Now that’s a man #SatSpanks #wip #scifi #future

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

My next release won’t be out until the end of August, so until I start giving you snippets from it, I’m giving you odd bits from my backlist and from current wips. This is from a work in progress tentatively titled Antithesis.

It’s several hundred years in the future. Sessa has just come home from a hard day’s work as a barista. She catches sight of her roommate Cricket’s newest 3D novella , or more to the point, the sexy man imaged above the 3D-Reader.



After tossing dirty clothes into her laundry bag, she turned and caught sight of the new image of Cricket’s 3D-novella. The male was now nude and as if his huge pecs and eight-pack weren’t drool-worthy enough, his cock made Sessa moan. It looked as though it could give a girl a good time, as opposed to the human men she was used to fucking.

“Now that’s a man,” she said, reopening her locker and pulling out her newest set of applications that she needed to finish and send off.

“I know.” Cricket sighed, clicking the button on her 3D-Reader to shut it down. “Korgan took her in his arms, thrust his shaft into her, and she immediately came. Why can’t that happen on Earth?”


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