June #squat Challenge – Day 3

So… how did I do for day 3?

Goal:? 60 Squats – My mind was all over the place while I did my squats. So I had to keep reminding myself to push my butt out and keep my knees over my feet. My ankle kept clicking so I had to keep my knees more than just somewhat bent to get through so that every time I did a squat I didn’t hear “click”. (I will definitely have to stretch my calf muscles and fascia more next time right before I do them.)

But I felt good while I did them. I had the muscle tiredness in my thighs afterward which I love – means I worked some muscles. Tomorrow is “rest” day which means I’ll still do my regular gym/greenway exercise, but will be ‘squat’less’ 😀


What’s the challenge?

Casey McKay posted a 30-day squat challenge for the month of June. I’m so in!

30 day squat challenge




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