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As I mentioned in my last post – it’s a Kindle World extravaganza this week and next week. On Oct 11th, Paige Tyler will be releasing Ablaze, the 2nd book in her Dallas Fire & Rescue series. On Oct 13th, her Kindle World launches. And I’m part of it. Check out my offering…

IYCTTH_cover_final_lowres_200x300If You Can’t Take The Heat

A Steel Door series/ Dallas Fire & Rescue series crossover

Release Date: Oct 13, 2016

Author: Thianna Durston

Austin Reynolds always wanted to be a firefighter but an accident when he was 18 killed that dream. Life as a chef, creating wonderful spicy food, fills that void. His monthly visits to feed the hungry firefighters and paramedics of Station 58 help as well. On one of those visits, he meets someone and is instantly attracted.

FBI agent Conrad “Rad” Strauss is on the hunt for a serial killer who tortures and then burns his victims alive. While he rarely finds time for activities outside of work, the need to fulfill the Dom side of him takes him to a BDSM club where he and Austin find they have more than firefighting in common.

As their attraction heats up, so does the pressure from the killer known as The Artist. For he has his eyes on Austin and unless Conrad can stop him, his lover is about to go up in flames.

Excerpt: (Austin’s POV)

As was usual on the first Monday of the month, his heart hammered a little harder than normal. He loved his job as a chef and head of a catering business. But certain days meant more than others. And this was one. The moment he pulled out of his parking space, memories burst in front of his eyes as if they were happening right then.

Growing up he wanted to be a firefighter so badly he could taste it. He wore a firefighter uniform on Halloween, got his picture taken with firefighters whenever they were lecturing at the school on safety, and followed them around like a groupie. Austin chuckled as he pulled onto the highway. He had definitely been a firefighter fan.

Looking back, he had the feeling being a firefighter would have been difficult for him if he had even been given the chance to train for it. But it had been his childhood dream. All the local firemen knew him by name and when he was twelve, he even got an official hat that read Future Firefighter. Just another of the prized possessions he lost during that horrible event.

Nine years later, he still shuddered at the memory of lying under a fallen beam in the attic of his grandparents’ house, knowing he was going to die because the house was on fire. And suddenly there they were—two firemen from Station 58. They saved his life that day. And it was something he would never forget. The beam had ruined his leg. And in retrospect, he assumed that was a good thing.

Not once in his life had he ever seen an out and proud gay firefighter. Austin wasn’t even sure if that was allowed.

Besides, it had opened up his heart to his second love. Food. From the day he graduated from cooking school and opened his own catering company, he made a promise and he had kept it for six years. On the first Monday of the month, he prepared and brought a free buffet to the men and women of Station 58. He knew they had a kitchen but this was the only way he knew of to give back to them. And they certainly seemed to love whatever he brought.

The exit sign came up and his heart sped up a little faster. “Stop it,” he told himself, but of course his heart didn’t listen. The men of Station 58 were hot. Hotter than hot. If they produced a calendar, he’d buy it. They didn’t need to know what he’d use the images for. Not that he needed them, he thought with a cheeky grin. The men who worked there were permanently emblazoned on his mind, each and every one of them.

About the Author:

Avatar_Durston_FinalThianna Durston is a writer by day and supernova by night. Or at least that’s what the faeries tell her. And who is she to deny those pesky *cough* lovely little creatures?

She lives in the Pacific Northwest, though her heart belongs elsewhere. In the meantime, until she can return to the place she calls home, she happily lives in a city that still thinks it’s a small town. Thankfully, it has given her muse lots of amusing places to start a story.

Find her online:

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