June #squat Challenge – Day 26

So… how did I do for day 26?

Goal:? 225 Squats – okay, so I got the 185 squats done on the 22nd. Up until that day, I got every day’squat done. But on the 23rd I started a MAJOR overhaul on my living space. So i got 100 done on the 23rd (wassupposed to be 190), the 24th was a rest day which was good because I was thrashed with the overhaul. Yesterday was supposed to be 220. It was the last major overhaul day. I got 150 squats done – stopped when my lower back screamed at me. But today I was back on!

Did 225 and I did them in 3 sets of 75 with 10 second pauses in between. Woot! Bring it on!


What’s the challenge?

Casey McKay posted a 30-day squat challenge for the month of June. I’m so in!

30 day squat challenge




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