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WIPsideimageHiya #WipItUp’ers! Ready to talk #RabRenroc?

With the 3rd Men of Falcon Pointe book out a couple weeks ago and the 4th not out for 2.5 months, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at a series that will launch in November. It will be my first new m/f romance release since April 2015.

Let’s talk Rab Renroc. What is Rab Renroc? It’s where Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance meet humor dead on. Book one: A Shifter, A Vampire, and A Fae Walk Into a Bar comes out in November. Book Two: Of WereRhinos, Vampires, and Flaming Arrows is not finished yet. Here’s a tiny snippet from book one.



She should have known not to enter that pub on a Thursday. It was never a good idea to do anything on a Thursday. At least not for Jillian Michaels. Her grandmother told her once that all spirit workers had one day of the week or month that they were particularly attuned to. For her, that meant she saw her first spirit on a Thursday. Jillian also had her first encounter with a demon on a Thursday. And, as fate would have it, she got her period every month on a Thursday.

The fact was if she had been in a sane state of mind instead of having driven twenty hours straight to try and get away from the intense psychic hole that was New Orleans, she might have paid more attention to the fact there were still four more hours left in that particular Thursday and it would have been best to stay in her car until it was over. As it was she wandered inside at just after eight in the evening and sat down at a corner booth.


Book Cover: A Shifter, A Vampire, And A Fae Walk Into A Bar
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A Shifter, A Vampire, And A Fae Walk Into A Bar


In a city where nothing is unexpected, one meeting changes their lives forever.

Jillian Michaels has had some strange things happen in her life. She’s met angels and demons, fought zombies and battled Elvis’s ghost. But nothing prepares her for running into three strange men one night. She’s the only one who can see or hear them and they won’t let her out of their sight.

For 157 years, Mavik has been stuck in between due to a curse and has been looking for someone to break him out. The only problem is the witch he’s found does not want to release him from his spell. Not ready to give up, he and his companions, Casper and Brinnian, stick to Jillian like glue.

When she tries to help them, things go from bad to worse when the council over psychic and paranormal phenomena take a stance and send Mavik to another realm and her in between with Casper and Brinnian. Time is running out for Mavik and unwittingly Jillian makes a deal with a demon for his release.

With a vengeful council on their tails and love brewing between human and shifter, who knew a deal with a demon would be the least of their worries?

And now, on with more WIPs…

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