June #squat Challenge – Day 19

So… how did I do for day 19?

Goal:? 160 Squats – Okay, At about day 13, I finally started truly feeling it which means, I suppose, that I’m finally working out my glutes. My legs have been feeling the sugar run off since the beginning and the muscles in my thighs are definitely showing more definition. My abs are tightening too. (yay!) I’m procrastinating, which bugs me, but I am getting the squats done before the end of each day – which is the important part. So yes. I reached my 160 goal!

Currently, I can hit the first 50 without a problem, take a 5-10 second break to stretch my legs and take a drink of water. But I end up separating the next 50 into 20 and 30 with 5-10 second break in between them. But last night, I did the last 55 without a break. It ached and I was breathing hard by the end. But I made it. My goal is by the time June 30th gets here and I’m doing 250, that I can do them in 5 sets of 50 squats with 10 second breaks between them.

What’s the challenge?

Casey McKay posted a 30-day squat challenge for the month of June. I’m so in!

30 day squat challenge




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