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Hey Seductive Studs bloghoppers! Happy Monday!

On Thursday, The Binds That Tie, Book One in my brand new Steel Door series, was released. Here’s a little taste of Joaquin and Kalen. Joaquin invited Kalen to watch him do his drag routine but thought he didn’t show until…


He gasped softly when he saw the final table before the stage. He couldn’t miss the white-blond hair and his heart leaped in his chest. The song he chose to sing last was one he chose specifically for Kalen, though now that he was about to do it, fear clenched at his chest. Was he overdoing it? Why the hell had he chosen that particular song?

“And who do we have here?” Joaquin stopped by Kalen’s chair and looked him up and down. Kalen’s gorgeous blue eyes stared into his own, hunger in their depths. “Aren’t you a cutie? I bet you keep someone’s bed warm at night.”

“I’d do it in the day if he’d let me.” Kalen’s words were loud enough they reached the mic and the audience hollered out its approval.

Excitement surged through him as the first notes to Nine Inch Nails Closer filled the air. So many queens rocked the old tunes, but he loved to belt out newer songs, to make them dark and dirty. To let out the man inside in a way he couldn’t do with anyone but Kalen.

Slowly he walked back toward the stage, keeping eye contact with Kalen for as long as he could as the lyrics dripped from his lips. He couldn’t have looked away even if he’d wanted to, not even once the lights on the stage got into his eyes and he couldn’t actually see Kalen anymore. Joaquin still sang to him until the last word fell from his lips and the beat ended.

The audience screamed, yelled, and applauded, making their admiration known. Joaquin blew them a kiss and another one he sent to Kalen before he sauntered off stage. He stepped behind the curtain and took a breath, gasping when he spotted the man in question leaning across from him. The look in Kalen’s eyes was so full of promise, so full of nasty, dirty acts that Joaquin trembled.


The Binds That Tie
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The Binds That Tie


A barista by day and a drag queen by night, Joaquin Emerald loves his careers. It’s the rest of his life that bothers him. When he finds himself in danger, trapped with no way out, he is rescued by Dr. Kalen Moor.

When they run into one another again, this time at the BDSM club Steel Door, their attraction is intense, their passion is over the top, and their kinks are in alignment. From that moment, it’s hard to stay away from one another. When Joaquin’s past comes back to haunt him, he’s afraid Kalen won’t want him.

It might take going around the law, but Kalen is determined to save his boy, even if it means losing him in the process.

Here are some more great snippets for you. Drink up!

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