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Have you ever truly wondered what is involved in a name? People name their children and they come up with all sorts of reasons as why they chose that particular name. But have you ever considered that you’re branding your child with a personality?

I’ve always been amused when I write a character and after the book’s done I happen to look up their name and find it fits their personality perfectly. I always say – it all comes from the ether, so I guess they knew what they were doing. But with what I’m doing now, I’m really beginning to believe that names have resonance.

I received a book a few years ago on the numerology of names and it was interesting how spot on they were. But I still didn’t give it as much credit as maybe I should have. After all, I sometimes look at parents who name their child after an antagonist in a book and go “Why would you do that? You’re asking your child to live up to that name!” But now I’m thinking that names just have resonance. Whether its because of numerology or some other reason, personalities attach to a name and if you change the name, you change the personality.

Case in point. I have a few stories I’ve been wanting to rewrite but have struggled with rewriting for some time. It gets too complicated with charts and index cards and my right brained self goes screaming off into the night. But I just kind of happened onto a unique way to rewrite. Give your characters new names. They can even mean something similar to the name they already have, but just the act of giving them a new name? Creates an entirely different personality. And it changes the storyline of the book because that changed-name character reacts in different ways to the original character. Plus, he/she may have come from a whole different past. And suddenly that old story I’ve been wanting to finish becomes something brand new with its own life and its own breath.

I’ve now done this with two books and have found it makes the rewriting process SO much easier for me. I’m about to attack my 90k sci-fi story with the same process and see if it works 😀

I guess this shouldn’t surprise me. I have three author names and I’m a slightly different personality when I’m in each of those mindspaces.

It makes me want to find the time to study up on name psychology as well as their vibrational aspects.

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