June #squat Challenge – Day 5

So… how did I do for day 5?

Goal:? 80-OOPS! 70 Squats – (Yes, there is a deletion. As you read along, you’ll find out why.) Anyone else notice the jump? When I looked at the challenge, I noticed the jumps in #s. (look below) But when it’s constant, you go up 5 squats a day. But when they give you a rest day, the day after the rest, you jump up 20 squats. Sneaky. 🙂

So yes, I met my goal. 80 squats down. With it being easily divisible, I took 20 second breaks every 20 squats to stretch out my legs and take a couple drinks of water and then got back to it. As today is my play day, I’m back to playing now. And boy can I feel the muscles in my thighs 😀

And OMG – I just looked at the image again as I previewed this post. All yesterday I kept thinking it said 80 squats for day 5 so I did 80 squats without looking at the image again. *head thunk* This time there was only a 10 squat jump. THe goal was supposed to be 70 squats. Well, I’m ahead of the game, I guess ROFL

What’s the challenge?

Casey McKay posted a 30-day squat challenge for the month of June. I’m so in!

30 day squat challenge

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