area. Gay/Lesbian fiction. Gay porn online had been his usual outlet for the need he had, but once he found this genre of books in this little store he could not stay away. In a locked armoire in his bedroom filled to the brim were paperback novels filled with M/M erotica. His favorites were so dog-eared they felt like old friends.

“New books on the right,” Argo grunted without looking up.

Nodding even though he knew Argo could not see him, he looked over, spotting five new covers. Two of them were of women and he discounted them immediately but the other three… Strong virile men filled each cover and he pulled out his wallet to see how much cash he had on hand. With only four days until the end of the month, his budget did not allow for any fudging with money.

Four limp singles stared at him and he frowned. The cheapest of the books was $6.95. “Damn,” he sighed. Placing his wallet back, he turned and walked away. Teasing himself by staring at the novels might make him do something stupid like charge it… and he never did stupid things.

“None of them suit your fancy?” Argo asked in surprise.

He realized this must be the first time he had come into the shop and not bought anything. Giving a tense smile, Nathan shrugged. “End of the budget. I’ll come back next month and get them.”

Frowning, Argo held up a finger and walked into his backroom. When he came out, he held a large book with a plain gray cover. “They send me advance reading copies,” he grunted. “This one isn’t due out for two months. Take it if you want. Not my genre.” He plunked the book down on the counter and Nathan picked it up.


Argo grunted again, his version of ‘you’re welcome’ and Nathan left, the book clutched in his elbow.

The walk back to his apartment went quickly and after grabbing a bottle of water, he sat on his bed—the only furniture he had to sit on and leaned against the wall. Once again he looked at the cover.

Advanced Reading Copy

Nathaniel’s Journey

Confused, Nathan stared at the cover. Interesting—the name was similar to his own. Opening it up and quickly skimming to the first chapter he was even more surprised at the chapter title. Trey’s Request. His heart sped up as he had always loved the name Trey. Shimmying against the pillow until he was in a comfortable position, he flipped through to the first page and began to read.

A loud knock came at the door…

Before he could read, a loud knock came at his door. Groaning because he was actually comfortable, he tried to ignore it but it came again. Putting the book aside, he stood up and walked the few feet to the door, opening it to see the most gorgeous man he had ever seen standing there. Well over six foot tell, he had deep brown hair, dark brown eyes, pale white skin and water was dripping off of him. Looking up at the sky Nathan wasn’t sure why – it wasn’t raining.

“Nathaniel,” the man said, gulping. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lied to you.”

“What?” Who was this man? Nathan definitely wanted to get to know him better, but why was he calling him Nathaniel?

Groaning, the man pushed past him into the apartment. “I know, I know. You told me never to contact you again, but baby,” he murmured, pulling Nathan against him, “I just couldn’t.”

Placing his hands on the man’s shoulders, he tried to push him away.

“No!” he cried, yanking Nathan’s hips against his own. Nathan stopped struggling only at the feeling of the man’s hard cock against his shorts. What the hell was going on? “Please forgive me, Nathaniel. Please.”

Worried, he cautiously patted the man’s shoulder. The first thing he needed to do was to get him to release and then he needed to call for help. “Maybe we should talk,” he suggested, hoping that would calm him down.

A snort of laughter left him. “Always the logical one,” the man mused, pulling back and giving him a quick peck on the lips. “How many times have you said to me, ‘Trey, talk about things before they build up’?” Chuckling he backed up and sat on the end of Nathan’s bed holding onto his hand.

Trey? Nathan’s eyes flipped to the book that lay face down on the bed. This could not be happening. Unless… maybe Nathan was dreaming?

“I don’t think-” Nathaniel whispered but Trey shook his head.

“Shh,” he whispered. “Please, baby. Stop thinking.” To his surprise, Trey dropped to his knees, unzipped his shorts and before he could blink, pulled Nathan’s cock out. “I love your dick,” he groaned, leaning in and inhaling. Nathan shuddered. He loved scenes in books where lovers did that, but the few he’d had, wanted to go fast. Get in. Get out.

Trey seemed to enjoy himself.

A groan ripped from Nathan’s mouth as a warm moist tongue began a path along the underside of his shaft. Looking down, prepared to tell the man kneeling at his feet that there had to have been some mistake, he met his eyes and was unable to look away. Trey’s eyes never wavered. Not when his lips wrapped around the tip of Nathan’s cock making him moan, not when he slowly pushed all the way down and began to swallow around him. Trey grasped his hips and began to pull him roughly toward him and away. It only took twice before Nathan grasped his hair and began to face fuck him.

Trey’s moan as he did so almost undid him. Breathing hard he pulled back and thrust forward, feeling the tip of his cock slide into Trey’s throat and the wonderful constriction as he swallowed. Sweat trickled down his face and yet he could not tear himself away from the other man’s eyes. They were mesmerizing, trying to tell him something. He just wished he understood what it was.

Panting, he knew he was getting close. His balls tightened and his sweaty hands began to slip in Trey’s hair. Finally their eye lock broke when Nathan couldn’t handle anymore, crying out as his head flew back and he came down Trey’s throat. His cry seemed to go on for several minutes before he straightened up and looked down, prepared to tell him that was the best blow job he had ever had only to find nobody at his feet.

Glancing around quickly, he didn’t spot him. Quickly putting his cock back in his pants, he rushed over to the door and pulled it open. “Trey!” he yelled. No answer. Confused and still a little shaken by his orgasm he closed the door and walked back into the room.

Had that actually happened? He knew he came and looked around for any telltale signs of cum on the bedspread or on the floor. There was none to be found. Scratching his head in confusion, he lay back down on the bed and picked up the book. Yawning, he began to read and it was only a few lines in where he sat bolt upright, his eyes wide. Quickly he went from page to page through the first chapter. It described the scene he just had.

But how?

He rushed through and in the chapter, Nathaniel passed out when having an orgasm and when he came to, Trey was gone. In the very last paragraph he ran to the door and shouted Trey’s name.

His hands shaking, Nathan sat the book back on the bed. That was impossible, wasn’t it? He couldn’t have dreamt about it and then read about it. The reading should have come first. Plus, he knew he orgasmed. Where was the cum?

Unable to stop himself, he picked it back up.

Chapter 2…


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