Platform: Going all in ~ It’s #AThiaThing

What am I talking about?

We’re all on a path of self improvement, aren’t we? Or, at least I hope we all are. I know I am. And as I’ve come to know myself more, it’s increased my desire to write better and to be ‘out there’ more. I’ve always been a person who keeps myself to myself mostly. I’m quiet and was taught-unfortunately-that what people know about you can be twisted and hurt you. But a few months ago, I basically said “To hell with that!” and made all my author names known. That was freeing in and of itself. But I’m ready to go further. How far, you ask? Well, let me explain a little about my new platform.

PlatformWhat is a platform?

First off, you might be wondering: What is a platform? We hear it every day and for the most part, nobody knows. Politician’s platforms are the tales *cough* promises they make us as they run for office. Marketing talks about platform and I’ve always thought of that in terms of corporations and what they are selling. But guess what? Platform is far simpler, and more important, than I imagined.

Because a platform is YOU. Or, more to precise, each of us. It is the person we are inside and how we portray that to the world. It is about being open, honest, and transparent, but that doesn’t mean you have to tell everything – we seriously don’t want to know about your last bowel movement. Seriously. But it’s about taking YOU and being YOU for all intents and purposes 24/7. See why people laugh at politician platforms? Lies do not equate. If you aren’t who you are, then who are you?

And that includes in the social networking/blogging world as well.

For those who don’t know, I am Thianna D., Thianna Durston, Cynthia Kimball, & Bree Cariad. I tested out some stuff under the name Raya Ezelle, but it wasn’t true to me. So I gave that up and removed those books a few months ago.

So who am I? Well, thank you for asking.

I’m a kind, wonderful, quirky human with a dry sense of humor. There are different sides to me and each of my writing ‘voices’ feeds a part of me.

  • Under Thianna D. I write M/F Romance with spice – some call it erotic romance: I do not because too much erotic romance out there is more erotic than romance and in my books, the story & romance are the important points.
  • Under Thianna Durston, I write M/M Romance with spice
  • Under Bree Cariad, I write inspirational/sweet romance. It’s kind of like going back to my teenage hood and reading quiet stories where things might go wrong but everything turns out right. And there’s nothing more important than community.
  • Cynthia Kimball is the name where it may seem I’m the most divergent. I write young adult, sci-fi/fantasy, romance, paranormal romance, poetry, and metaphysical books. If you read the books, though, you will find they all have metaphysics running through them in some aspect or another.

So while I have websites for each of those names, I am aggregating them onto a new site. This site will always have links to the sites (including this one) as well as the last few posts from each blog.

But what’s this A Thia Thing… thing.

I’m calling it A Thia Thing because the one-page site really does show a lot of who I am. It has links from my 4 author names, blog posts from those names, lists of links for authors, my favorite books, natural resources, and life changing resources. Basically, stuff I find important will end up linked from that page.

That’s A Thia Thing.

The one thing you might be wondering is why now? Well, that actually is the simplest answer. I believe in listening to the universe and when it tells you something to do it. I’ve been told to share the biggest things I’ve learned in my journey, and that is very much a part of A Thia Thing.

Will I be preaching something? No.

Will I be proselytizing? Again. No. This is not about religion. I’ll be offering courses on meditation, chakra opening/balancing, and building the best life possible. And it all builds up to building your life your way. I hope to help others find the joy I feel on a daily basis. Those courses will be linked from that page, because they are a part of who I am. And that page reflects the important aspects of me.

It’s kind of freeing. I’ve deleted all my personal Facebook accounts this morning and linked all the author pages to my Thianna D. Durston facebook personal page.

Hello. This is me. Thia. Nice to meet you. Check out my new landing page – A Thia Thing. On that page, the blog links will change as new posts are created. The lower links are randomized and will change every time you visit the page. Welcome to my platform. Welcome to A Thia Thing.

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