June #squat Challenge – Day 2

First off, what happened after yesterday’s squats. I noticed that halfway through my squats yesterday that I was doing it wrong – my knees were coming past my toes. So I made sure afterward that my knees stayed over my feet and my butt stuck further out.  I felt really good right afterward, but about an hour later I stood up and went “Oh. Ow.” It wasn’t a pain-filled ow. More of a “Oh, I have muscles I haven’t used in awhile Ow.”

So… how did I do for day 2?

Goal:? 55 Squats – Met my goal.

A few changes in how I felt today. First, I concentrated on tightening my core as I did each squat. I pulled my arms up at the elbows as opposed to sticking them straight out. And I made sure to try and go as low as I could to have my upper leg as close to parallel to the floor as I could get. I had to pause 4 times while doing it to take a breath or two and shake out my legs – maybe 5-10 seconds – before I went back to my squats.

And I definitely felt my muscles the moment I was done. My legs are that shaky I associate with muscles burning off sugar and my thigh muscles went “Ahem!” I’m sure when I get up off this chair my hips will be going “Two days in a row? Woot! We’re gonna be in such good shape. Prepare to Ow!”

What’s the challenge?

Casey McKay posted a 30-day squat challenge for the month of June. I’m so in!

30 day squat challenge




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